b'Low-profile supportsstabilize without limiting functionFREEDOM Custom splint support ThumbKeeper right out of the boxSplintsFinally, an off-the-shelf splint that is quick and easy to fit while offering effective support for the CMC/MP joint. Unlike most pre-fabs that fit poorly, ourFREEDOM ThumbKeeper Splints combine the ease and convenience of an out-of-the-box splint with the proper fit and moldability of a custom solutionsimply trim with scissors or modify with hot water when minor adjustments are needed. Full support with thefreedom to functionThese splints allow the IP joint to flex as the MP joint is maintained in the preferred resting position without restricting or impeding yourn Relief for Gamekeepers Thumbpatients ability to perform.FREEDOMStandard ThumbKeeper is Complete comfortrecommended when maximum joint support TheFREEDOMStandard Thumbkeeperand motion restriction are important. Use for and Low-Profile ThumbKeeper feature a116 "sports or work when impact and stretching are SIZELEFTRIGHTQTYMultiform thermoplastic outer shell lined withexpected. Cinching D-ring closure abducts thumb AliPlast foam for cushioning not found inso motion at CMC joint is restricted even moreS#5921#5920EAmost custom-fabricated CMC splints.effectively. M#5923#5922EAIndications: Sizing: Measure width of hand at MP joints from radialL#5925#5924EAaspect of index nger to ulnar aspect of little nger. Gamekeepers ThumbS, 21 4 "-23 4 "; M, 23 4 "-31 4 "; L, 31 4 "-33 4 ". FAX800.437.2966Skiers Thumb Ulnar collateral ligament strain CMC/MP joint arthritis Other conditions requiring CMC/MP joint supportSupports unstable CMC and MP joint866.936.2987AliMed.comn Comfort and protection for arthritisFREEDOM Low-Profile ThumbKeepersupports an unstable CMC and MP joint for patients with chronic thumb arthritis. With this splint, thumb can be used as a stable post in grasp. SIZELEFTRIGHTQTYThumbKeeper Splints Daily activities can continue uninterrupted. Overlap easily fit inside a glove palmar strap closure is easier to manipulate thanS#5103#5102EAtraditional D-ring closure.M#5105#5104EAL#5107#5106EASizing: Measure width of hand at MP joints from radial aspect of index nger to ulnar aspect of little nger.S, 214"-234"; M, 234"-314"; L, 314"-334".108 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'