b'Stirrup Ankle Braces FOOT AND ANKLEChoose T-Foam , All-Air, or Gel/Air LinerpedisizesT-Foam Liner Gel/Air LinerAll-Air LinernOver lapping aircellsAir-Stirrup Ankle BracesAnatomicallyAnkle BracesAnatomically designed shells incorporate two preinflated, shaped shell attaches and removes STIRRUP ANKLE BRACESoverlapping aircells that support and producein seconds with included hook-graduated compression during ambulation.and-loop straps. Fits in sport or dress shoes. Three available liners: Standard and Training models include patientcloth-laminated, breathable T-Foam liner guide. Pediatric model fits children 2-6 years oldmolds precisely to wearer and offers maximum and is ideal for treating acute and chronic anklecushioned comfort; Gel/Air combination liner instability.conforms best to reduce edema; and All-AirSTANDARD (10 12 "H) liner offers secure-yet-lightweight support. Fits #62133RIGHT EA most adults. Fits left or right.#62132LEFT EA #62837T-FOAM EA TRAINING (9"H) #62849GEL/AIR EA#62134RIGHT EA #63137ALL-AIREA#62135LEFT EA Additional shipping charges may apply.PEDIATRIC (6"H)#63198*PEDI EA*Specify Left or Right. Chill GelFAX800.437.2966Pad nInflatable arch n 60 ankle stabilizers prevent rollover n Delivers cryotherapyAliMed.com 866.936.2987AirLift PTTD Braces treat posterior tibialA60 Ankle StabilizersBilateral 60 ankleGel Ankle BracesRemovable gel pads protect tendon dysfunction (PTTD) or early signs andstabilizers guard against ankle sprains and preventmalleoli and can be chilled for cold therapy. Lace-symptoms of adult-acquired flat foot. Inflatablerollover. Breathable fabric keeps wearer cool andlock secures brace in shoe and adds stability. aircell under arch adjusts with included hand bulb.dry. Applied with a single strap that securely holdsHook-and-loop closure. One size.Bilateral, semirigid shells for ankle support andbrace. #6969LEFT EAstabilization. Rear entry and simple two-strapSizing: S, Wmns up to 81 2 , Mens up to 7; M, Wmns 9-13,#6968RIGHT EAapplication. Mens 71 2 -111 2 ; L, Wmns 131 2 +, Mens 12+.Sizing: S, Wmns up to 81 2 , Mens up to 7; M, Wmns#64916ANKLE STABILIZER EA 9-121 2 , Mens 71 2 -11; L, Wmns 13+, Mens 111 2 +. Specify size and Left or Right. #64971PTTD BRACE EASpecify size and Left or Right. MORE ANKLE BRACESPP. 64, 65LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com 63'