b'Post-Op Knee OrthosesKNEE, HIP, AND THIGHQuick, post-op immobilizationn Static lock for immobilization orstatic progressive stretch Easy-OnFlex Cuff RespondKnee BracesKnee Braces forAdjustable instability and contracturesextension/associated with jointflexion stop injuries. Breathable one- with range of 0 to 120 piece liner wicks moisturein 5 increments. Adjust away. Adjustable strapswithout tools. Simply rotate accommodate edema ROMcover to expose stop pins hinges 0 to 90 in 10 and reposition as required.Stop increments with flexion/ Cushion cuffs are thick,pins extension stop settingsself-padded, washableno toolsand static lock-pin forfabric with hook-and-loop immobilization, or staticfasteners. All joints have progressive stretch. fully cushion ed protectors.Easy-to-adjust jointFits left or right. Bilateral uprights. Includes POST-OP KNEE ORTHOSESremovable padded patella Sizing: Measure mid-thighstrap. Fits left or right.circumference. S, 11"-15";M, 15"-19"; L, 19"-23"; XL, 23"-30".Sizing: Measure circumference 6" above #62934$215.75 ea kneecap. S, 13"-17"; M, 171 2 "-20"; L 201 2 "-23".Specify size. #62415$185.75 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. PDAC Specify size. Suggested code: L1832 APPROVED California residents, see left page.nSwing Assist allows normal pedisizesheel/toe foot placementnFree or set ROM ornOne size fits allSport Rehabilitator Kneelock in full extension reduce inventoryBracesTreat knee injuries including acute, chronic, andPost-Operative Pin Universal POP Knee post-operative conditions, as(POP) Knee Braces forBracesPush-button well as various instabilities.postoperative immobilizationtelescoping hinge arms Brace offers superior supportand protected range of motionadjust in length from 17" and stability to the knee as wellassociated with ACL, PCL,to 24" in12 " increments. as the ability to re-establish aMCL, and LCL surgeries.Flexion/extension adjusts normal gait pattern, enhancingLightweight pin hinge iswithout use of pins or tools the rehabilitation processadjustable from 0 to 120in 10 increments with pull-of the knee through a morein 7 12increments, and canand-position knobs from functional neuromuscularPDAC allow free ROM or lock in full0 to 120 flexion and 0 re-education approach. FeaturesAPPROVED extension. Available in Longto 60 extension. Indicated FAX800.437.2966include an air bladder system forand Short lengths, with Full orfor ACL, PCL, MCL, and medial, lateral, and rotational support of the kneeCool liner. Long brace featuresLCL injuries; meniscal and a patented Swing Assist to enhance gait bybreakaway capabilities for easyrepairs; patella tendon repairs; facilitating normal heel/toe foot placement andconversion to Short lengthcondylar fractures; sprains/improve quadriceps firing to strengthen musclesfor long-term rehabilitation.strains of the knee; and total over time. ROM hinge allows for precise control ofBreakaway length is 10" onknees. Choose Full liner orextension and flexion if needed. May be combinedLong models. Fits left and right. Cool linerlined under the AliMed.com 800.225.2610with the Elite Rehabilitator AFO (see p. 64) forSizing: Pediatric: Max. thighLong Coolthigh and calf straps only.Cool model total lower extremity hemiplegic gait corrections. circumference 18"; max. calfmodel shown Fits left or right. shownSizing: Measure circumference 41 2 " above and 4" belowcircumference 131 2 ". Short and PDAC Sizing: One size fits all.midpatella. See chart below. Long: Max. thigh circumference 27", APPROVED Max. thigh circumference: 27";max. calf circumference 19". max. calf circumference: 19".#66576$550.00 eaSpecify size and Left or Right. POP BRACESIZELENGTH#66457$207.00 eaCalifornia residents, see left page.#64976PEDIATRIC13" (33 cm) Specify Full or Cool liner. Suggested code: L1845 California residents, see left page. SIZETHIGH CIRC.CALF CIRC. #62953SHORT FULL16" (40.6 cm)#62954SHORT COOL16" (40.6 cm)XS13"-16"9"-12" #62955LONG FULL221 2 " (57.2 cm)S16"-19"12"-15" #62956LONG COOL221 2 " (57.2 cm) For added compression M19"-22"15"-17" $143.00 ea and support, use with a L22"-25"17"-20" California residents, see left page. Seamless Knee SleeveXL25"-28"20"-23" Suggested code: L1832 Details, p. 94XXL28"-32"23"-26"91'