b'Flexion/Extension Splints A. B. C. D.WRIST AND HANDE. F. G. H.FLEXION/EXTENSION SPLINTSn PIP and slight MP extension n Lighter tension than Model 501 (left) nAdjustable force restoresA. LMB Spring Finger Extension AssistsD. LMB Dynamic Wire-Foam Lightfinger flexion at PIP or DIP(Model 501) extend PIP joint with slightExtension Finger Springs (Model 602)G. Step Down Splints reduce mild-to-severe extension on MP. Bend to adjust tension. assist extension of PIP or DIP joints. Capablecontracture caused by a fractured, jammed finger Wire-Foam for a customized fit. of fully extending supple joint. Bend to adjustor a tendon injury. Lightweight wire construction Sizing: Measure extended finger from distal palmartension.allows the wearer control to gradually bend fingers crease to distal finger crease. XS (AA), 7 8 "W x 214"L; S (A),Sizing: Measure volar surface distance from MP crease tostuck in a straight or extended position. Straps and 7 8 "W x 25 8 "L; M (B), 1"W x 3"L; L (C), 11 8 "W x 312"L; XLdistal finger crease. XS (AA), 114"; S (A), 112"; M (B), 134"; pads are not made with natural rubber latex.(D), 11 8 "W x 4"L.L (C), 214"; XL (D), 234".Sizing: Measure length from web space to fingertip and #5389XS (AA)EA #510253LIGHT EXTENSION FINGER SPRING EA width at proximal phalanx. If between sizes, choose larger #5390S (A)EA Specify size.size. S fits 112"-2", M 134"-31 8 ", L 3"-312".#5391M (B)EA #52513STEP DOWN SPLINT EA#5392L (C)EA Specify size. #51924XL (D)EA n Easily adjust tensionE. Joint Jackapplies pressure on PIP joint for progressive reduction of exion contracture. MetalnReduces deviation of PIP or DIP jointsnger bed lined with cotton felt. Padded screw n Shorter version of Model 501 (above) tightens to increase tension on nger joint. H. Side Step SplintsAdjustable tension B. LMB Spring PIP Extension AssistsSizing: Measure length of finger from distal palmar crease.applies a static progressive stretch to correct IP (Model 504) extend PIP joint without interferingS, 112"-212"; M, 2"-3"; L, 3"-4"; XL, 312"-412"; XXL, 4"+. joint deviation. Cushioned slide adjusts to provide with MP joint. #5147SEA a stabilizing counterforce at DIP or PIP. May help #51384MEA reduce the formation of Heberdens or Bouchards FAX800.437.2966Sizing: Measure volar surface distance from MP crease tonodes on the finger jointstwo of the most distal nger crease. XS (AA), 114"; S (A), 17 8 "; M (B), 2"; #51383LEA common effects of arthritis. Foam-lined straps and L (C), 214"; XL (D), 25 8 ". #5148XLEA pads are not made with natural rubber latex. Fits #51-065LMB SPRING PIP EXTENSION ASSIST EA #5142XXL EA left or right hand.Specify size.Sizing: Measure finger from web space to tip and width across the proximal phalanx. If between sizes, choosen Adjustable width larger size. S, 11 2 "-2", 1 2 "-5 8 " width; M, 13 4 "-31 8 ", 5 8 "- 7 8 " AliMed.com 866.936.2987F. Bunnell Reverse Knuckle Benders extendwidth; L, 3"-31 2 ", 7 8 "-11 8 " width.PIP joint with gentle dynamic force. Antimicrobial- #52514SIDE STEP SPLINT EAn Flexion of PIP or DIP treated orthopedic-grade black felt pads withSpecify size. elastic bands not made with natural rubber latex, C. LMB Light Flexion Finger Springswhich can be added to or subtracted from to (Model 601) produce flexion of PIP or DIPadjust force. Malleable stainless steel and springCreate an account atjoints. Bend to adjust tension. Capable of flexingwire frame can be quickly reshaped to meet supple joint to approximately 80. Foam finger padpatient needs.AliMed.comis left free, allowing function. Wire-Foam for aSizing: Measure length of finger. If between sizes, choose customized fit.larger size. 4View your order status and invoicesSizing: Measure dorsal surface, distance from the MP#5580XS, 11 2 "EA 4See your contract pricingcrease to the distal finger crease.XS (AA), 114"; S (A),#5581S, 15 8 "EA112"; M (B), 134"; L (C), 214"; XL (D), 234". #5582M, 13 4 "EA Manage your account and sub-users4 #51925LMB LIGHT FLEXION FINGER SPRING EA #5583L, 17 8 "EA 4Access wish lists and recommendationsSpecify size. #5584XL, 2"EA LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com 97'