b'FREEDOM Pediatric BracingPEDIATRIC ORTHOSESnUnimpeded finger functionFREEDOM Pediatric Long Elastic Wrist Supports immobilize the wrist Elbow Supportnot the hand, fingers, or thumbwhile providing gentle compression to the wrist. Finger function is unimpeded because the palmar portion of the splint does not cross the distal palmar crease. Wide, adjustable stay comfortably supports wrist in 30 of wrist extension. Perfect for sprains and strains, weakness, or for joint protection after cast removal. Elastic fabric gives a glove-like fit, wicks moisture away from the skin, and isHyperextension Elbow Supportcompletely washable (with stay removed).Hook-and-loop closures. 8"LTanSizing: Measure wrist circumference. XXS fits up to ELBOW AND WRIST SUPPORTS 41 2 "; XS fits 41 2 "-51 2 "; S fits 51 2 "-61 2 ". SIZELEFTRIGHTQTYXXS#5729#5728EA n Adjustable bicep closure XS#5731#5730EA accommodates pediatric armsS#5733#5732EA FREEDOMHook-and-Pediatricloop closureElbow SleevesnMild wrist and thumb injuries slip on with adjustable hook-and-FREEDOMloop top closure and PediatricAluminum stayare sized for pediatric Wrist Supports sewn into brace patients. Use for are best for wristlateral ligament instabilities, strains,sprains, strains, sprains, and arthritis.bursitis, tendonitis, The Abductedarthritis, or soft-tissue injuries. Also for patient Thumb style isprotection and post-operative support or long-term recommended forinjury management. Flexible, double-sided, Wrist Supportmild wrist and thumbnylon-covered neoprene construction provides injuries where immobilization is needed towarmth, comfort, and form-fitting compression. promote healing. Circumferential adjustable Hyperextension model features crisscross hook-wrist strap provides compression for wristand-loop adjustable straps to help prevent immobilization. Nonremovable aluminum stayhyperextension. Fits left or right.supports and positions wrist in extension.18 "-thick double-sided neoprene with nylon coverBlack18 "-thick double-sided neoprene with nylon coverBlack Sizing: Measure largest aspect of forearm circumference. FAX800.437.2966 Sizing: Measure wrist circumference. 3XS, 2"-3"; XS, 4"-5"; S, 5"-6"; M, 6"-7"; L, 7"-8"; XL, 8"-9".XXS, 3"-4"; XS, 4"-5"; S, 5"-6". #52516ELBOW SUPPORTEA#52518WRIST SUPPORTEA #52517HYPEREXTENSION ELBOW SUPPORTEA#52519w/ABDUCTED THUMB EA Specify size. Wrist Support withSpecify size and Left or Right. Abducted Thumb866.936.2987AliMed.com For hand exercise and therapyn Higher silicone content for added glideEasyGlide PuttyNontoxic, non-irritating putty has a greaseless, non-sticky texturefor smooth, even resistance. Higher silicone content gives putty added glide that is feltthe minute you pick it up. Great for generalhand-strengthening exercises. Blended withnatural antimicrobial odor-control. Wontstick to hands or under your nails. Not made with natural rubber latex. 4 oz.#5632LT. BLUE (XX-SOFT)EA#5633LT. PURPLE (X-SOFT)EA168 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'