b'Gel and foam help reduce heel painFOOT AND ANKLEConforms to bony prominences for maximum comfortn Combines arch support with shock-absorbing gelCUSHIONED INSOLESViscoelastic AccommodatorInsoles WMNSMENSITEM #QTYgive both shock absorption and support, a5-51 2 #60621PRcombination not available in most silicone or gel6-61 2 #60622PRinserts. -length insole combines proven shape n Softer, multi-density silicone7-71 2 5-51 2 #60623PRof the Accommodator(see p. 7) with shock- 1 1Softzone Full-Length Insoles are softer,absorbing viscoelastic gel. Indicated for post- 8-8 12 6-6 12 #60624PRmulti-density silicone insoles designed to absorbsurgical patients where fat pad atrophy is9-9 2 7-7 2 #60625PRshock under high-pressure areas while supportingapparent, diagnoses such as plantar fasciitis or10-101 2 8-81 2 #60626PRthe rest of the foot. Provides relief for heel, arch,pes planus, and where extra shock absorption11-111 2 9-91 2#60627PRand forefoot problems. Multiple vents enhance airand support are needed. Moderate longitudinal12+10-101 2#60628PRcirculation. Ideal as a replacement for shoes witharch reduces midfoot strain. Viscoelastic gel11-111 2#60629PRremovable insoles. Latex-free and hypoallergenic. conforms to bony prominences for maximum12+#60630PRSizing: S, Wmns 61/2-8, Mens 5-61/2; M, Wmns 9-11, Menscomfort. Not suitable for use during sports. 7-91/2; L, Wmns 111/2-12, Mens 10-12; XL, Mens 121/2. Modify to fit special foot conditions or unusual #66900S PR lasts.#66901M PR#66902L PR#66903XL PRFAX800.437.2966Shop direct fromour eCatalogs anytime, anywhere! AliMed.com 866.936.2987ViscoPed S with extra cushioning ViscoPed with raised met padn Soft pads in met head and heel areasViscoPed and ViscoPed S InsolesFull-SIZEWMNSMENSVISCOPED VISCOPED S QTYlength, dual-density, viscoelastic silicone provides05-631 2 -41 2 #61072PRsuperior shock absorption and cushioning for entire161 2 -71 2 5-6#63003#61072PRfoot, helping to relieve plantar pressure pain and1 128-96 2 -7 2 #63003#61072PRcorrect misalignments of forefoot and toes. Special1 1soft pads in metatarsal head and heel areas reduce39 2 -10 2 8-9 #63003#61072PRload peaks and alleviate painful irritations. ViscoPed411-1291 2 -101 2 #63003#61072PRhas raised met pad and slightly contoured arch5121 2 -131 2 11-12#63003#61072PRAliMed.com/ecatalog support. ViscoPed S offers moderate contoured614-151 2 121 2 -14#61072PR arch support. Specify size.LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com 9'