b'Hip Orthoses KNEE, HIP, AND THIGHn Infinite adjustability from -5 to 25 abductionHip Abduction Orthoses provide firm support and stabilization for non-operable hip disorders and post-operative primary or revision total hip arthroplasty. Moisture-wicking neoprene padding. Patent-pending "infinite range" hip joint is the only hinge that provides infinite adjustability from -5 to 25 abduction, critical to correct bio-mechanical fitting. Adjustable flexion and extension ROM. Pelvic posterior panel features pivoting adjustment mechanism, making it suitable for male or female use. Lightweight. Easy on and off.Sizing: Measure waist and hip circumference. Thigh circumference, Standard, 12"-18"; Large, 19"-27".#62973*THIGH COMPONENT$104.75 ea#62975*PELVIC COMPONENT$150.75 ea#67036JOINT COMPONENT$146.00 ea*Specify size and Left or Right.Thigh and Pelvic Components sold separately to accommodate HIP ORTHOSESvarious body types. Thigh, Pelvic, and Joint Components must be purchased together for complete Hip Abduction Orthosis. Fully open California residents, see left page.PDACAPPROVED n Optimize hip OA treatmentFully closed Unloader Hip OrthosesDesigned to optimize hip OA treatment in order to improve mobility and n Widest adjustment range decrease pain. Unique Dynamic Rotation Straps are Hip/Knee Abductor Orthoses separate hipsclinically proven to decrease the internal rotation and and knees gradually. Widest adjust ment range ( 12 "adduction movement. Delivers proprioceptive support to 9") of any hip abductor and easily expandable.during the gait cycle by providing compression with Soft foam cuffs are adjustable and washable.a proven pulley system design. Trochanter pad helps Padded terrycloth covers absorb moisture. Distalrelieve pressure on the greater trochanter region. knob position helps prevent patient tampering. Indicated for mild to moderate hip osteoarthritis (uni- #64336$145.00 ea or bilateral).California residents, see left page.Sizing: Measure hip circumference at the anterior superior Suggested code: L1652 iliac spine. S, 31"-35"; M, 35"-38"; L, 38"-41"; XL, 41"-45";XXL, 45"-49".#66977WOMENS$1,025.00 ea#66978MENS$1,025.00 eaSpecify size. California residents, see left page.n Use in bed or wheelchairFAX800.437.2966SoftPro Gel HKO Hip Abduction Orthoses for progressive stretch of hip abduction contracture. Adjustable bar allows up to 45 abduction. Use in bed or wheelchair. Can also be used with one or two OrthoPro ROM Knee othoses for combined hip/knee abduction system (see p. 96 for Knee Orthosesitems must be ordered separately). Cuffs with antibacterial, shear-reducingAliMed.com 800.225.2610fabric and gel padding help protect skin and limit odor.SoftPro Air Bladder Starter Kit may be used with HKO for cases of severe adduction whereSoftPro Use SoftPro HKO withpatient is unable to tolerateGel HKOabductor bar initially. Air OrthoPro ROM Kneebladder kit replaces bar Orthosis( #66393 , p. 96)and gradually inflates to for combined increase abduction range. Tool-free adjustment. Hip/Knee Abduction Hand bulb included. (MustHKO with Air Bladder Starter KitOCSI System purchase HKO separately.)Sizing: Measure thigh circumference 4" above knee.Thigh circumference, Standard, 12"-18"; Large, 19"-27".#66398*SOFTPRO GEL HKO$169.75 ea#66399AIR BLADDER STARTER KIT$54.75 kitAir Bladder attachment*Specify size. California residents, see left page. 97'