b'Cast Dust VacuumsGrinders MATERIALS AND TOOLSnExtraction system maximizes dust collectionDeSoutter CC5A Low-Voltage Cast Saw with Extraction Systems include 120V plug (CSA), cast saw, power supply, hose kit and extractor. The extractor has a four-stage filtration system consisting of an easy-to-change Hepaflow synthetic collection bag, two cloth filters, and a micro filter (retains 99.997% of all dustn Larger drum guard and sanding sleeveparticles 0.5 microns). Replacement Disposable Collection Bags sold separately. High and lowSani-Grinder Model 704For shaping, suction settings. Rubber motor mounts for quietergrinding, and polishing orthotic appliances. operation and reduced vibration.Low speed allows for shaping and reduction of Extractor: Dust bag capacity 7.5 litersSupply voltageplastics, foams, and leather, while high speed 100-120 VACMax motor power 1 kWFrequency 50-60 Hzprovides polishing and faster reduction ofSuction 2,500 water gauge mmNoise level 58 dB(A)#713007CAST SAW SYSTEMEA orthotic appliances, as well as podiatric and other CAST DUST VACUUMSGRINDERSFiltration 99.997% 0.5 micronsCC5: Length 13 116 "#713017DISPOSABLE BAG10/PK materials. The integral rear-suction filter bag isVoltage 120 VACOscillating speed 1,400 CPMNoiseAdditional shipping charges may apply.easily removed and emptied with the aid of an level 70 dB(A)Weight: 2.9 lbs. encased zipper. 2612"W x 16"L x 912"HSanding surface has a 4" face Drum diameter: 3"Powerful two-speed 14-hp motor runs at 1,725 or 3,450 rpm115V60 cycle3.3 amps n Eliminates use of messy bags50 lbs.#7626SANI-GRINDER MODEL 704EAM-PACT Portable Cast Dust VacuumsABRASIVE DRUM SLEEVES FOR MODEL 704, 4" x 3"include one disposable filter cartridge, 6\'L x 114"I.D. hose, six hose straps, storage caps for filter, nozzle,#7614MED., 60 GRIT, BROWN6/PKand bracket for cast cutter and manual. Works with#7615COARSE, 40 GRIT, BLACK6/PKM-PACT American Orthopedic Cast Cutter ( #7158 , p.#72902REPLACEMENT BAGEA191) and Zimmer #8909-01. ABRASIVE DRUM SLEEVES FOR MODEL 700, 3" x 3"712"W x 1912"L x 934"H115V50-60 Hz8.5 amps10 lbs. #7610MED., 60 GRIT, BROWN6/PK#7159VACUUMEA #7611COARSE, 40 GRIT, BLACK6/PK#7104REPL. CARTRIDGE, 2 lbsEA #72902REPLACEMENT BAGEAAdditional shipping charges may apply. Models#72629and#7159adapt for use with Stryker #840 and #940 with nozzle adapter(available by special order) .Call 800.225.2610 x103n Easy movement FAX800.437.2966room to roomEssential cast spreaders and breakersAmerican Orthopedic Cast Dust VacuumsLightweight, mobile wheeled vacuum includes one disposable filter 866.936.2987AliMed.com cartridge, 10\'L x 1 34 " I.D. hose, 6 hose/cord straps, vacuum nozzle adapter, M-PACT Ofce Cast SpreadersSpring- Zip Stick Cast Removal AidsProtect patientand owners manual. loaded handle for one-handed use. Polished stain- during cast removal. Offers smooth path underCan be maneuvered less steel. Integral safety blade depth-stop. 9"L. cast for scissors or cast saw. Standard and metriceasily from room to #7634OFFICE CAST SPREADEREA display. 19"L. room for fast, efficient #41000CAST REMOVAL AIDEA cleaning. Turn saw and vacuum on simultaneously with remote on/off switch. Works with M-PACT American Orthopedic Cast Cutter ( #7158 , p. 191) and Zimmer Wolf-Boehler Cast BreakersDeep serrations. #8909-01. 9 34 "L15-mm wide blades 15"W x 23"L x 23 12 "H115V50-60 Hz8.5 amps25 lbs.#98CAS9-2CAST BREAKEREA #72629VACUUMEA#72630REPLACEMENT FILTEREAAdditional shipping charges may apply. 190 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'