b'Soft CollarsCervical Pillows SPINE AND PELVIS Soft Collars Mobile cervical tractionn EconomicalSOFT COLLARSCERVICAL PILLOWS Foam Cervical CollarsMedium-firm-densitySizing: All sizes fit 16"-24" circumference. S, 21 2 "H;polyurethane foam. Breathable. AnatomicallyM, 31 2 "H; L, 41 2 "H. Pneu-Trac Traction CollarsInflatable contoured. 100% cotton stockinette-covered for#60155FOAM CERVICAL COLLAREA collar with patient-controlled hand pump comfort. Not made with natural rubber latex. Specify size.provides static or intermittent traction to 2" hook-and-loop closureshelp in the management of cervical pain. Indicated for muscle spasms, pressure from compressed nerve roots, arthritis, and cervical acute/chronic sprains. Two-piece design adjusts from 3"-514"H. Lightweight, semi-rigid n Universal fit polyethylene with VELCRO-brand closure. EZY WRAP Economy Universal CervicalNot made with natural rubber latex.CollarsMedium-density urethane foam withSizing: Measure neck circumference. S, 121/4"-141/4"; synthetic white stockinette cover. Can beM, 141/2"-17"; L, 17"-20". reversed for flexion or extension. Contact closure.#5267TRACTION COLLAREANot made with natural rubber latex. Specify size.3"HHand-wash, air-drySuggested code: E0856Sizing: Fits neck circumference up to 221 2 ". Place head in neutral position and measure height from anterior midpoint on mandible to sternal notch.PDAC#510631UNIVERSAL CERVICAL COLLAR10/PK APPROVEDBESTSELLER!FAX800.437.2966866.936.2987AliMed.com n Prevents head rolling n Supports cervical structures n Cradles head and neck during sleepCrescent Pillois a soft support used to helpThe Original McKenzie Cervical RollsCervical Neck Pillowshave shown to provide prevent head rolling. Cradles head and neck in bedslip between pillow and pillowcase to supportrelief and support throughout the night for those or high-back chairs.cervical structures. Simpler and more versatilewith neck pain. Head and neck are cradled Side to side, 13"; front to back, 10 12 "Dacron than special pillows.between two pieces of soft foam, which help to polyester fiber20"L x 3 12 " diam.Low-density foamRemovable,keep the neck in alignment while you sleep. When washable coveryou are in a more comfortable sleeping position, #60744 CRESCENT PILLOEA you\'ll enjoy a better night\'s rest. Covered with a #60133CERVICAL ROLLEA removable and washable white terry cloth cover. Zipper closure. This positioner has been used in X-ray for years and after patient comments on its comfort, AliMed has produced a version for the end-user.#927598CERVICAL NECK PILLOWEA156 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'