b'PEDIATRIC ORTHOSESn Adjustable hinges nV-shaped shock-absorbing tibial padn Corrects patellar malalignment with FREEDOM Pediatric Premium KneeFREEDOM Pediatric Osgood-Schlatterpull straps Braces combine the support of a kneeKnee Braces are designed to provide reliefFREEDOM Pediatric Patella Stabilizers sleeve with an adjustable wraparound top tofrom patellar tendonitis as well as Osgood- with J ButtressRecommended for accommodate wider legs and thighs. AdjustableSchlatter syndrome. Concentrated compression iscorrection of patellar malalignment. Also provides covered stainless steel hinges with hyper- provided below the kneecap and over the patellarsupport and compression for a wide range of KNEE AND ANKLE SUPPORTSextension stops allow anterior/posterior adjust- tendon where pain relief is needed.14 " V-shapedpatellofemoral disorders. Flexible spiral stays for ment for proper alignment. Recommended forshock-absorbing pad protects tibial tuberosity.medial and lateral support. Constructed with a ACL/PCL injuries, as well as medial and lateralUpper and lower circumferential straps; lowertubular J-pad buttress for correction of patellar conditions involving instability, the brace is openedstrap over tibial tuberosity applies pressure whenalignment and adjustable pull straps above and both in the patella and the popliteal for betterneeded. Fits left or right. below patella. Patellar opening for proper positioning and added comfort. Upper and lower18 "-thick double-sided neoprene with nylon coverBlack positioning and added comfort. circumferential straps; removable/adjustableSizing: Measure around circumference of knee with 18 "-thick double-sided neoprene with nylon coverBlackmedial and lateral stays. Fits left or right. leg extended. XS, 6"-7"; S, 7"-8"; M, 8"-9"; L, 9"-10";316 "-thick double-sided neoprene with nylon coverBlack XL, 10"-11"; XXL, 11"-12". Sizing: Measure around circumference of knee withleg extended. XS, 6"-7; S, 7"-8"; M, 8"-9"; L, 9"-10";Sizing: Measure around circumference of knee with #66628OSGOOD-SCHLATTER KNEE BRACEEA XL, 10"-11"; XXL, 11"-12".leg extended. XS, 6"-7"; S, 7"-8"; M, 8"-9"; L, 9"-10"; Specify size.#66629PATELLA STABILIZER w/J BUTTRESSEAXL, 10"-11"; XXL, 11"-12". Specify size and Left or Right. #66630PREMIUM KNEE BRACEEASpecify size. FAX800.437.2966n One size fits most nLigament injuries, patellar pain, andnStability without restricting dorsi- or FREEDOM Pediatric Universaljoint instability plantarflexion Wraparound Knee Braces deliverFREEDOM Pediatric WraparoundFREEDOM Pediatric Ankle SupportsAliMed.com 866.936.2987superior knee support while providing medial Knee Braces provide child-sized support forare designed to offer proper support for and lateral stability. Recommended for patellarknee injuries, including ACL/PCL sprains, patellarsmaller ankles. Ideal for lateral/medial ligament tracking conditions. Made of flexible, double-sided,pain, medial/lateral ligament instabilities, andsprains, protective and post-operative support, nylon-covered neoprene that supports andpatellar tendonitis. Large popliteal opening ensuresand long-term management. Made of flexible, provides therapeutic warmth and compression.proper placement and patient comfort. Hingeddouble-sided, nylon-covered neoprene that Antislip rubber layer keeps brace in place. Patellarwith hyperextension lock. Upper and lowersupports and provides therapeutic warmth and buttress with adjustable dynamic pull-straps thatcircumferential adjustable straps. Two additionalcompression. Non-stretch medial and lateral guide knee into proper alignment. One size fitsadjustable hook-and-loop straps with easy openadjustable hook-and-loop stabilization straps offer most. Fits left or right.pull tabs provide compression. Fits left or right. superior fit and allow both dorsiflexion and plantar 18 "-thick double-sided neoprene with nylon coverBlack 18 "-thick double-sided neoprene with nylon coverBlack flexion. Fits left or right.#66631UNIVERSAL WRAPAROUND BRACEEA Sizing: Measure around circumference of knee with 116 "-thick double-sided neoprene with heavyweight leg extended. XS, 6"-7"; S, 7"-8"; M, 8"-9"; L, 9"-10"; perforated nylon coverBlackXL, 10"-11"; XXL, 11"-12". Sizing: Order by childs shoe size. 3XS, 2-31 2 ; XXS, 31 2 -5; #66627WRAPAROUND KNEE BRACEEA XS, 5-6.Specify size.#66626ANKLE SUPPORTEASpecify size. LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com 169'