b'Osteoarthritis Knee Orthoses KNEE, HIP, AND THIGHImproved!PDACAPPROVEDOSTEOARTHRITIS KNEE ORTHOSESEasy wraparound stylennPatella control plus OA correction n Universally sized to fit most patientsFormfit OA Wraparound Knee Orthoses FREEDOM Soft OA Hinged KneeGame Changer OA Knee Braces are Dynamic Force Strap applies tension as the legSleevesCompressive buttressed pull-upuniversally sizedsimply choose left or right extends, providing pain relief in a single pull motion.sleeve with proximal and distal closures for easyto fit virtually any patient. Effectively treats both Slim polycentric hinge design and breathableapplication and correct joint alignment for mild tomedial and lateral knee pain. Incredibly easy material offers a discreet and comfortable fit. Easymoderate levels of OA of the knee. Thigh and calfto apply for both providers and patients. Single donning with dot-coded color wrap closures. paddles with lock-down straps provide counterupright hinge design is comfortable, lightweight, Sizing: Measure thigh circ. 6" above midpatella, calf circ.force to redistribute load away from affected sideand functional. Improved push-button release for 6" below midpatella. XS, thigh 14"-16", calf 11"-1212";and rotation control. Low-profile, pre-set hinge witheasy on and off. New pivoting strap attachment. S, thigh 16"-18", calf 1212"-14"; M, thigh 18"-21", calfflexion/extension control can be worn under mostOne size.14"-16"; L, thigh 21"-2312", calf 16"-18"; XL, thigh 2312"- clothes.#67000LEFTEA2612", calf 18"-20"; XXL, thigh 2612"-2912", calf 20"-22". Sizing: Measure circumference of knee at center with leg#67001RIGHTEA#66979MEDIALEA extended. XS, 12"-13"; S, 13"-14"; M, 14"-15"; L, 15"-16"; #66980LATERALEA XL, 16"-18"; XXL, 18"-20"; 3XL, 20"-22". Suggested code: L1843 or L1851Specify size and Left or Right.#66895LEFT MEDIAL/RIGHT LATERALEA#66896RIGHT MEDIAL/LEFT LATERALEASpecify size. FAX800.437.2966Double-sealed. Effective pain managementNo leaks!Cold PacksDouble-sealed to reduce theHot PacksColored tabs allow easy packlikelihood of leaks. Stay cold and pliable for rotation in busy clinics. Offer up to 30 minutes AliMed.com 866.936.2987up to 30 minutes. Durable, blue vinyl.* of moist heat.#32704HALF SIZE, 7"W x 11"L EA #3673HALF SIZE, 5"W x 12"L EA#32705STANDARD, 11"W x 14"L EA #3672STANDARD, 10"W x 12"L EA#32706OVERSIZE, 11"W x 21"L EA #3674NECK, 5"W x 24"L EA#32707NECK CONTOUR, 23"L EA #3675OVERSIZE, 15"W x 24"L EA*Not made with natural rubber latex.One pack offers hundreds of treatmentsLOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com 83'