b'Lace-Up Ankle Braces FOOT AND ANKLEnSupport and protection without the bulkinessSoft Ankle Braces with StrapsAttached stirrup straps provide bilateral support while the adjustable non-stretch stabilizing straps imitate the effects of taping. Soft, black polyester material. Fits left or right. Sizing: XS, Wmns 7-8, Mens 6-7; S, Wmns 9-10, Mens 8-9; M, Wmns 10-12, Mens 9-11; L, Wmns 12-14, Mens 11-13; XL, Wmns 15+, Mens 14+.#64404XS EAn Four removable, flexible plastic stays #64405S EALeather Lace-Up Ankle Immobilizers have#64406MEAfour removable, flexible clear plastic stays for#64407L EAsupport. Elk hide leather adds durability. Fits left#64408XL EALACE-UP ANKLE BRACESor right.Sizing: Measure ankle circumference. S, 7"-8"; M, 8"-9"; L, 9"-10"; XL, 10"-11".#60665ANKLE IMMOBILIZER EA PDACSpecify size.APPROVEDnIntegrated stabilizer conforms to shape of ankleTarsal Lok Ankle Braces combine the Create an account at comfort of a lace-up brace with the support provided by a rigid brace. Built-in, high-impact AliMed.com stabilizer molds to the shape of the ankle from body heat and helps control the midtarsal joint. Speed lacing system featuring flat, no-fray laces 4View your order status and invoices ensures fast and easy application. Fits left or right.4See your contract pricing Sizing: See chart at right.#64121S EASIZING CHARTSIZE:XSSMLXL4Manage your account and sub-users #64122M EA4Access wish lists and recommendations #64123L EA MENS3-51 2 6-71 2 8-101 2 11-121 2 13-141 2#64124XL EA WMNS4-61 2 7-91 2 10-111 2 12-131 2 14-151 2Suggested code: L1902FAX800.437.2966Double-sealed. Effective pain managementNo leaks!Cold PacksDouble-sealed to reduce theHot PacksColored tabs allow easy packlikelihood of leaks. Stay cold and pliable for rotation in busy clinics. Offer up to 30 minutes AliMed.com 866.936.2987up to 30 minutes. Durable, blue vinyl.* of moist heat.#32704HALF SIZE, 7"W x 11"L EA #3673HALF SIZE, 5"W x 12"L EA#32705STANDARD, 11"W x 14"L EA #3672STANDARD, 10"W x 12"L EA#32706OVERSIZE, 11"W x 21"L EA #3674NECK, 5"W x 24"L EA#32707NECK CONTOUR, 23"L EA #3675OVERSIZE, 15"W x 24"L EA*Not made with natural rubber latex.One pack offers hundreds of treatmentsLOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com 65'