b'AFOsKAFOs PEDIATRIC ORTHOSES 3-point xation replaces serial casting and corrective shoesWheaton TMSystem n For metatarsus adductussolves commonTEV-CRB Wheaton Braces (AFO) address all three aspects pediatric issues of congenital clubfoot: forefoot adductus-varus, hindfoot varus, Serial castings and corrective shoesand ankle equines. Helps correct forefoot adductus-varus are cumbersome, expensive, and time- using three-point fixation principle and sets ankle at 90 consuming. Wheaton Braces change that.(neutral), which is necessary to help prevent Achilles tendon Theyre clinically proven to be an effectivecontractures in children who have begun walking. Alleviates primary treatment for metatarsus adductushindfoot varus by holding heel securely in a neutral position. (MTA), congenital clubfoot (CTEV), and tibialUse day or night to maintain correction after casting or surgery torsion.* for clubfoot. Three-point fixation is the secret. The rstFoam-lined plasticNot to be used for ambulationxation point extends the brace beyond the AFOSKAFOS toes to correct any associated hallux varus. AGEMAX. FOOT LENGTHTEV QTY At thesecond xation point, the hindfoot is3-8 mos33 4 " (9.5 cm)#6352EAsecurely held. The third xation point is whereWheaton Brace9-15 mos41 4 " (10.8 cm)#6353EAa hook-and-loop strap is tightened againstbefore, during, and after treatment 16-24 mos5" (12.7 cm)#6354EAthe apex of the deformity. Soft, padded lining25-36 mos51 2 " (14.0 cm)#6355EAhelps prevent skin breakdown. The physician37-48 mos6" (15.25 cm)#62042EAcan change the position of the strap and the49-60 mos61 2 " (16.5 cm)#62043EAdirection and degree of corrective force forSpecify Left or Right.customized correction.*Chong, A., M.D., A New Device for the Treatment of MetatarsusAdductus, Journal of Prosthetics and Orthotics, Vol. 2, No. 2, 1990: pp. 139-148.nJoint can swing freely or fixedAFO and KAFO Training Braces include an adjustable double-action ankle joint, with or without spring assist. Joint can swing freely or be set inAFOa fixed position. KAFO has a drop-lock hinge at knee joint. Contraindicated for severe edema and fragile skin. Fits left or right.FAX800.437.2966 Drop-lock hinge 110-lb. capacityBRACEITEM #WT.HT. ADJ.QTYKAFO 1AFO#662462.75 lbs9"-12 2 "EAKAFO#662481.5 lbs203 4 "-251 4 "EA n Medial/lateral stabilityPediatric AFOs with18 " polypropylene 866.936.2987AliMed.com shell offers medial/lateral support for unstable ankles. Provides greater rigidity to resist spastic tone. Immediate fitting allows early ambulation. #66131RIGHTEAnProgressive and dynamic correction of #66132LEFTEAcongenital hindfoot deformities Specify size. See chart below. Bebax BootiesIndependent, three-dimensional forefoot and hindfoot adjustment.BRACEFOOTSIZECALF CIRC.HEIGHTLENGTHSizing: Bebax size must match infants foot. MeasureXS6"-71 2 "61 2 "4"length of childs foot in cm from back of heel to tip of big toe. Specify maximum foot length: 712 cm, 812 cm, 9 cm,S71 2 "-9"7"41 2 " 912 cm, 10 cm, 1012 cm, 1112 cm, 1212 cm, 1312 cm. M81 2 "-91 2 "9"43 4 "#66899BEBAX BOOTIEEA L9"-101 2 "10"51 4 "Specify size and Left or Right.XL10"-111 2 "11"6"174 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'