b'Elbow ImmobilizersHelmetsPEDIATRIC ORTHOSESn Disposable, great for E.R. useJoslin Pediatric ER Sling Disposablefabric arm sling reduces common neck complaints. Flexibility increases patient compliance. Not madewith natural rubber latex. Fits left or right.Clean with a damp cloth, air-dryWhite Sizing: 50-90 lbs., 3\'5"-5\' tall.#52765JOSLIN PEDIATRIC ER SLING12/PK Pediatric Arm SlingsMuslin with white trim. XS includes three nontoxic crayons for decorating. Fits left or right. Hand-wash, air-drySling pouch: XS, 12"W x 5"H;ELBOW IMMOBILIZERSHELMETS S, 15"W x 6"H#5008XS10/PK#5009S10/PKChild-friendly animal print Clavicle supports.n Clips prevent migrationArm Splints restrict arm movement withoutnCotton spandex stretches forClavicle SupportsFoam-padded 1 12 "W rigid stays. Filled with flame-retardant polystyrenecomfortable fit web shoulder straps covered with stockinette. beads. Clips attach to patients sleeve to preventUltimate Pediatric Arm Sling Sling pouchWont impinge on brachial nerve or artery. Large, sliding. Hook-and-loop strap closures. Child- stretches to adjust to length of arm from elbowfelt-lined, perforated vinyl back pad distributes friendly animal print. Fits left or right. to wrist. Soft hand and thumb loops ensure armweight evenly. Two-way adjustability.Machine-washableis held securely in place. Cradles arm and evenlyHand-washAir-dryLIMBLIMB supports weight, virtually eliminating painfulSizing: On the uninjured side, measure from theITEM #SIZELENGTHCIRC.QTY pressure points. Soft back strap is easy on neckmidpoint of the scapula, around anteriorly under the #52104INFANT/PEDI3"11 2 "-4"EA and adjustable with hook tab. Fits left or right.axilla, and back to the starting point. XXS (Infant),#52106INFANT/PEDI7"3"-10"EA Sizing: Age: 112-6 years, weight: 25-50 lbs., height: 4"-8"; XS (Pedi.), 8"-14"; S, 20"-26".FAX800.437.2966 #52107XS10"3"-12"EA 2\'6"-3\'9". #510588CLAVICLE SUPPORTEA#52738ULTIMATE PEDIATRIC ARM SLINGEA Specify size. 866.936.2987AliMed.com Absorbs shock n Easy-to-fit, flexible plasticA-Flex Protective HeadgearFlexible plasticSizing: Measure head circumference. S fits 40-43 cm;no cracking readily conforms to varying head shapeseasy toM fits 43-46 cm; L fits 46-48 cm; XL fits 48-51 cm.fit on demand. Absorbs shock across the entire A-FLEX PROTECTIVE HEADGEARsurface without cracking or allowing penetration.#712689PROTECTIVE HEADGEAREAWhite Headgear is equipped with easy-to-adjust straps,Specify S, M, L, XL, and Blue, Pink, or White.Blue minimizing the need for chin straps. Posterior strap locks below the mastoids and accommodates STRAP KITsize variations, while side straps are used to aid in#712932OPTIONAL CHIN STRAP KITKITputting on and taking off the helmet. Use of side#712933REPL. SIDE STRAP KITKITstraps and side slits is optional. Ventilation holesSpecify Blue, Pink, or White. help reduce trapped heat. Trims easily with scissors. Shown withClinical indications: Postoperative craniectomy or optional ChincraniotomyCranial vault reconstruction or other Strapscranial surgerySill anomaliesSeizure disordersA-Flex helmets require a physicians order.Self-injurious behavior related to head-banging,Shipment to a consumer requires confirmation Pink hair-pulling, etc.Instability secondary to poor balanceof proper fitting by a physician.and/or equilibrium reactions186 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'