b'Knee Contracture Orthoses KNEE, HIP, AND THIGHPadded comfort and tool-free adjustmentsEasy, tool-freeadjustment ULTRApadded Knee OrthosesFoam-covered, bendable spine easily adjusts to the desired ROM without the use of heat or tools to help reduce non-fixed knee contractures and support or immobilize weakened or painful joints. Static progressive stretch gradually extends the knee to increase ROM, while maintaining gains Shown with Optional Knee Pad, sold separately below.from surgery or other procedures. Removable, Can be combined with SoftPro HKO, p. 91 washable terrycloth cover absorbs moisture to n Controlled ROM therapy help prevent skin maceration and is self-padded for a comfortable fit. One size fits left or right.KNEE CONTRACTURE ORTHOSESOrthoPro ROM Knee Orthoses promoteAluminum spineMachine-washableGreengentle stretch to help maintain or restore ROM at#66888ULTRAPADDED KNEE ORTHOSISEArest or during weight-bearing/assisted ambulation. ROM hinge can be set to provide controlled range of motion therapy. Hinge settings are from 0 to 120 in 1 increments. Gel-padded cuffs with antibacterial, shear-reducing fabric to help protect skin and limit odor. Optional Knee Pad (sold separately) offers three-point pressure to better help with extension. Fits left or right.Sizing: Measure circumference 412" above and 4" below midpatella. #66393ORTHOPRO ROM KNEEEA ULTRApadded Elbow Orthoses, p. 147 ULTRApadded Grip Orthoses, p. 127#66533OPTIONAL KNEE PAD EASpecify size. THIGH CUFF CALF CUFFQuick, easy adjustmentSIZECIRCUMFERENCECIRCUMFERENCE S12"-15"7"-10"M15"-19"10"-13"L19"-21"13"-16" Easy-to-adjust jointHip/knee abduction systemFAX800.437.2966Stop pins no tools Includes a fully AliMed.com 866.936.2987Easy-On Knee BracesAdjustablepadded, removable extension/flexion stop with range of 0 patellar strapto 120 flexion in 71/2 increments and 0 to 75 extension in 71/2 increments. Adjust without tools. Simply rotate cover to expose stop pins and reposition as required. Cushion cuffs are thick,OrthoPro ROM Knee Orthoses shownself-padded, washable fabric with hook-and-loop with SoftPro HKO fasteners. All joints have fully cushion ed protectors. Bilateral uprights. Includes removable padded patellar strap. Fits left or right.SoftPro Gel HKOSizing: Measure circumference 6" above kneecap. Hip Abduction Orthoses S, 13"-17"; M, 171 2 "-20"; L 201 2 "-23".p. 91 #62415EASY-ON KNEE BRACEEASpecify size. MORE KNEE ORTHOSESP. 90LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com 89'