b'Tennis/Golfer\'s Elbow StrapsSHOULDER AND ELBOWn Reinforced strap n Pneumatic air-filled cell n No tourniquet effect; allows normal Tennis Elbow StrapsReinf orced, paddedTennis Elbow StrapsPneumat ic, air-filled blood flowTENNIS/GOLFER\'S ELBOW STRAPSstraps mold to forearm shape. Hook-and-loopcell. Hook-and-loop closure. Maximum forearmBandIT exerts gentle pressure on extensor, closure. Fits left or right.supinator, and flexor muscles to dampen vibration. circum fer ence 15". One size. Fits left or right. Sizing: Measure largest aspect of forearm circumference.Black One size. Fits left or right. ITEM #SIZECIRCUMFERENCEQTY #51-058TENNIS ELBOW STRAP EA #510263BANDITEA#5623S9"-101/2"EA #510264BANDIT12/CS#5625M101/2"-12"EA#5627L12"-131/2"EAPositioned ErgoBeadson forearmPressure PadBeigeBlackFAX800.437.2966nFreeze pouch for cooling relief n Pivoting five-point targetedn Foam paddingIMAK RSI Tennis Elbow Bands withcompression FREEDOM comfort Tennis ElbowAliMed.com 866.936.2987removable ErgoBeads Pressure Pad. FreezeEpiPoint Elbow StrapsPivoting viscoelasticStraps offer compression to help relieve pouch for cooling relief. Cushioning foam andfive-point pad exerts exact compression ontennis elbow. Foam pad is applied over medial or cotton lining create breathable padded support.muscle-tendon junction to change the pull onlateral side of elbow. Fits left or right. Not made One size. Fits left or right. Not made with naturalthe bone tendon attachment site of the radial orwith natural rubber latex.rubber latex. ulnar muscles. Integrated elastic band with D-ringSizing: Measure largest aspect of forearm circumference. #77848TENNIS ELBOW BAND EA fastener features red warning section to preventFits forearms measuring 9"-16".over-tightening. One size. Fits left or right.#77786BEIGE EABand circumference: 83/4"-13" #77496BLACK EA#67057ELBOW STRAP EA LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com 145'