b'CAM WalkersCasting AlternativesFOOT AND ANKLEn Open-frame design for ventilationAirSelect Walker Boots disperse pressure evenly with a 3-strap system. Ultra-light, trimmable, heat-moldable, semirigid shell uses an open-frame design for ventilation. Wearers can use integrated inflation system to inflate each aircell individually to maximize comfort and minimize edema. Available in Short Standard Elite three styles: Short, Standard, and Elite. Short offers moderate support for foot injuries. Designed specifically for metatarsal fracture, forefoot and midfoot injury, acute or post-operative use, bunionectomy, and soft tissue injury. Standard offers moderate support for lower leg, foot, and ankle injuries. CAM WALKERS MENSWMNS Best for stable fractures of the lower leg, SHORTQTYSTANDARDQTYELITEQTYSIZE SHOE SIZESHOE SIZE foot, and ankle; severe ankle sprains; and #66640EA#66645EA#66650EAXSUP TO 4UP TO 5 post-operative use. Elite is engineered to #66641EA#66646EA#66651EAS4-75-8 provide ultimate protection, comfort, and edema control. Designed for stable fractures #66642EA#66647EA#66652EAM 7-108-11 of the lower leg, foot, and ankle; severe ankle #66643EA#66648EA#66653EAL10-13 11-15 sprains; and post-operative use. Enclosed toe #66644EA#66649EA#66654EAXL13+ 15+ cover provides additional protection. Fits left or right.Standard High Compensates for temporary leg-length discrepancy.Two-layer oversole Low Short adjusts heightFAX800.437.2966 nPressure-moldable, EVENupOrthotic Shoe Lifts add12 " to 1" lift to compensate for a temporary leg-length shock-absorbing insole nCircumferential air bladder discrepancy such as when wearing a walking FX ProWalkersUltra-low-profile soleAir Traveler WalkersLightweight pneumaticcast or fracture boot. Easily attaches to shoe of eliminates height difference between walker andwalking splint with circumferential air bladder fornonaffected limb for improved balance and gait, normal shoe without altering gait. Padded linersuperior compression and immobilization. Strappingand reduced body strain. Rubber and hook-and-is vented, promoting air circulation. Anatomicallysystem and spatula stirrups keep leg properlyloop straps hold it in place. Includes adjustable 866.936.2987AliMed.com contoured spatula stirrups comfortablyimmobilized. Low-profile sole is just58 " hightwo-layer nonskid rubber outsole. Pro Pack immobilize ankle while pressure-moldable,(equal to height of an average sneaker). Rockerincludes five of each size. Fits left or right.conforming insole absorbs shock. Fits left or right. Sole assists in heel-toe gait. Use with PegAssistSizing: S: A sole measurement between 10" and 111 4 "; Wmns 6-81, Mens 7-81. M: A sole measurement Sizing: XS, Wmns 31 2 -6, Mens 2-41 2 ; S, Wmns 61 2 -9,Walker Off-Loading Insole System (p. 73) for2 1 3 2 11 1 1 between 11 2 " and 12 4 ";Wmns and Mens 9-11 2 ". Mens 5-72 ; M, Wmns 92 -12, Mens 8-102 ; L, Wmnscustomized pressure relief. Fits left or right. 1121 2 -15, Mens 11-13; XL, Wmns 15+, Mens 14+. 1 1 1 L: A sole measurement between 13" and 14 2 "; Wmns Sizing: XS, Wmns 32 -6, Mens 2-42 ; S, Wmns 62 -9, and Mens 12-14.* LOW HEIGHT Mens 5-71 2 ; M, Wmns 91 2 -12, Mens 8-101 2 ; L, Wmns121 2 -15, Mens 11-13; XL, Wmns 15+, Mens 14+. #66088 S EA ITEM #SIZEQTYITEM #SIZE QTY #66089 M EA#64580XSEA#64583LEA #65349SHORT EA #66090 L EA#64581SEA#64584XLEA #65348HIGH EA #66091PRO PACK15/CS#64582MEASpecify size.*It is generally best to choose an EVENup a little too STANDARD HEIGHT small rather than a little too big. This means if your shoe measurement is between two of the measure- #64585XSEA#64588LEA , like 11 1 4 "-11 1 2 ", or measures 113 8 ", it is best to #64586SEA#64589XLEA go with the small. Also note that shoe size best #64587MEA correlates with size, as well.74 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'