b'AliMed Fracture Bracing FRACTURE BRACINGTibial FractureTibial Fracture Orthoses (Standard)Orthoses (TFO-PTB) (TFO) with Shoe Insert forwith Shoe Insert for diaphyseal fractures of tibiadiaphyseal fractures of tibia and Ulnar Fracture Orthoses (UFO) provideand fibula. Two-part anterior/ fibula. Extended anterior shell support for diaphyseal ulnar fractures, afterposterior shell enables fullcovers patella (Sarmiento PTB removal of internal or external fixation, or as anmotion of ankle and kneedesign) and offers additional adjunct to internal fixation. Two-part dorsal/volarjoints to help prevent stiffness.medial/lateral support. Two-part Complete with double-axisshell enables full motion of design for increased circumferential compression.shoe insert for suspensionankle and knee joints to help Allows full elbow and wrist ROM. Includes twoand medial/lateral support.prevent stiffness. Complete stockinette sleeves. Includes two stockinettes.with double-axis shoe insert and 18 "-thick foam padding 18 "-thick foam padding medial/lateral support. Includes Sizing: Measure circumference at largest part of forearm. two stockinettes.S, 8"-11"; M, 91 2 "-121 2 "; L, 11"-14". Sizing: Measure 1circumference at8 "-thick foam padding#51310$63.00 ea largest part of calf.Sizing: Measure circumference FRACTURE BRACING ALIMEDSpecify size and Left or Right. at largest part of calf. California residents, see left page. #62910$153.00 ea #62909$191.75 eaSpecify size and Left or Right.Specify size and Left or Right.California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. LENGTH OF BRACELENGTH OF BRACE SIZECIRC.SIZECIRC.S12"-14"161 2 "-181 2 "Wrist-Hand-Thumb M14"-161 2 " 171 2 "-191 2 " S12"-14"161 2 "-181 2 " L 161 2 "-19" 191 2 "-211 2 " M14"-161 2 " 171 2 "-191 2 "M, LONG14"-161 2 "201 2 "-221 2 "L 161 2 "-19" 191 2 "-211 2 "Wrist-Hand 1 2L, LONG16"-19"22"-24"n RadiolucentWrist-Hand-Thumb PlastiCastsAcromium reliefHumeral Fracture for rigid wrist/thumb immobilization withfor greaterOrthoses (HFO)full-finger ROM. Both models are made withcomfort in semirigid poly ethylene shell with a18 "-thickabduction for diaphyseal humeral thermo-bonded, closed-cell polyethylene foamHumeralfractures, support after interior. Hook-and-loop c losures. Ventilated.Fractureremoval of internal Hypoallergenic. Water-resistant. ModifyOrthoses (Over or external fixation, with scissors and heat gun. Wrist-Handthe Shoulder)or as an adjunct to PlastiCasts immobilize wrist while allowing full(HFO-OS) forinternal fixation. FAX800.437.2966finger/thumb ROM. Includes two stockinettes. diaphyseal humeralTwo-part anterior/1 fractures, supportposterior design Shell: Semirigid polyethyleneInterior:8 " thermo- after removalallows greater bonded, closed-cell polyethylene foamof internal orcircumferential Sizing: Measure wrist and forearm circumference. external fixation,compression See chart below. or as an adjunct toand adjusts #510272WRIST-HAND-THUMB$64.00 ea internal fixation. Two-part medial/lateral increasesto volumetric#510271WRIST-HAND$55.75 ea circumferential compression. Plastic deltoidchanges during healing. Full elbow and shoulder AliMed.com 800.225.2610Specify size and Left or Right. extension adds protection and helps preventROM. Trim with scissors. Hook-and-loop strap-California residents, see left page. distal migration. Full elbow ROM. Includes twoping. Modify with heat gun. Internal AliPlast pad-stockinettes. Fits left or right. ding. Includes two stockinettes. Fits left or right.CIRC. 18 "-thick foam padding 18 "-thick foam paddingSIZEMP DIAMETERWRISTFOREARM Sizing: Measure circumference at largest part of biceps. Sizing: Measure circumference at largest part of biceps.S23 4 "-31 4 "7"-8"8"-10" #51312$77.75 ea #51311$63.00 eaM31 4 "-33 4 "8"-9"10"-12" Specify size. California residents, see left page. Specify size. California residents, see left page.L 33 4 "-4"9"-10"12"-14"LATERAL LENGTH LATERAL LENGTHSIZE CIRC. MEDIAL LENGTH SIZE CIRC. MEDIAL LENGTHCotton Stockinettes 5 7 3S8"-11"516 "98 "S8"-11"4 4 "6" p. 215 M11"-14"55 8 "103 4 "M11"-14"51 4 "63 4 " L12"-15"61 2 "113 4 "L12"-15"65 8 "127 8 " XL14"-17"65 8 "127 8 "XL14"-17"71 8 "135 8 "99'