b'Peripheral nerve injuriesWRIST AND HANDOutrigger InRigger vs. RADIAL NERVE ORTHOSES ConspicuousLow profile AwkwardStreamlined ExposedHiddenOT praise for Radial Nerve Splint Our patient has no active finger extension and very weak wrist extension. He has used the Robinson Radial Nerve Splint for about one month now, and he loves it! It enables him to use his right hand as a stabilizer with functional activities. It allows him to maintain wrist extension. Since he has finger flexion, he is able to grasp objects. The extensor springs allow him to release. The glove doesnt give him normal use of his hand by any means, but it certainly allows him to use it to a greater degree than he could without it. He is very pleased with it.Delores Mindrup, OTR/L North Iowa Mercy Health Center, Mason City, IARadial Nerve Splints offer a streamlined,Problem Solutionform-fitting alternative to cumbersome outriggers, which can make functional hand use difficult for patients with loss of active finger extension. The difference is the InRigger, a sleekHand-Based Splintorthotic positioner that fits inside a low-profile, durable glove. Its unique placement distributesFeatures a wrist-length glove and FAX800.437.2966force evenly throughout the glove instead ofInRigger.directly on fingers, allowing smoother and more#510261HAND-BASED SPLINTEAnatural movement. The InRiggers paddedSpecify size and Left or Right.moldable base and five spring-loaded lifts (one for each finger and one for the thumb) rest flat against the hand and fingers, meaning patients can movewithout worrying about wires catching or elastics AliMed.com 866.936.2987breaking. The springs allow active flexion through the full range, then passively lift fingers back into extension once active flexion stops.Sizing: Measure circumference of hand at MP joints.Forearm-Based SplintS, 61 4 "-71 4 "; M, 71 4 "-8"; L, 8"-83 4 "; XL, 83 4 "-93 4 ". Offsets wrist drop with an Patent #5,476,439 adjustable wrist support that can be modified with a heat gun to accommodate minor changes in wrist angle.#510391FOREARM-BASED SPLINTEAOutriggersSpecify size and Left or Right.available online!AliMed.com/ outriggers-and-inriggersLOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com 101'