b'Lumbosacral Supports SPINE AND PELVISFrontFrontnDouble side panels taper anteriorly for improved fitEZY WRAP Elastic Bariatric Lumbosacral Supports sizes available with PocketDouble pull-side panels taper to anterior LUMBOSACRAL SUPPORTS Back for improved fit. Cotton-linedBackposterior foam pocket for Moldable Insert (sold separately).n 4"H tension strap for additional support Sizing: Measure circumference of hips at widest point.Heat insert in hot water to mold.Due to wide range in waist and hip size in many patients, Economy Elastic Lumbosacrala smaller or larger size may be needed for proper fit. 9"HDouble-weight, breathable knit elasticContact SupportsBreathable knit elastic cross- S, 28"-32"; M, 32"-36"; L, 36"-40"; XL, 40"-44"; XXL,closure3"H elastic circum ferential strapHand-wash, vector in sacral area for added support and 44"-48"; 3XL, 48"-52"; 4XL, 52"-56"; 5XL, 56"-60". air-dryHeat-moldablecomp ression. Four nonremovable plastic stays ITEM #SIZEITEM #SIZEQTY Sizing: Measure circumference of hips at widest point. prevent roll over. Hook-and-loop front closure withDue to wide range in waist and hip size in many patients, 4"H attached tension strap for additional support.#65978S#65982XXLEA a smaller or larger size may be needed for proper fit.Not made with natural rubber latex. #65979M#659833XLEABELT ONLY#65980L#659844XLEAITEM #SIZEHIPSQTY10"HHand-wash, air-dry #65981XL#659855XLEA#62252S28"-32"EA#62253M32"-36"EA#62254L36"-40"EA#62255XL40"-44"EA#62256XXL44"-48"EA#6750MOLDABLE INSERT (REQUIRES BELT) EAFAX800.437.2966nEconomical with optionalmoldable insertMold-In-Place Back Supports8"HnRetains natural body heat while866.936.2987AliMed.com flexible, elastic lumbosacral belt. Optionalkeeping skin dry and ventilatedsemirigid Moldable Thermoplastic Insert.Thermal Lumbar SupportsTwo flexible Comforts and supports lower back. Hook-and-loopinternal stays provide additional support, and front. Heat insert in hot water to mold. Not madeadjustable elastic side straps provide extra with natural rubber latex. compression. Micro-ventilated breathable 8"HHeat-moldable membrane allows a free flow of air for well-Sizing: One insert fits all size belts.ventilated and comfortable skin. Soft thermalBELT ONLY lining captures and retains your natural body heat for effective pain relief and therapy. ComfortableITEM #SIZEWAISTQTY compression and warmth help reduce swelling and #65965S18"-22"EA associated pain to promote recovery. #65966M24"-30"EAOptional Moldable Insert Sizing: Measure waist circumference around middle #65967L32"-38"EA of waist. S, 271 2 "-313 4 "; M, 32"-351 2 "; L, 353 4 "-391 2 "; #65968XL40"-46"EA XL, 393 4 "-44"; XXL, 441 4 "-481 2 "; 3XL, 483 4 "-53"; #65969XXL48"-54"EA 4XL, 531 4 "-573 4 "; 5XL, 58"-623 4 ".#6750MOLDABLE INSERT (REQUIRES BELT)EA #52568THERMAL LUMBAR SUPPORTEASpecify size.162 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'