b'Hinged Ankle Braces FOOT AND ANKLEPDACAPPROVEDnIncludes 3 post discs and 3 arch supports for custom fitBody Armor Vario Ankle Braces add an HINGED ANKLE BRACESelement of customization not seen in other off the shelf products. Include three posting discs (2, 4, and 6) for varus/valgus correction, and three archPDAC pedisupports (high, medium, and low) customized toAPPROVED sizesthe patient. Molded uprights and -length insolen Memory foam paddingsupport lower leg and arch. Neoprene sleeveActive Ankle Multi-PhaseAnkle BracesSizing: XS, Wmns 5-6, Childrens 21 2 -41 2 ; S, Mens 5-81 2 , supports and cushions the ankle, protecting incisionEasily modified, dual-density padding withWmns 61 2 -91 2 ; M, Mens 9-12, Wmns 10-13; L, Mens areas. Use for PTTD, tendonitis, lateral and medialintegrated memory foam allows treatment from121 2 -16, Wmns 131 2 -16.ankle sprains, and ligament issues. Also an effectivepost-injury through rehab and back to normal#64917MULTI-PHASE ANKLE BRACE EAcorrective and post-operative device. One size. activity. Padding offers compression whileSpecify size and Black or White. #66539VARIO ANKLE BRACE EA continually adapting to the changing anatomy ofSuggested code: L1906the injured ankle. Solid U-shape shell protects and Specify Left or Right. Suggested code: L1906 relieves pressure from ankle joint. Fits left or right.FAX800.437.2966 n Stability strap offers numerousnUse during acute phase nSingle strap for a quick fitAliMed.com 866.936.2987strapping configurations and rehabilitation Active Ankle T2 Ankle BracesFirm Rebound Ankle Braces offer more stabilityBody Armor Sport Ankle BracesAnklesupport with single strap for a quick fit. Solid than soft ankle supports and help transition fromjoint orthosis used during the acute phase ofU-shape shell protects and relieves pressure from walker boot or cast to daily activities. Easily andinjury as well as during the rehabilitation process.ankle joint. Custom-molded EVA padding adds comfortably fits into most shoes. Width adjustabilityCustomizable liner can be modified to transitioncomfort during activity. Fits left or right.creates a better fit. Stability strap (included) offersfrom acute to supportive brace. U-shaped heelSizing: S, Wmns 61 2 -91 2 , Mens 5-81 2 ; M, Wmns 10-13, extra support while requiring less plantarflexion,plate is anatomically shaped to the medial andMens 9-12; L, Wmns 131 2 -16, Mens 121 2 -16. and allows numerous strapping configurations for alateral sides of the foot, allowing extra stability and#66303T2 ANKLE BRACE EArange of stability levels.controlled mobility. Specify size and Black or White. Sizing: S, Wmns 71 2 -9, Mens 6-71 2 ; M, Wmns 91 2 -131 2 ,Sizing: S, Wmns 5-8, Mens below 7; M, Wmns 9-12, Mens 8-12; L, Wmns 14-16, Mens 121 2 +. Mens 71 2 -101 2 ; L, Wmns 13+, Mens 11-14. #66415ANKLE BRACEEA #66616SPORT ANKLE BRACE EASpecify size and Left or Right.Specify size and Left or Right. MORE ANKLE BRACESPP. 62-65LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com 61'