b'Finger Splints and Protectors WRIST AND HANDPremium finger fracture splints.Metal edges have been buffed smooth, lined,and padded with foam.nFor distal phalanx fracturesBaseball Splints stabilize distal phalanx fractures. Protect fingertips. n Support any finger Sizing: Measure length of nger from tip tovolar or dorsal surfacemetacarpal head on palmar surface. #5409334"L 12/PK Universal Digit Splints with bendableBendable aluminum stayWhite#5410414"L 12/PK aluminum nger strip. Fits any nger. Apply#5398UNIVERSAL DIGIT SPLINT EA#5411434"L 12/PK to volar or dorsal surface. One size.nEasily cut and contoured to shape n Complete fingertip protectionFINGER SPLINTS AND PROTECTORSFinger StripsImmobilize Finger Cots comfortably immobilize injured fractured ngers.finger. Protects fingertip and distal fingernail edge. Adjusts to accommodate edema. Straps 18"L included. #5400"W12/PK Sizing: Measure from proximal finger crease to the distal #540134"W12/PK tip of the finger. S, 214"-234"; M, 234"-31 8 "; L, 31 8 "-312";#54021"W 12/PK XL, 312"-37 8 ".#51-152FINGER COT EA n Align DIP or PIP Specify size. Finger Cots align nger after fracture of distal orn Variable extension and compressionmiddle p halanx. Length indicatesFinger Hugger offers dynamic or static finger Cot size when folded.extension support with adjustable compression. #54151"L 12/PK Use on DIP and PIP joints, entire finger, or thumb. #5416214"L 12/PK#54173"L 12/PK Ventilated fabricPadded baseSizing: PIP, measure on volar surface from MP crease toMore Finger FractureDIP crease; DIP, measure on volar surface from PIP crease to mid-distal phalanx; Total finger, measure on volar surface from MP crease to mid-distal phalanx; Thumb, Splintsp. 95 measure proximal crease to thumb tip.SIZELENGTHSIZELENGTHXS (AA)1" L(C)3"#510252FINGER HUGGER EA S(A)2" XL (D)3"Specify size.M(B)2"nAbsorbs pressure and friction Taping alternativeFAX800.437.2966Visco-GEL All-Gel Digit Caps cushion and protect nailbed injuries, dry cracked cuticles, and partiallyn Reusable taping alternativeamputated fingers. Vent tip allows1"skin to breathe.Buddy Loop Tape alternative. Reusable #52731S/M10/PK washable wraps can quickly and easily secure twoAliMed.com 866.936.2987#52732L/XL 10/PK or more fingers together. Not made with natural34 "#52733XXL 10/PK rubber latex.12 "Washable#51886"W5/PK#52318"W50/PKn Mineral oil softens skin #5247634"W 5/PK #518881"W 5/PKVisco-GEL Fabric-Covered#5247734"W50/PK #523191"W50/PKFinger ProtectorsSoft, fabric-covered cap protects and soothesn Trim to sizecracked fingers. Absorbs pressure and friction while releasing mineralBuddy StrapsComfortable hook-and-loop oil to soften and moisturize skin.closure. Trim with scissors for proper fit. #52723S 6/PK #56475 8 "W 10/PK#52724L6/PK #56481"W 10/PK#52725XL6/PKLOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com 99'