b'Hand/Wrist Orthoses PEDIATRIC ORTHOSESPDACAPPROVEDShown inComfyprene coverTerrycloth cover Emerald Green shown in Light Blue shown in Turquoisen Additional forearm length nSide wings prevent ulnar and radial deviationLong Opponens Hand OrthosesSameHand/Wrist OrthosesVersatile, multipurpose splint features as Hand/Wrist Orthosis (at right) with 1"supports and positions weak or deformed wrists, hands, or longer forearm. Removable Terrycloth cover. fingers. Side wings prevent ulnar/radial deviation. Available with removable Terrycloth cover Color-Coded by size or inTerrycloth cover Sizing: Available in Large (Emerald Green) only, new Navy option, or nonremovable Comfyprene cover.shown in Navysee chart below. Optional Finger Separator, sold separately at right. #52995L, EMERALD GREENEA TERRYCLOTH COVERSuggested code: L3807/3809 PDACSIZECOLOR-CODEDNAVYHAND/WRIST ORTHOSESAPPROVED S#51758*EA#52950EA n Helps protect M#51758*EA#52949EA pressure areasL#51758*EA#52948EA Finger Separators add soft cushion to help *Specify size, see chart below (color-coded by size). protect and prevent pressure areas betweenCOMFYPRENE COVER fingers. Removable Terrycloth cover.#52154COMFYPRENE COVEREA #52200FINGER SEPARATOREASpecify size (see chart below) and Dk. Blue or Lt. Blue. Specify size, see chart below (color-coded by size). Suggested code: L3807/L3809Terrycloth cover shown in Shown in Emerald Green PurpleSwivel joint for ulnar or radial deviationn Allows for ulnar or radial deviation Goniometern Added spring for Shown injointDeviation Hand/Wrist OrthosesSameEmerald Green dynamic stretchfeatures as Hand/Wrist Orthosis (above, right) withSpring-Loaded Goniometer unique swivel joint below wrist that allows lateralHand/Wrist OrthosesSameGoniometer jointand medial positioning to accommodate ulnar orfeatures as Hand/Wrist Orthosis radial deviation. Available in removable Terrycloth(above) with added spring that applies dynamic cover or nonremovable Comfyprene cover.stretch force to push wrist to desired degree of n Adjustable ROM extension. Removable Terrycloth cover.Sizing: See chart below. TERRYCLOTH COVER, COLOR-CODED Goniometer Hand/Wrist OrthosesSame#53015S, PURPLEEAFAX800.437.2966#52968S, PURPLEEA features as Hand/Wrist Orthosis (above) with#53014M, TURQUOISEEAgoniometer to allow for range of movement.#78059L, EMERALD GREENEA#52967M, TURQUOISEEA Can be set to static position or to adjust flexion/ Color-coded by size, see chart below, left. #52966L, EMERALD GREENEA extension in 5 increments. Removable TerryclothSuggested code: E1805 PDAC COMFYPRENE COVER cover. APPROVED#52973S, DARK BLUEEA #52994S, PURPLEEA#52974S, LIGHT BLUEEA #52993M, TURQUOISEEA Shown in AliMed.com 866.936.2987#52971M, DARK BLUEEA #52992L, EMERALD GREENEA Turquoise#52972M, LIGHT BLUEEA Color-coded by size, see chart below.nAdded straps #52969L, DARK BLUEEA for support, #52970L, LIGHT BLUEEA positioningSuggested code: L3807/L3809 PDAC 4-Strap Hand/Wrist APPROVED OrthosesSame features as Hand/Wrist Orthosis (above) withPEDIATRIC HAND/WRIST/THUMB SIZE CHART four straps to position and support hand,SIZEWRIST TO TIP OF MIDDLE FINGERTOTAL SPLINT LENGTHAVERAGE thumb, and fingers. Removable Terrycloth cover.TERRYCLOTHCOMFYPRENETERRYCLOTHCOMFYPRENEAGE #52959S, PURPLEEAS21 2 "-31 2 "21 2 "-31 2 "7"61 2 "UP TO 4 YEARS #52958M, TURQUOISEEAM3"-41 2 "3"-41 2 "8"7"4 TO 9 YEARS #52957L, EMERALD GREENEAL41 2 "-6"41 2 "-6"91 2 "9"9 TO SMALL ADULTTerrycloth covers are color-coded by size. S, Purple; M, Turquoise; L, Emerald Green. Color-coded by size, see chart at left.PDACComfyprene covers come in choice of Dark Blue or Light Blue. Suggested code: L3807/L3809 APPROVEDLOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com 183'