b'1.Reduces sunken2.Stabilizes your foot archesSupportsstepHeel ring with FOOT AND ANKLEthe longitudinal arch,slight cup shape reducing heel pain andstabilizes your step returning foot to aand reduces further natural position irritation in painful area1 23.Relieves pain in4 4.Absorbs impact, relieves sensitive areasFan- 3 pressureNotch shaped extension ofand soft cushioning the notch relieves thein heel absorb Contoured TPR (thermoplastic rubber)impact and help nsensitive fascia and gel cushioning tissue layer relieve pressure for Total Support GEL Insoles are contouredrapid pain reliefto support the arch and cradle the heel forUltra-thin, greater support and comfort. TPR combineslow-profile design superior cushioning and energy for ultimatefits in many shoe stylesGEL/FOAM INSOLEScomfort. Metatarsal arch support relieves pressure from the ball of foot. Top cloth with Silpure Antimicrobial helps eliminate odor-causing bacteria and reduces friction. 3-POD CushioningnTear-shaped notch absorbs impact and helps relieve heel pressureSystem absorbs impact at heel strike.Sizing: Size 0, Wmns 3-4; Size 1, Wmns 5-6; Size 2,ErgoPad redux heel 2 Insoles reduce SIZEWMSLIMWIDEWmns 7-8, Mens 6-7; Size 3, Wmns 9-10, Mens 8-9; acute heel pain while combating the causes3765#37754050000037 Size 4, Wmns 11-12, Mens 10-11; Size 5, Mens 12-13;of pain. Tear-shaped notch in the core under3861 251 2 #37754050000038#37753050000038Size 6, Mens 14-15. the heel absorbs impact and helps relieve1 1397 26 2 #37754050000039#37753050000039#66960$21.00 pr pressure. Polyurethane (PU) foam coating provides additional cushioning for the feet when4087#37754050000040#37753050000040Specify size. California residents, see left page. walking or running. Supports the longitudinal and4198#37754050000041#37753050000041transverse arches, returning the foot to a natural4291 281 2 #37754050000042#37753050000042position and preventing inappropriate mechanical43101 291 2 #37753050000043stress on the heel bone. Sensorimotor spots441110#37753050000044incorporated into the PU surface stimulate451211#37753050000045muscles while supporting foot arches. Durable,461312#37753050000046ViscoPed withlow-profile design for use in most casual and47131 2 121 2 #37753050000047raised met pad sports footwear. Grinds easily and bonds well48141 2 131 2 #37753050000048using adhesives, or can be partially or completely$49.75 pr$49.75 prthermo-molded. Available in Slim or Wide sizes. California residents, see left page.Sizing: Determined by shoe size. Slim fits most Women, Wide fits most Men.n Soft pads in met head and heel areasViscoPed and ViscoPedConforms to bony FAX800.437.2966S InsolesFull-length, dual- prominences for density, viscoelastic siliconemaximum comfortprovides superior shock absorption and cushioning for entire foot, helping to relieve plantar pressure pain and correct misalignmentsAliMed.com 800.225.2610of forefoot and toes. SpecialViscoPed S withn Combines arch support with shock-absorbing gelsoft pads in metatarsal head extra cushioningand heel areas reduce loadViscoelastic AccommodatorInsoles WMNSMENSITEM #peaks and alleviate painful irritations. ViscoPedgive both shock absorption and support, a1has raised met pad and slightly contoured archcombination not available in most silicone or gel5-5 12 #60621support. ViscoPed S offers moderate contoured6-6 2 #60622inserts. -length insole combines proven shape of1 1arch support. the Accommodator (see p. 5) with shock- 7-7 12 5-5 12 #60623Sizing: Size 0, Wmns 5-6, Mens 31 2 -41 2 ; Size 1, Wmnsabsorbing viscoelastic gel. Indicated for post- 8-8 12 6-6 12 #6062461 2 -71 2 , Mens 5-6; Size 2, Wmns 8-9, Mens 61 2 -71 2 ; Size 3,surgical patients where fat pad atrophy is apparent,9-9 2 7-7 2 #60625Wmns 91 2 -101 2 , Mens 8-9; Size 4, Wmns 11-12, Mens 91 2 - 10-101 2 8-81 2 #60626101 2 ; Size 5, Wmns 121 2 -131 2 , Mens 11-12; Size 6, Wmnsdiagnoses such as plantar fasciitis or pes planus,11-111 2 9-91 2#6062714-151 2 , Mens 121 2 -14. and where extra shock absorption and support are1needed. Moderate longitudinal arch reduces12+10-10 2#60628#63003*VISCOPED$69.00 pr midfoot strain. Viscoelastic gel conforms to bony11-111 2#60629#61072VISCOPED S$50.50 pr prominences for maximum comfort. Not suitable12+#60630Specify size. *Not available in Size 0 or 6.for use during sports. Modify to fit special foot$41.75 prCalifornia residents, see left page. conditions or unusual lasts. California residents, see left page.9'