b'Cubital TunnelElbow SupportsSHOULDER AND ELBOWLimit extremes of motionImmobilizes and positions elbow at approximately 122of elbow flexion to minimize tension on ulnar nerveCUBITAL TUNNELELBOW SUPPORTSCubital Tunnel Splintsplush,38 "-thick, beige terrycloth lining. Liner is nAdjustable interior stayimmobilize and position elbowremovable for hand washing. Fits left or right. maintains full extension at approximately 122 of elbowHeat-adjustableIMAK Elbow SupportsLimits excessiveflexion to minimize tension onSizing: S/M fits most Wmn and smaller Men; M/L fits elbow flexion day or night. Padded cottonulnar nerve. Restricts full extensionmost Men and larger Wmn.splint with two adjustable compression straps.and flexion to help prevent stretching of ulnar#510503S/M, 143 4 "L$62.00 eaInterior plastic stay slides into hidden pocket tonerve, and helps reduce pain and irritation due#510504M/L, 183 4 "L $62.00 eamaintain full extension. Remove stay if elbowto contracture. Also for immobilization following ulnar nerve transposition and post-cast removal.California residents, see left page.immobilization is not required. Fits left or right. Rigid, high-density, beige Kydex shell with Machine-washableSizing: Measure forearm circumference at midpoint. Standard, 91 2 "-11"; XL, 11"-15". n Bilateral foam inserts prevent full extension and full flexion#51329STANDARD$45.25 ea Cubital Tunnel Syndrome Supports #51996XL$45.25 ea help prevent full extension and full flexion to comfortably limit pain associated with cubital California residents, see left page. PDAC tunnel syndrome. Soft, padded elbow sleeve is Suggested code: L3762 APPROVEDeasy to pull into place. Elbow cutout helps locate support. Wear all day if neededeven great for use while sleeping. Made from soft, beige, cloth-laminated polyethylene foam. Firm, bilateral foam inserts. Elastic panel assists in maintaining proper fit. Fits left or right. Washable Sizing: Fit by trial and error. Measure around proximal SIZEBICEP CIRC.FOREARM CIRC.FAX800.437.2966forearm and biceps. See chart at right. Sizes areS11" AND UNDER9" AND UNDERapproximate. M 111 2 "-13"9"-101 2 "#510269$53.75 ea L 131 2 "-15"11"-121 2 "n Positions elbow at 90 Specify size. California residents, see left page. XL151 2 "-171 2 "13"-151 2 "Posterior 90 Flexion Elbow OrthosesElbow protection.Removable terrycloth-foam laminatedAliMed.com 800.225.2610interior. Use for epicondylectomy or fractures of humerus/forearmanywhere 90 of elbow flexion is required. Straps in cluded. Fits left or right. Multiform plasticHeat-adjustable Sizing: Measure humerus circumference at midpoint.1 1 1 1 1 nLow-friction S, 8"-92 "; M, 92 "-11"; L, 11"-132 "; XL, 132 "-152 ". backing#510367$102.75 eaSpecify size. Elbowlift Suspension Pads protectnAllows for normal flexionCalifornia residents, see left page. sensitive olecranon bursa by elevating and cushioning elbow in smooth foam. AdjustableElbow Protectors are effective against friction hook-and-loop straps. Low-friction backing.burns and pressure sores on sensitive elbows. Center hole acts as a guide for elbow placement.Soft, synthetic sheepskin flexes naturally. Straps Machine-wash and dry. One size. hold pad securely in place. Machine-washable. #64338ELBOWLIFT$25.75 ea One size.#6433912/cs$222.75 cs ($18.56 ea) #503310$11.00 prCalifornia residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.147'