b'Knee Supports with Flexible StaysKNEE, HIP, AND THIGHImproved!Open PatellaFlexible stayClosed with integratedPatelladonning aidn Moisture-wickingPad surrounds and material withcushions kneecap nSeamless, helps prevent skin irritationantimicrobial barrier Seamless Knee Sleeves with StaysHg80 Premium Knee BracesMade withn Lighter, more breathable with flexible Breathable four-way stretch elastic sleeves HydraCinn fabric, a non-neoprene, lightweight,plastic stayswith spiral stays give gentle compression and mild moisture-wicking material with antimicrobialstabilization. Medial and lateral spiral steel stays barrier; and redesigned, bilateral steel springs toGenuTrain Knee SupportsSoft silicone padsupport knee and prevent bunching and rollover. support both sides of the knee while also providingaround knee relieves pressure and massages softOpen Patella model without buttress helps increased performance. Improved hourglasstissue, improving circulation. Meniscal wings withstabilize kneecap. Fits left or right.KNEE SUPPORTS WITH FLEXIBLE STAYSshape hugs natural curves of knee, while newmassage nubs exert intermittent compressionSizing: See chart below.comfort zone reduces bunching in back of kneeat synovial cavity to reduce pain. "Hoffa" pads on#64264CLOSED PATELLA$18.75 eaduring active motion. Upper and lower strappingboth sides of patella tendon stimulate infrapatellar locks brace in position. Upper bidirectional stretchfat pad to promote healing and reduce swelling.#64263OPEN PATELLA$19.25 eamaterial is form-fitting and fully adjustable withFlexible plastic stays with defined flex zonesSpecify Black or White and size. anti-slip inner grip strips that prevent braceinclude integrated donning aids for easy on/off.California residents, see left page.migration. Tibial containment system withLight, breathable knit. Machine-washable. Not SIZE 4 34 " BELOW KNEE5 12 " ABOVE KNEEmade with natural rubber latex. Fits left or right. XS934 "-11"141 2 "-16"stabilizing patellar buttress and rear support strap.Open knee with gel supports for stability. Fits leftSizing: Measure loose circumference with 30 kneeS 11"-1214 "16"-17"or right. flexion. See chart below. M121 2 "-131 4 "17"-18"Sizing: Measure around the knee. S, 12"-14"; M, 14"-16"; #64920$83.75 ea L 1314 "-1414 "18"-1914 "L, 16"-18"; XL, 18"-20". XL 1414 "-151 2 "1914 "-201 2 "Specify size and Black, Nature, or Titanium.#66772 $55.50 ea California residents, see left page. XXL 151 2 "-161 2 "201 2 "-22"Specify size. California residents, see left page.SIZE 4 34 " BELOW KNEE5 12 " ABOVE KNEE 3XL 161 2 "-18"22"-23"093 4 "-11"133 4 "-15"Kinesiology and compression111"-121 4 "15"-161 4 "combined 2121 4 "-131 2 "161 4 "-171 4 " n Two medial and two 3131 2 "-141 2 "171 4 "-181 2 " lateral stays add support4141 2 "-153 4 "181 2 "-193 4 "3 3 3 Patella Knee Supports515 4 "-17"19 34 "-20 4 " Neoprene sleeve with nylon, two 617"-18"20 4 "-22" medial and two lateral steel stays, 718"-191 4 "22"-231 4 " adjustable straps, and superior Larger circumference sizeshorseshoe buttress help support available at AliMed.com patellar tracking. 100% neoprene, except binding straps. Not made with natural rubber latex. Fits left or right. FAX800.437.2966Sizing: Measure around the knee. S, 12"-14"; M, 14"-15"; nL, 15"-17"; XL, 17"-20".Gel buttress and steel springs #63219$45.75 eaSpecify size. California residents, see left page.Spark Kinetic Knee Sleeves combineOmniforce Knee Stabilizersbenefits of kinesiology tape with compressionSpecialized manufacturing processAliMed.com 800.225.2610of flat knit targets compression in an easy-to-use, comfortable sleeve. Intuitiveareas while still allowing then Criss-cross straps for to put on and leaves no sticky residue whenproduct to stretch and maintain removed. Grip-track banding keeps sleeve fromconsistent compressionsliding while moisture-wicking material keepsa constant compression. Built-in skin cool. gel buttress and steel springsSelf-Adjusting Knee help support the knee. Antimicrobial treatmentStabilizersSelf-adjusting straps Sizing: Measure leg circ. at center of kneecap.helps control odors.* Lightweight knee stabilizerprovide adjustable support and S, 12"-14"; M, 14"-16"; L, 16"-18". helps to support the joint which can help improvecompression. Neoprene blend retains #67044$30.00 ea performance and everyday activities. Unique design,body heat. Perforated fabric is breathable Specify size.extremely comfortable materials, and contoured fitfor comfortable all-day wear. Wraparound design California residents, see left page. make the sleeve comfortable to wear for extendedfor easy application. Flexible steel springs support play. Not made with natural rubber latex. and protect both sides of knee. Double buttressSpark Kinetic AnkleSizing: Measure knee circumference. S, 12"-14";supports and protects kneecap while assisting with M, 14"-16"; L, 16"-18"; XL, 18"-20". proper patellar tracking. Open patella helps keep Sleevep. 72 #66952$81.00 ea kneecap in place. Fits left or right.Sizing: One size fits 12"-16" center knee circumference.Specify size. California residents, see left page. #65347$33.75 ea*The antimicrobial treatment is intended to protect the brace against odor, staining, and deterioration caused byCalifornia residents, see left page.bacteria and microorganisms. This treatment does not extend protection to the skin. 83'