b'Ease wrist and finger spasticityn Positions wrist in 30 extension,WRIST AND HANDMP joints at approximately 80Deluxe Functional-Position SplintsClassic hand positioning for post-stroke patientsthumb in full opposition, wrist in 30 extension, and MP joints at approximately 80.Includes wrist straps that secure in a figure eight for firm, comfortable hold.Heat-adjustable thermoplasticSizing: Measure circumference of hand at the MP joints. XS, 51 4 "-6"; S, 61 2 "-71 4 "; M, 71 4 "-81 4 "; L, 81 4 "-91 4 ". SIZELEFTRIGHTQTYXS#5180#5181EAS#5182#5183 EAM#5184#5185EAL#5186#5187EAPREFORMED HAND SPLINTS n Positions wrist at approximately 10 flexionDeluxe Resting Pan Mitt Splints positionthe wrist at approximately 10 of flexion, allowing fingers to partially flex. Thumb is held in partial abduction. This position is comforting to many patients with wrist and finger spasticity. Straps not included (Strap Kit sold separately below). Heat-adjustable thermoplasticSizing: Measure the circumference of the hand at the MP joints. S, 61 2 "-71 4 "; M, 71 2 "-81 4 "; L, 81 2 "-91 4 ". SIZELEFTRIGHTQTYS#5812#5817EAM#5813#5818EAL#5814#5819EA#51-101STRAP KIT KIT* Specify size and Left or Right. n Controls spasticity and toneBall Splints use a reflex-inhibiting position to control spasticity and tone. Adjustable thermoplastic. Straps included.FAX800.437.2966Heat-adjustable thermoplasticSizing: Measure circumference of hand at MP joints. S, 61 2 -71 4 ; M, 71 2 -81 4 ; L, 81 2 -91 4 .#5375SM.LEFT EA#5378SM.RIGHT EA#5376MED.LEFT EA#5379MED.RIGHT EA AliMed.com 866.936.2987#5377LG.LEFT EA#5388LG.RIGHT EAArtificial lambs woolAliFleece High-pile artificial lambs wool lines splints, covers bed and chair surfaces, and relieves pressure. Helps prevent skin breakdown and increases patient comfort. Choose Standard or Hook-Sensitive Backing for easy attachment to splints.Hook- Standard100% polyesterMachine-washable and dryer-safeStandard Backing: 36"WSensitive Backingx 60"L sheetHook-Sensitive Backing: 18"W x 48"L sheet#4369STANDARD BACKINGSH#4028HOOK-SENSITIVE BACKINGSHLOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com 137'