b'StrapsTiesPads MATERIALS AND TOOLSOrganize cords and lines Economical skin-safe padding14 "-thick sponge Universal Econo-StrapsDoughy-softlayer for maximum6\' of looppadded sponge on one side, six feet of loop skin protectionon the other, and 10" of strong hook material at the end. No rough edges to irritate skin. Universal use. Cut either end to any length for the best fit. 72"LPadded hook and loopNo metal hardware10" of hook forRadiolucent and artifact-freeMR-safe adjustability#75363"W x 72"LEA#75394"W x 72"LEAShown in Blue, also availablein GreySTRAPSTIESPADSCreate your own D-ring strapsD-ring Kits enable you to make D-ring straps of any length in secondswithout sewing!Double-sided loopMaking a strap is easy1. Cut loop material to length.2. Secure hook tip on one end of loop material.3.Complete strap by engaging the D-ring fastenerHook tipsto opposite end of loop piece. Cinch and secure!Kit contains: 5 yards of double-sided loop material 10 tips10 D-rings#410371"WKIT#410382"WKIT#4536REPL. 1" LOOP25 YDS/RL D-ring fasteners#4538REPL. 2" LOOP25 YDS/RL Just one of many possible configurationsn End cord clutter WebbingAliTies Reusable hook-and-loop ties thatWebbingHeavy cotton roll strapping has neatly bind excess cables and wires safely outunlimited uses. Make your own custom figure-of the way. Wrap around cables, put end througheight harnesses for postural supports, shoulder or precut hole, and pull to secure. Each roll containsarm slings, custom-length pelvic positioning belts approximately 45 ties. or seat belts, or custom strapping for any unique FAX800.437.296634"W x 8"Lneed.#73046ALITIESRL 2"W x116 " thickWhiteSpecify Blue or Grey. #4567WEBBING50 YDS/RLSpecialty Straps AliMed.com 866.936.2987n Disposable, low-cost Halyard Health O.R. Table/Stretcher Straps n Extra longCompletely adjustable, single-use strap securely holds patient. Simply feed the strap through the metal ringTilt Table Straps n Reusable, hook-and-loopand press the hook-and-loop fastener to the strap whenPadded, with a smooth the preferred tension is achieved. For use on tables andsurface thats gentleWheel Stretcher StrapsHook-and-loop stretchers. Not made with natural rubber latex. 12/bx. on skin and equipment. Strong hook-and-loopclosures. Three straps per stretcher 3"W x 60"LPlush polyester with durable Sontara layerclosure for secure positioning.recommended.Metal D-ringWhite 4"W x 72"L 2"W x 66"LAqua Green#938134OR TABLE/STRETCHER STRAP2 BX/CS #7693TILT TABLE STRAPEA #7687WHEEL STRETCHER STRAPEA LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com 209'