b'Cost-effective Custom SplintingAliMed offers everything you need to easily and affordably fabricate custom splintsMultiform Details, p. 192Materials: At significantly lower prices than other premium splinting materials, AliMed Multiform can save clinics thousands of dollars annually. It uses the same raw materials as other leading brandsthe big difference is direct-to-you prices.Also available: Orthoplast, Ezeform, Polyflex, and Polyform p. 192Strapping: Check out our wide selection of strapping materials.AliStrap Soft Beta Pile IIHook-and-Loop StrappingStrong but soft for at-risk skin Skin-safe padded comfort Strong and securep. 203 pp. 204, 205 p. 202Tools and Accessories: For all your custom splinting needs!Padding pp. 208-211Adhesives p. 200Tools p. 200Accessories p. 207145'