b'Finger Splints WRIST AND HAND Reduce pressure at the base of fingersFINGER SPLINTSnAllows freedom of movement nSoft gel pad protects metacarpal headsTrigger Finger Solution (TFS)Frequent grasping or contact with aVisco-GEL Palm and Thumb ProtectorsSoft N Stretch fabric sleeve particular object can cause fat pad atrophy at base of finger. TFS helps reduceholds soft gel pad that protects metacarpal heads. Low-profile design fits pressure in this area, allowing daily activities to resume while fat pad heals.under splints and braces. For "trigger finger" or MP/CMC pain.Repetitive contact with padded sleeve also helps identify the activity causingSizing: S fits most Wmn, smaller Men; L fits larger Wmn, most Men.the problem, so an alternative method can be adopted. Can be worn on any finger with complete freedom of movement.#52721S EABlended neoprene rubber and nylon fabric #52722L EASizing: Measure circumference between base of finger and PIP joint. XS, 134"-214"; S, 214"-212"; M, 212"-234"; L, 234"-3"; XL, 3"-33 8 ".#52373 TRIGGER FINGER SOLUTION EASpecify size. Shop the eCatalog!Shop the eCatalog!The same FAX800.437.2966 comparison-style shopping you love with the ease of 866.936.2987AliMed.com online orderingAliMed.com/ecatalogJoin our email list for the latest catalogs, product promos, and more! AliMed.com/signup96 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'