b'Casting TapesSupplies MATERIALS AND TOOLS n Little water needed to activate n Superior handling Ortho-Glass Splinting SystemRoll Form for everyand conformabilityphase of immobilization. Wrinkle-free application eliminates riskDelta-Liteof delamination. Easy-stretch padding covers all edges. 2 rl/cs. Conformable Synthetic #4991 1" x 15\'$174.71 cs Casting TapeFiberglass #49922" x 15\'$243.29 cs substrate offers excellent #49933" x 15\'$331.30 cs conformability, greatly reducing #4994 4" x 15\'$395.22 cs tucking and folding during application. Not made with natural rubber latex. White. 10 rl/bx.#49955" x 15\'$483.23 cs#49966" x 15\' $579.52 cs #40852" x 4 yds$199.19 bx4" x 15\' Additional shipping charges may apply.#40863" x 4 yds$261.25 bxCalifornia residents, see below. #40874" x 4 yds$311.54 bxCalifornia residents, see below.Extra-Fast Splintsn High dry/wet retentionCASTING TAPESSUPPLIES Specialist Plaster of Paris Splints and Bandagesn For difficult offer minimal plaster loss to ensure maximum strength and acasting proceduressmooth cast finish. Plaster is uniformly coated and adhered to the gauze. Not made with natural rubber latex. Orthoflex Elastic Plaster of Paris Bandages for difficult casting procedures such Fast SplintsEXTRA-FAST GREEN PLASTER SPLINTS (2-4 MINUTES)as post-amputation. Conforms well to bodyITEM #SIZEQTYPRICEcontours and bony prominences. Manufactured Fast Bandages #49044" x 15"50/bx $44.34 bx with Specialist plaster and an elastic gauze. #4906 5" x 30"50/bx$79.22 bx White. 12/bx. FAST BLUE PLASTER SPLINTS (5-8 MINUTES) #4898 4" x 4 yds$188.86 bx ITEM #SIZEQTYPRICE#49005" x 4 yds$102.25 bx#49294" x 15"50/bx $48.85 bx California residents, see below.#4931 5" x 30"50/bx$83.35 bx EXTRA-FAST GREEN PLASTER BANDAGES (2-4 MINUTES) n Tack-free properties ITEM #SIZEQTYPRICE#4370 2" x 3 yds12 rl/bx $49.53 bx Delta-Lite Plus #43713" x 3 yds12 rl/bx $54.25 bx Casting Tapes combine #43724" x 5 yds12 rl/bx $84.15 bx a fiberglass substrate #4883 5" x 5 yds12 rl/bx $104.85 bx and an advanced water-#48856" x 5 yds 12 rl/bx $125.95 bx activated polyurethane resin Extra-Fast Bandages system that allow ease of application and molding California residents, see below. using standard exam gloves. Good conformability,FAST BLUE PLASTER BANDAGES (5-8 MINUTES) outstanding molding, and excellent lamination.ITEM #SIZEQTYPRICE ITEM #QTYPRICEWhite. 10 rl/bx.#4887 2" x 3 yds12 rl/bx $47.98 bx #411011" x 2 yds$53.22 bx#48893" x 3 yds12 rl/bx $62.41 bx#48906 bx/cs $205.75 cs #411022" x 4 yds$69.10 bxFAX800.437.2966FAX800.437.2966 #4374 4" x 5 yds12 rl/bx $84.96 bx#4374066 bx/cs $294.75 cs #411033" x 4 yds$83.64 bx#4891 5" x 5 yds12 rl/bx $106.56 bx#48924 bx/cs $249.00 cs #411044" x 4 yds$106.34 bx#43766" x 5 yds 12 rl/bx$115.90 bx #411055" x 4 yds$129.29 bxCalifornia residents, see below. California residents, see below.800.225. 26 81000. 2 A25li.M26e1d0.c omn Easy-to-use total contact cast kitCutimed Off-Loader Total Contact Cast KitTotalnFor cast adjustmentscontact casting protects fragile wound bed and wound edgesCastWedge Starter from shear and friction damage. This system fits most patients,Sets for cast realignment eliminating the need to stock different sizes or varieties.and swelling relief. Permits Available in a plaster and synthetic combination or syntheticuni- or bi-valving of cast version featuring Delta-Lite Conformable Cast Tape forafter initial injury or surgery. unsurpassed conformability and no delay of ambulation. Maintains precise opening. MakeKits include: Cutimed Foam, Delta Terry-Net Cotton Stockinette, Deltaexact adjust ments to casted fractures Terry-Net adhesive felt padding, Specialist 100 Cotton Cast Padding, Delta- without replacing cast. ContainsLite Conformable Cast Tape, perforated open-cell foam, and cotton gauze.20 wedges in all sizes.Select Kit also includes Orthoflex Elastic Plaster Bandages and Gypsona#64740$141.00 pkS Plaster Bandages#41111OFF-LOADER KIT$157.84 ea REPLACEMENT WEDGE, 20/PK#41112OFF-LOADER KIT SELECT$175.89 ea #6474110 mm$31.00 pk #6474425 mm$31.00 pkCalifornia residents, see below. #6474215 mm$31.00 pk #6474530 mm$31.00 pkCalifornia Proposition 65 Statement #6474320 mm$31.00 pkWARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the 186 State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov. California residents, see at left.'