b'WRIST AND HANDLimit motion without limiting hand functionFREEDOM Thumb Spicas forde Quervains syndrome, MPTerrycloth liner wicks moisture and CMC arthritis, and repetitiveand releases heatmotion injuries. AliSoft shell is held by wide elastic straps. Strap placement makes it possible for a nonrigid shell to effectively restrict motion and offer support. Flexible enough to compensate for thumb volume changes. Terrycloth liner wicks moisture and doesnt trap heat. Adjust shell with scissors to ensure distal edge of thumb post doesntBeigeinterfere with IP joint motion.THUMB SPICASSizing: Measure circumference of hand at MP joints.S/M fits up to 734"; M/L fits 734".BEIGE BLACKSIZE#5782 #5482S/M, RIGHT#5783 #5483S/M, LEFT #5784#5484M/L, RIGHT Black#5785#5485M/L, LEFT$38.75 eaCalifornia residents, see left page.n Full thumb and wrist supportFREEDOM Wrist/Thumb Spicas have all the features of the Thumb Spica but also have a long thumb post and full support for the wrist. Use to restrict all wrist and thumb motion. Later, when IP joint motion can be allowed, simply trim with scissors. Use for sports injuries, collateral ligament support, carpal tunnel syndrome, de Quervains syndrome, and acute rheumatoid arthritis.Sizing: Measure circumference of hand at MP joints.S/M fits up to 734"; M/L fits 734".FAX800.437.2966#5832S/M, RIGHT$46.75 ea#5833S/M, LEFT$46.75 ea#5834M/L, RIGHT$46.75 ea#5835M/L, LEFT$46.75 ea Features long thumb and full wrist supportCalifornia residents, see left page. AliMed.com 800.225.2610n Gel insert helps with scar managementFREEDOM SoftGel Thumb Spicas combine the support of a thumb spica with mineral oil-infused gel to soothe and shape the surgical incision. Place18 " gel insert anywhere in the splint interior. Semirigid splint offers protection from trauma and is held in place by wide elastic straps for greater comfort. AliPlast shell consists of heat-moldable foam that can be spot-adjusted with a heat gun or easily trimmed with scissors. Place gel insert Sizing: Measure circumference of hand at MP joints. anywhere in splint to S/M fits up to 734"; M/L fits 734". help manage scars#51274$36.00 eaSpecify S/M or M/L, and Left or Right. California residents, see left page.121'