b'Gel SheetingStrips MATERIALS AND TOOLSn Thin and flexibleScar managementMepiformSelf-Adherent Soft Silicone Elastomers and GelsForDressingsThin, flexible, waterproof dressings decades doctors have recognizedfor management of hypertrophic and keloid scars.silicone elastomers as an effective scar ALIMED #SIZEMFG #QTYmanagement therapy. When applied over scars daily, elastomers soften, smooth,#6581415 8 "W x 12"L2931905/BXand flatten scars to restore skin to a more#658162"W x 3"L2932905/BXnatural surface and skin color.#658184"W x 7"L2934905/BXSilicone gel sheeting is also effective in helping to reduce the appearance of all types of scars, including new or old scars, keloids,A. 5"W x 6"L Sheethypertrophic scars, and other scars caused by surgery, injury, trauma, and burns.n No siliconetreats old and new scarsNewer-Generation Scar Care SheetsGel-Care Advanced helps reduce appearance Silipos Gel-Care gel sheeting is made of of new and old scars. Combines an occlusive gel GEL SHEETINGSTRIPS non-silicone gel and natural botanical oils,barrier with natural botanical oils, antioxidants, antioxidants, vitamins, and emollients thatvitamins, and emollients to help improve moisturize and condition the skin and scarappearance of keloid and hypertrophic scars. tissue. The gentle cushioning of the gel helps Conformable fabric backing helps prevent gelto ease the painful itching and burningfrom adhering to clothing. Single-patient use. sensations common with scarring, and theHypoallergenic and silicone-free. Trim to shape.added lubrication protects against friction andB. 1 12 "W x 10"L Strip A.5"W x 6"L Self-Adhesive Sheetsshearing. General purpose.Gel OptionsMost gel options are available#410315"W x 6"L SELF-ADHESIVE SHEET SHin sheets, strips, discs, and even body wraps. These options either come with fabric backing#410325"W x 6"L10 SH/PKor without backing to allow the gel to beB. 1 12 "W x 10"L Self-Adhesive Strips for longattached to a splint or a brace with adhesiveincision scars. or hook-and-loop fastener. #41033112"W x 10"L STRIP2/PKProduct LifeGel sheeting usually lasts 25-90 days (depending on manufacturer/brand). This is not because the product breaks down, but because bodily oils and fabric fibers attach to the tacky side of the silicone and affect adhesiveness. n Relief from friction and spot pressureOther UsesIn addition to scar management,Visco-GEL Self-Adhesive Sheetinggel pads are effective for pressure point relieffor relief from friction and spot pressure. Self-anywhere friction or pressure is a concern adhesive silicone adheres to delicate skin, yetparticularly under splints, braces, or shoes. Antimicrobialcan be easily removed, washed, and reapplied.Note: Scar reduction products should only beTop Coverapplied after wounds have fully closed. 2 mm thickWashable and reusableFAX800.437.2966ANTIMICROBIAL TOP COVER#6548821 2 "W x 3"L 10 SH/PK#6558321 2 "W x 3"L2 SH/PKFind Dressings#655854"W x 6"L1 SH/PKonline!CLEAR TOP COVER866.936.2987AliMed.com #6548721 2 "W x 3"L10 SH/PK#6558421 2 "W x 3"L 2 SH/PKAliMed.com/specialty-dressings Clear Top Cover #655864"W x 6"L 1 SH/PKElastomerEasily mold custom toe splints/spreaders n Control and manage scarringOtoform K/c ElastomerForm total-contact skin molds to be worn with burn garments, Pediplast Moldable Podiatricgloves, and hand splints. Use with stockinetteIncludesCompoundAvailable in two jar sizes.to form soft splints for contact-sports catalyst #6220250 gEA applications. 6.4 oz.#6160100 gEA #51091ELASTOMER w/HARDENERKIT212 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'