b'Heel Suspension Boots FOOT AND ANKLE Cushion of air floats the heel for pressure reliefAir Boot Heel Protectors Now you dont have to sacrifice prevention and healing to stay within your budget. Easy-to-clean, lightweight boots use a cushionn Removable heel flapof air to elevate the lower leg for completePressure-free,EHOB Foot WAFFLE Heel Elevators pressure relief and improved airflow to the heel.fully suspendedsuspend heel while cradling the calf. Air-venting There are two independent zones of inflation.heelOne zone fits the boot to the foot and leg.holes and cotton lining keep patient cool, dry, and The second zone allows adjustment of heelcomfortable. Heel flap can be flipped under the calf, height. Low-shear exterior slides easily to helpWaterproof,creating an area of zero pressure under the heel improve bed mobility. Extended foot panelwipeable Cushion-softwhile supporting and elevating calf. Replacement offers moderate footdrop protection. Fluid- vinyl exterior flannel interior Hand Pump sold separately (not shown). One size. HEEL SUSPENSION BOOTS resistant vinyl exterior is great for those with#66122HEEL ELEVATOR EAincontinence. Soft flannel interior is gentle on#6612206HEEL ELEVATOR6/CSfragile skin and helps wick excess perspiration.#66223HAND PUMP2/PKReady to use out of the box. One size. 6 oz.#66160*INFLATED HEEL PROTECTOR EA#6616006*INFLATED HEEL PROTECTOR6/CS PDAC#66223REPL. PUMP 2/PK APPROVED*Includes one free pump (not shown). n Stays dry and comfortableHeel Elevation Boots w/Butterfly LiftUnique n Choice of interiorsmooth or convoluted foam design creates a channel for Achilles to rest. Hollow HEELIFT Suspension Boots fully suspend heel usingdesign around malleolus Smooth, Standard adjustable elevation pad, dispersing pressure over calf.helps relieve pressure. Internal fibers expel Medical-grade foam. Convoluted interior offers increasedmoisture keeping boot dry and comfortable. air circulation. Smooth interior helps minimize skin irritationEliminates odors generally caused by moisture-for extra-sensitive skin. Exterior fabric covering along back ofrelated bacteria. Stabilizing straps prevent leg leg moves easily on bed linens to aid in patient mobility. Airrotation. Heel opening promotes airflow and heel holes offer added ventilation. Two adjustable hook-and-loopvisualization. Nylon exterior slides over bedsheets. Convoluted, Standard straps. Machine-washable in net laundry bag. Not made with natural rubber latex. One size. HEELIFT #66880HEEL ELEVATION BOOTEACALF CIRC.WT. RANGEITEM #QTYITEM #QTY Suggested code: A9283 SMOOTH, PETITE6"-10"70-135 LBS #66016 EA#66016066/CS FAX800.437.2966 CONVOLUTED, PETITE6"-10"70-135 LBS #66015 EA#66015066/CSSMOOTH, STANDARD10"-15"130-250 LBS #63261 EA#63261066/CS CONVOLUTED, STANDARD10"-15"130-250 LBS #62884 EA#62884066/CS SMOOTH, BARIATRIC15"-23"250-600 LBS #66017 EA#66017066/CS n Accommodates Additional shipping charges may apply.compression n Friction-free tricot backing device tubing866.936.2987AliMed.com HEELIFT Glide Boots have a durable exterior and aPRUventorHeel Off-Loading Devices smooth, friction-free tricot backing, which increases patientSoft, cool fabric and pressure-absorbing filling mobility and safety. The affixed elevation pad lifts the leg toprotect bony prominences. Elastic straps keepsuspend the heel, creating an ideal environment for an ulcerfoot in neutral position. Open heel design makes to heal. Ventilation holes ensure enhanced patient comfort.off-loading of heel easily visible. Stain-resistant Smooth interior is best for patients with edematousmaterial with Silbac antimicrobial technology. legs, while the Convoluted interior creates a cooler boot.Anti-rotation wedge attaches to either side of boot. Machine-washable in a net or mesh laundry bag. Compatible with sequential and intermittentHEELIFT GLIDE compression devices (SCD/ICD). Long boot has CALF CIRCUMFERENCEWEIGHT RANGEITEM #QTY additional SCD/ICD exits and strap for leg security. Fits left or right.SMOOTH, PETITE6"-10"70-130 lbs#66638 EA Wipe cleanNot made with natural rubber latex CONVOLUTED, PETITE6"-10"70-130 lbs #66637 EASMOOTH, STANDARD10"-15"120-250 lbs #66636 EA #67040SHORT, 9"LEACONVOLUTED, STANDARD10"-15"120-250 lbs #66635 EA #67041LONG, 13"LEASMOOTH, BARIATRIC15"-23"220-600 lbs #66639 EA #67042X-LONG, 15"LEA 48 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'