b'Heel Suspension Positioners LOWER EXTREMITIES nContoured design conforms to bodys natural positionZero-G Heel Pillow ULTRAContoured design conforms to bodys natural position while off-loading heel into the air to help prevent and offer relief from pressure injuries. Contoured surface securely and comfortably positions legs, relaxing the spine and decreasing lower back pain. Breathable, low-shear stretch cover withn Stable baseantimicrobial protection reduces friction. Slip-resistant bottom prevents sliding.Heel ProtectorsLarge resting surface Ideal for individuals who experience longDouble Leg keeps pressure off calf and helps prevent periods of uninterrupted pressure over bonyknee hyperextension. Slightly flattened base is prominences. Available in Single Leg orstable but wont compromise mobility in bed.Double Leg versions. Soft, lightweight foam. Hook-and-loop closureWipes cleansMeets CAL 117 standardson ring portion. One size. Single Leg: 12"W x 43/4"-31/2"H x 17"D #62933HEEL PROTECTOR EAHEEL SUSPENSION POSITIONERSDouble Leg: 24"W x 43/4"-31/2"H x 17"DSingle Leg Additional shipping charges may apply. #66730SINGLE LEGEA#66731DOUBLE LEGEAnGel-infused memory foam redistributes pressure Protekt Heel Loft Pillows w/VGPT help prevent formation of pressure injuries and aid in then Lifts heel completely off bedhealing of existing ones by comfortably elevating feet and suspending heels to completely offloadBlue Donut Heel Elevators2" of contoured, pressure from heels. Visco Gel Polymer Technologycushy polyfill lined with MicroSpring Textile helps (VGPT) offers gel-infused memory foam top layerlift the heel in total comfort without offloading for greater pressure redistribution and rapid heatpressure to Achilles tendon. Full circle coverage dissipation. Includes fluid-resistant, antimicrobial,24"W x 7"H x 16"D at highest point, 51/2"H at lowest point provides consistent elevation during movement antibacterial stretch nylon cover with nonskidand lifts completely off the bed. One-piece, slip-on bottom. Available with Gel Bladder for added#67141HEEL LOFT PILLOW EA with no fasteners. Water-resistant. Wipe clean comfort and cooling. #67142W/GEL BLADDEREA with soap and water. One size. Fits left or right.#67104BLUE DONUT HEEL ELEVATOR EAFAX800.437.2966866.936.2987AliMed.com6"n Slip-resistant bottomZero-G Heel Pillow Cushioned support off-loads heels into air to help prevent and provide relief from pressure injuries. Convoluted surface securely and comfortably positionsn Machine-washable cover n Eliminates pressure and shearinglegsrelaxing the spine and decreasing lowerHeels-Off Heel Pillows Convoluted foam back pain. Breathable, low-shear stretch coversurface is contoured to position and stabilize legs.Foot/Heel Elevators provide necessary air with antimicrobial protection reduces friction.Low-shear cover protects against skin-damagingcirculation for accelerated tissue granulation and Slip-resistant bottom prevents sliding. Idealfriction. Wipes clean for easy care. Removablehealing of existing pressure injuries. Made from for individuals unable to avoid long periods ofcover is machine-washable. Zipper closure. resilient polyfoam covered with perspiration-uninterrupted pressure over bony prominences. absorbing fabric. No need for a separate inner liner. 24"W x 7"-5 12 "H x 16"DWipes cleanMeets CAL 117S: 24"W x 3 12 "-5"H x 13"DM/L: 24"W x 5 12 "-7"H x 16"D VELCRO-brand closure.standards #503151 S EA #5031004"W EA#66729ZERO-G HEEL PILLOWEA #503150 M/L EA #5031406"W EA50 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'