b'Grip-Fit Splints won\'t interfere WRIST AND HANDwith grasp for maximum functionCARPAL TUNNEL SUPPORTSn Neoprene for warmth and compressionFREEDOM CTS Neoprene Grip-FitWashableBlueSplints offer soothing warmth for arthritisSizing: Measure around wrist at smallest point.sufferers, cool workplace environments, or whenS, 5"-6"; M, 6"-634"; L, 634"-734"; XL, 734"-834".warmth is prescribed for relief of discomfort. n Encourages proper position Entire palmar surface is free of any stays or#5108GRIP-FIT SPLINT EAsupports, allowing freedom to firmly holdSpecify size and Left or Right.Wrist-Trainer GauntletsComfortable,anything. Dorsal stay limits extremes of motion lightweight wrist supports limit wrist motionand eliminates pressure on carpal tunnel. with minimal finger restriction. Proper graspingStretchable neoprene covered with nylon.techniques are developed and wrist stress is reduced. Gauntlet is non-rigid AliSoft material with a tough, scrubbable nylon liner and hook-and-loop wrist straps. 6"L. Sizing: Measure wrist circumference. S, 512"-614";M, 612"-714"; L, 714"-8".#5720WRIST-TRAINER GAUNTLET EASpecify size and Left or Right. FAX800.437.2966nAliDry for breathable, odor-free comfortFREEDOM CTS AliDry Grip-Fit SplintsCool, comfortable support for all- AliMed.com 866.936.2987day wear. AliDry allows air and moisture to pass through freely, reducing odor and perspiration. n Dorsal shell Great for sports, for users desiring a splint that wicks away moisture, or anyone who wants an Dorsal Carpal Tunnel Splints limit wristeasy-to-apply splint. Fits comfortably inside work flexion and extension during repetitive handgloves, and lightweight elastic interior allows easy motions. Breathable foam liner wicks moisture.slip-on application. Entire palmar surface is free of Narrow palmar roll supports hand only, leavingany stays or supports, allowing freedom to firmly fingers free to function. May be used as a wristhold anything. Dorsal stay limits extremes ofAliDry: Air and moisture pass through freelyextension support for weak or flaccid wrists. motion and eliminates pressure on carpal tunnel. Heat-moldable dorsal Kydex shellWashableBlackSizing: Measure width of palm. XS, 2"-212"; S, 212"-3"; Sizing: Measure around wrist at smallest point. M, 3"-312"; L, 312"-4"; XL, 4"-412". S, 5"-6"; M, 6"-634"; L, 634"-734"; XL, 734"-834".#51698DORSAL CARPAL TUNNEL SPLINT EA #51242GRIP-FIT SPLINT EASpecify size and Left or Right.Specify size and Left or Right. LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com 121'