b'Athletic Tapes2"WCLINIC SUPPLIES Pre-CutnWater-Lengths resistantBody Armor Elastic TapesWater-resistant elastic sport and therapy tape for use in applied Kinesio Tex Goldkinesiology. Stimulates circulation, increasing FP Tape both blood flow and flow of lymphatic fluids to promote healing in affected area. Improves n Enhanced and patented FingerPrintperformance by facilitating greater range of technologyKINESIO TEX GOLD FP TAPE, ROLLSmotion during use. Stays on for days. ITEM #COLORPRICE 2"W x 15\'L rollKinesio Tex Gold FP Kinesiology Tapes #32752BEIGE$101.75 bx($16.96 rl) #32512$15.75 rlOriginal wave-pattern design with enhanced and#32753BLUE$101.75 bx($16.96 rl)patented FingerPrint technology. Gold FP bringsSpecify Beige, Black, Blue, Yellow, or Red. nano-touch microstimulation to epidermis and#32754RED$101.75 bx($16.96 rl) California residents, see below.ATHLETIC TAPES layers beneath. Mimics gentle human touch yet#32755BLACK$101.75 bx($16.96 rl)provides an effective hold. Breathable, higher-grade KINESIO TEX GOLD TAPE, PRE-CUT LENGTHSMueller cotton. New protected weave process for improvedITEM #APPLICATIONPRICE MTape Trainer\'s comfort. Supports muscles in movement while#33026LOW BACK$113.75 bx($5.69 app) Tapeallowing full range of motion. Choose Rolls or Pre- #33027FOOT$113.75 bx($5.69 app)Cut Lengths for easy application. Select by specific#33028KNEE$113.75 bx($5.69 app)body part. Not made with natural rubber latex.#33029NECK$113.75 bx($5.69 app)Water-resistantRolls: 2"W x 5 12yards6 rl/bx#33030SHOULDER$113.75 bx($5.69 app) n Tape and Underwrap forPre-Cut Lengths: 20 applications/bx California residents, see below. a complete solutionClinical Kinesio Taping DVD Instructional DVD on tapingMueller MTapetechnique applications. 41 min. Trainer\'s Tapes and2 34 "SparkKineticMWrap Natural Knee Sleeves #32029 $58.75 ea Underwraps100% cotton p. 83 California residents, see below. backcloth with zinc oxide tape. MWrap Natural Underwraphelps protect skin from tapeMueller MWrap chafing and holds pads and Naturalsocks in place. Underwrap MTape: White, bleached Leukotape P MTAPE TRAINER\'S TAPEPatellofemoralSIZEQTYITEM #PRICE Tape1"W x 10 yds 48 rl/cs #31748$85.00 cs ($1.77 rl)n Disposable, one-time-use Cover-11 2 "W x 15 yds 32 rl/cs #31749$83.00 cs ($2.59 rl)for heel pain relief Roll Stretch 2"W x 15 yds 24 rl/cs #31750$86.00 cs ($3.58 rl)FAX800.437.2966 PFTape Plantar Fasciitis Pain Relief MWRAP NATURAL UNDERWRAPSystemsSynthetic woven fabric is durable,23 4 "W x 30 yds 12 rl/cs #31741$28.75 cs ($2.40 rl)breathable, and flexes and conforms to supportCalifornia residents, see below.plantar fascia and arch while facilitating natural foot movement. Disposable, pre-cut adhesive system is easy to apply. Wider strip, appliedn Ideal for patellofemoral taping techniquesvertically along bottom of foot, helps reduceLeukotape P Patellofemoral Tapes and 800.225.2610AliMed.com Mueller Tuffner stress on plantar fascia. Narrower strip, appliedCover-Roll StretchUse Patellofemoral around the arch, helps stabilize the middle of theTape to align patella position and help reduce foot. Universal fit. Contains 7 applications. pain. Rayon backing and rubber-based adhesive. Made in the USA Cover-Roll Stretch recommended underwrapn Lightweight, easy to tear and unwind#66737$28.00 ea is stretchable non-woven polyester with lightMueller Tear-Light Athletic TapesCalifornia residents, see below. compression and moisture-resistant adhesive. Lightweight elastic adhesive tape. Highly con-Tape: BeigeCover-Roll Stretch: White formable. Easy tearing and unwinding. Not made Helps secure tapes and wrapsLEUKOTAPE P PATELLOFEMORAL TAPE with natural rubber latex.SIZEQTYITEM #PRICE WHITEPre-Tape SprayAerosol11 2 "W x 15 yds 1 rl#65943$22.65 rl1 SIZEQTYITEM #PRICE spray helps secure tapes 1 2 "W x 15 yds 30 rl/cs#63208$392.75 cs ($13.09 rl) 11 2 "W x 71 2yds24 rl/cs #31742$102.00 cs ($4.25 rl)and wraps. 10 oz.COVER-ROLL STRETCH 2"W x 71 2yds 24 rl/cs #31743$102.00 cs ($4.25 rl)#31740$22.75 ea 4"W x 10 yds 1 rl#65945$50.10 rl 3"W x 71 2yds 16 rl/cs #31744$102.00 cs ($6.38 rl)California residents, see below. 4"W x 10 yds 12 rl/bx#63212$272.00 bx ($22.67 rl)BLACKCalifornia residents, see below. 2"W x 71 2yds 24 rl/cs #31745$114.00 cs ($4.75 rl)California Proposition 65 Statement 3"W x 71 2yds 16 rl/cs #31746$114.00 cs ($7.13 rl)WARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the 212 State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov. California residents, see at left.'