b'Heel Suspension Boots FOOT AND ANKLEFacilitates bed mobility and offloads heel pressureConvoluted Foam Heel Protector Open heelas low asn$ 46. eaLow-friction fabric cover reduces00sweating and friction burnsFoam Pressure Relieving Heel Protectors offload the heel for decubitus ulcer protection.OptionalHeel insert covered with low-friction fabric forAnti-Rotation Barreduction of sweating and friction burns. Two soft,slides into pocketcomfortable cozy cloth tie straps. Multiple ventilation HEEL SUSPENSION BOOTSholes for cooling affect. Includes auxiliary foam pad for extending the length or height. Choose Smooth or Convoluted foam. One size. Fits left or right.#503400SMOOTH$38.00 ea#503450CONVOLUTED$40.00 eaCalifornia residents, see left page.n Contains Sanitized AG antimicrobial agentHeel-Up Foot Positioners cradle foot and ankle while suspending heel for pressure relief. Foam cushioning protects calf, shin, malleoli, and forefoot areas. Distal end of calf pad is tapered to protect fragile Achilles area. Heel window allows air circulation and easy inspection. Skin-friendly micros uede interior contains Sanitized AG antimicrobial agent. Low-friction nylon exterior facilitates bed mobility and slides easily on bed linens to help maintain proper position. Water-resistant fabric is durable and machine-washable. Fits left or right. Optional Anti-Rotation Bar slides into pocket on bottom of positioner to maintain foot in neutral rotation great for post-op total hip replacement patients.WIDTH CALFSIZEAT HEELCIRC.ITEM #EA ITEM #6/CS STANDARD4"UP TO 18"#65948$51.00 ea#6594806$276.00 cs ($46.00 ea)BARIATRIC5"UP TO 23"#65949$52.75 ea#6594906$283.00 cs ($47.17 ea)n Cooling gel insert ANTI-ROTATION BAR#65950$21.75 eaOriginal Heel-FloatHeel Protectors floatCalifornia residents, see left page.heel and help protect malleoli, foot, and lower leg while helping to prevent footdrop. Cooling gel insert. Cozy Cloth cover reduces shear and frictionPDACFAX800.437.2966on bed sheets. Cloth barrier between straps andAPPROVEDskin eliminate irritation at shin. Adjustable straps.nAvailable with footdropReusable, washable. Fits left or right. strap to aid in positioning#503034S$51.75 ea#503035M$52.75 ea Elevation BootsHeel is elevated by multiple #503036L/BARIATRIC$61.75 ea layers of Vento Air fabric (a three-layer laminatewith a soft hydrophilic fabric top and bottom) AliMed.com 800.225.2610California residents, see left page. underneath the calf. Readily wicks away moisture, while cushioning and promoting air circulation to help avoid skin maceration. Open heel promotes airflow and allows visualization of heel. SoftElevation nylon exterior slides smoothly over bedsheets.BootAdjustable straps are soft against skin. Available with Footdrop Strap to aid in positioning, and Offloading Boot that relieves pressure on calfShown with and ankle. Nonslip bottom. Fits left or right. NotFootdrop Strapn Promotes air circulation made with natural rubber latex. Heel and Ankle Premium Heel Guards alleviate heel pressure,Sizing: Measure calf circumference. S, 8"-12"; M, 13"-16";Offloading Bootpromote air circulation, dissipate heat. AdjustableL, 17"-20"; Bariatric, 20". Boot height: S, 7"; M, 8"; L, 9". foam elevation block suspends heel. SmoothELEVATION BOOTOFFLOADING BOOTouter lining reduces friction against bedsheets.#66512*ELEVATION BOOT$118.75 ea #66515*OFFLOADING BOOT$138.75 ea16"L x 11"H #66513*w/FOOTDROP STRAP$129.00 ea #66516BARIATRIC$163.75 ea#63389$63.00 ea #66514w/FOOTDROP STRAP, BARIATRIC$157.75 ea *Specify size. California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. Suggested code: A9283 55'