b'Diabetic Walkers FOOT AND ANKLEn Offloading insole with removable hexagonsDH Offloading Walkerprovides shear force reduction by stabilizing foot and ankle at 90. Offloading insole with removable hexagons. Inner bootie prevents foot from migrating on insole. Wide, low-profile rocker bottom allows a smooth roll-through and increases stability for altered gait. Fits left or right.Sizing: S, Wmns 6-8, Mens 41 2-7; M, Wmns 81 2-111 2, Mens 71 2-101 2; L, Wmns 111 2-131 2, Mens 101 2-121 2;XL, Wmns 131 2+, Mens 121 2+.#60137DH OFFLOADING WALKEREASpecify size. DIABETIC WALKERSn Pneumatic system ensures fixation offoot while allowing a customized fitRebound Diabetic WalkersUniquelydesigned for effective treatment of plantar n Best for high-risk diabetic patientsfoot ulcers. Heat-moldable trilaminate insole and removable shock-absorbing hexagons promoteXP Diabetic Walker For high-risk diabetic patients. Walkers shell/aircell/highulcer offloading, with a pressure-distributingrocker sole design maximizes plantar unloading and provides protection and Plastazote top layer. Patent-pending pressure- immobilization. Hand bulb with pressure gauge (included) measures individual aircell relief valve for preventing over-inflation whilecompression, ensuring regulated aircell inflation for neuropathic patients. Also includes balancing compression with customized fit.two insoles (one Impax Grid and one Plastazote) and stockings. Fits left or right.Immobilizes the foot and ankle at 90. Flex Edge overmolding provides protection against pressure points. Tamper-evident strapping helps monitor compliance. Fits left or right.1 1 1 1 Hand bulb Sizing: S, Wmns 5 2 -8 2 , Mens 4 2 -7; M, Wmns 8 2 -12,Insoles Stockings with pressure gaugeMens 7-101 2 ; L, Wmns 12-14, Mens 101 2 -121 2 ; XL, Wmns 14-161 2 , Mens 121 2 -15.ITEM #SIZEMENSWMNSBRACEMAX. FOOTMAX. CALFQTY#66750DIABETIC WALKEREA SHOE SIZESHOE SIZEHEIGHTWIDTHCIRC.Specify size.#66123S4-75-8121 2 "41 2 "14"EA#66124M7-108-11133 4 "51 2 "16"EA#66125L10-1311-15143 4 "51 2 "26"EA#66126XL13+ 15+17"51 2 "26"EACaring for the diabetic foot FAX800.437.2966 AliMed.com 866.936.2987Duo/LaminateArthritic/DiabeticDisposable D-Soles Insoles Gel Socks MonofilamentsPressure-distributing PlastazoteHeel-to-toe gel bottom helpsConsistent and accurate results top with expanded urethane baseprevent friction, shear forces,for early detection of sensory loss that won\'t bottom out and calluses or neuropathyp. 13 p. 35 p. 217LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com 71'