b'Adjustable Padded Resting SplintsBends to accommodate any wrist angleWRIST AND HANDAccommodatesthumb abductionnAntibacterial fabric, color-coded straps Color-coded straps onlySoftPro Palmar Resting Hand SplintsLarge finger platform comfortably supports$ 82. ea75and protects hand and fingers. Thumb can be positioned under finger platform or, if severelyULTRApadded Grip OrthosesSizing: One size fits larger Wmn and most Men. adducted, rest on finger platform. Bend-to-fitare ultra-comfortable. Custom-fitMaximum width at MP joints: 41 4 ". Maximum length RESTING SPLINTSconstruction allows modification without heat orthese orthoses by bending thefrom longest fingertip to midpalm: 51 4 "+. tools, even at the difficult-to-fit thumb. Adjustablefoam-covered wire platform to#510327$82.75 eaCalifornia residents, see left page.for ulnar/radial deviation. Extra-long wrist strapaccommodate any wrist angle. maintains proper position while applying gentleUnique tabs at thumb web space position and stretch. Color-coded straps facilitate applicationstabilize hand. No thumb abduction. Self-padded and staff training. Antibacterial cover fabricterrycloth cover is removable and washable.Knee helps reduce odor. Extra cover included. FingerSave on inventorysplint fits left or right hand.p. 95Separator available separately (see below). Finger separator (included) can be removed if Sizing: Measure width of MP joints and length from wristnot required. Includes laundry bag. Turquoise. Elbow to fingertip. See chart below. p. 153#52378PALMAR RESTING HAND$97.00 ea#52376FINGER SEPARATOR$21.75 eaSpecify size and Left or Right.California residents, see left page.SIZEWIDTH OF WRIST-TO-FINGERTIP MP JOINTSLENGTHSUP TO 3"UP TO 6" 1 2 1 2 Adult with Finger M3"-3"6"-8" 1 1 Separator shownL3 2 "-4"8"-9 2 "For greater accommodationPDAC n Multipurpose orthoses for wrists, hands, and fingersAPPROVED Hand Wrist Finger OrthosesVersatile, multipurpose orthoses for wrists, hands, and fingers. Bend splint to adjust for a custom FAX800.437.2966fitno heat or tools required. Reinforced padded spine with no exposed edges. Adult version comes with or without removablePDAC pediFinger Separator that can be positioned as needed. TerryclothAPPROVED sizesn Allows ulnar/radial deviation cover included. Fits left or right.Deviation Hand OrthosesUnique swivelAdult sizing: One size.Pediatric sizing: S, Wrist to tip of middle finger: 21/2"-joint below wrist allows ulnar or radial deviation.31/2", Total length: 7", fits most up to age 4; M, Wrist to tip of middle finger:Splint adjusts 85 in each direction for deviation.3"-41/2", Total length: 8",fits most 4- to 9-year-olds; L, Wrist to tip of middle AliMed.com 800.225.2610Adjustable insert allows gradual extension offinger: 41/2"-6", Total length: 91/2",fits age 9 to small adult.fingers and wrist. Bend to adjust for a custom#510347ADULT (w/FINGER SEPARATOR, 2 COVERS)$85.75 eafitno heat or tools required. Reinforced#51710ADULT (w/o FINGER SEPARATOR, 1 COVER)$61.75 eapadded spine with no exposed edges. Includes#513423ADULT REPL. COVER$41.75 eatwo soft washable terrycloth covers. Fits left or right. pedi #51737 ADULT REPL. FINGER SEPARATOR$21.75 ea#510431*PEDIATRIC$91.00 eaAdult sizing: One size. Pediatric sizing:sizes #51759*PEDIATRIC REPL. COVER$42.75 eaS, Wrist to tip of middle finger: 21/2"- *Specify size. Cover color is specific to size (S: Purple, M: Turquoise, L:Removable Finger 31/2", Total length: 7", fits most up to age 4; M, Wrist toEmerald Green).Separator tip of middle finger: 3"-41/2", Total length: 8",fits mostFinger separator not available.(Adult only)4- to 9-year-olds; L, Wrist to tip of middle finger: 41/2"- California residents, see left page.6", Total length: 91/2",fits age 9 to small adult. Suggested code: L3807#510748ADULT (2 COVERS)$90.75 ea#78051*PEDIATRIC (2 COVERS)$113.00 ea*Specify size.Cover color is specific to size (S:AliMedoffers a full line of Comfy Splints and Purple, M: Turquoise, L: Emerald Green).other Lenjoy Medical Engineering products.California residents, see left page. Suggested code: L3807 Visit AliMed.com or call 800.225.2610 for details.137'