b'Active supports for work or playWRIST AND HAND n Antibacterial liningProflex 4000 Durable, medium-weight support restricts downward wrist movement. Open-center plastic stay avoids pressure on carpal tunnel. Two-stage closure. Antibacterial lining wicks moisture. Machine-washableSizing: Measure around wrist at smallest point. S, 5"-6"; M, 6"-7"; L, 7"-8"; XL, 8"+.#51243PROFLEX 4000 EA n Light compressionSpecify size and Left or Right.Thera-Glovescomfort and massage finger muscles during repetitive-motion tasks, helping alleviate pain associated with hand/wrist fatigue. Spandex and nylonBreathable and moisture-wicking Lightweight, fingerlessTanCARPAL TUNNEL SUPPORTS n Bead-filled cushion pad Sizing: Measure across knuckles, S, 212"-3"; M, 3"-312";IMAK RSI SmartGlovesL, 312"-4". and RSI SmartGloves#73741THERA-GLOVE PRwith Thumb encourageSpecify size. neutral positioning of hand and wrist to help prevent and relieve carpal tunnelMineral-oilsyndrome. Removable dorsalgel padstay. Thumb model offers stability and support with two removable stayswrist andWrist with Thumb Sizing: Measure width of hand across knuckles. XS, up to thumb. Nonremovable, bead-filled pad cushions underside of wrist, including234"; S, up to 314"; M, up to 334"; L, up to 414".pisiform bone. Not made with natural rubber latex. #78654STANDARD EABreathable cotton LYCRAReversible to fit left or #78066w/THUMBEAright handWashable Specify size.n Breathable knit n Gel padWrist Compression Sleeves help reduceVisco-GEL Carpal Tunnel Relief Sleeves edema and discomfort by offering supportsoothe and moisturize skin while protecting against and promoting circulation in hand and wrist.friction, abrasion, and pressure. Four-way stretch Seamless, lightweight, and breathable knit elasticfabric allows full wrist motion. 9-mm-thick mineral-with reinforced thumb hole. Fits left or right. Notoil gel pad helps prevent and reduce appearance of FAX800.437.2966 made with natural rubber latex. scar tissue. Ideal for post-op carpal tunnel, keloid, WashableWhite and hypertrophic scarring resulting from plastic/reconstructive surgery, injury, or burns.Sizing: S fits petite Wmn or adolescents; M fits small Wmn; L fits average Wmn and smaller Men; XL fits Men. Sizing: S/M fits most Wmn and smaller Men; #51389WRIST COMPRESSION SLEEVE EA L/XL fits larger Wmn and most Men.Specify size. #52559S/M EA#52560L/XL EA866.936.2987AliMed.com Light-duty CTS Care. Specify Left or Right. n Flexible neoprene designNeoprene WrapsWarm, comfortableKnee neoprene provides flexible wrist support. Can be trimmed to adjust fit. Wrist/ThumbWrapsmodel allows full finger motion but restricts thep. 76thumb while Wrist/Hand wrap allows full finger and thumb motion. Both models fit left or right.Sizing: Wrist/Thumb Wraps: S/M fits most Wmn,#5269WRIST/THUMB, S/M EAsmaller Men; M/L fits larger Wmn, most Men.#5368WRIST/THUMB, M/LEAWrist/Hand Wraps: One size fits all.#5268WRIST/HAND, ONE SIZEEA120 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'