b'Athletic TapeCLINIC SUPPLIES n Enhanced and patented FingerPrint technologyKinesio Tex Gold FPBESTTapeOriginal wave-patternPre-CutSELLER!design with enhancedLengthsand patented FingerPrint technology. Gold FP brings nano-touch microstimulation to epidermis and layers beneath. Mimics gentle human touch yet provides an effective hold. Breathable, higher-grade cotton. New protected weave processKinesio Tex for improved comfort. Supports2"W Gold FP Tape n Water-resistantmuscles in movement while allowing full range of motion. Choose Rolls or Pre- 1 Body Armor Elastic TapeWater-resistant Cut Lengths for easy application. Select by specificWater-resistantRolls: 2"W x 5 2yards6 rl/bxelastic sport and therapy tape for use in applied body part. Not made with natural rubber latex. Pre-Cut Lengths: 20 applications/bx kinesiology. Stimulates circulation, increasing both ATHLETIC TAPEKINESIO TEX GOLD TAPE, PRE-CUT LENGTHblood flow and flow of lymphatic fluids to promoteKINESIO TEX GOLD FP TAPE, ROLL ITEM #APPLICATIONQTY healing in affected area. Improves performanceITEM #COLORQTY #33026LOW BACK20 APP/BX by facilitating greater range of motion during use. #32752BEIGE6 RL/BX #33027FOOT 20 APP/BX Stays on for days. #32753BLUE6 RL/BX #33028KNEE 20 APP/BX 2"W x 15\'L roll#32754RED6 RL/BX #33029NECK 20 APP/BX #32512ELASTIC TAPERL#32755BLACK6 RL/BX #33030SHOULDER20 APP/BX Specify Beige, Black, Blue, Yellow, or Red.Leukotape P Patellofemoral TapeMueller MTapeCover-RollPre-taping Stretch foamn Ideal for patellofemoral taping techniquesLEUKOTAPE P PATELLOFEMORAL TAPE 2 34 "FAX800.437.2966 Leukotape P Patellofemoral Tape and SIZEITEM #QTY Cover-Roll StretchUse Patellofemoral Tape11 2 "W x 15 yds #65943RLto align patella position and help reduce pain. Rayon11 2 "W x 15 yds #6320830 RL/CS Mueller MWrap backing and rubber-based adhesive. Cover-Roll COVER-ROLL STRETCH Natural Underwrap Stretch recommended underwrap is stretchable2"W x 10 yds #65944RLnon-woven polyester with light compression and4"W x 10 yds #65945RL866.936.2987AliMed.com moisture-resistant adhesive. nTape and Underwrap for a complete Tape: BeigeCover-Roll Stretch: White solutionMueller MTape and MWrap Natural Underwrap is 100% cotton backcloth, with zinc oxide trainer\'s tape. MWrap Natural Underwrap helps protect skin from tape chafing and holds pads and socks in place.MoreMTape: White, bleachedAthletic Tapes MTAPEonline!SIZE ITEM #QTY 1"W x 10 yds #3174848 RL/CS11 2 "W x 15 yds #3174932 RL/CSAliMed.com/athletic-tape 2"W x 15 yds #3175024 RL/CS MWRAP NATURAL UNDERWRAP23 4 "W x 30 yds #3174112 RL/CS214 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'