b'Prevent palm injury from severeWRIST AND HANDfinger flexion contractureCylinder Roll Palm Guard SplintsSoft webbing conforms to the with Fingerdistortions and angulations of severe finger flexion contractures Separators to help reduce the risk of skin maceration and punctures caused by digging nails or involuntary motion. Protects patients who cannot be splinted because their contractures are too severe and unyielding. Made from a laminate of tough, smooth-skinned AliMed AliPlast*, a dense, waterproof foam and synthetic fleece. The fleece rests against the palmar tissue to cushion and aerate while the AliPlastPalm Guard faces outward and resists fingernail punctures and cushions theforms a safe barrier excessive pressure on the fingertips.between fingernails andpalmar skinMachine-washable#5870 PALM GUARD, RIGHT 3/PK#5871PALM GUARD, LEFT3/PKPALM PROTECTIONPalm Protector #510428**W/FINGER SEPARATORS 2/PK#510429**W/FINGER SEPARATORS ANDMP EXTENSION ROLL2/PK* AliPlast is AliMeds own cross-linked polyethylene foam used inprofessional orthotics and available only through AliMed. See pp. 196, 197.**Specify Left or Right. Not interchangeable. May be trimmed with scissorsCylinder Roll to accommodate very small hands.Palm Guard with Finger Separators protects sensitive skin n Moisture control and cushioningPalm Protectors with adjustable straps helpOpen palm graduallyprevent skin breakdown by offering moisture1 2 3control and cushioning support. Available with Cylinder Roll for positioning of the hand and fingers, or with Cylinder Roll and Finger Separators to help prevent finger contractures. Not made with natural rubber latex.Machine-washable Progress to Sizing: Measure across MP joints. XS fits 212"-3"; S fitsBegin with small roll larger roll Extend roll to incorporate thumb3"-4"; M fits 4"-5"; L fits 5"-6". Cone cylinder dimensions:XS, 312"L x 34" diam.; S, 4"L x 34" diam.; M, 4"L x 1" diam.;Progressive Palm Guard Kitsof guard. Once fingers can be partially lifted, larger L, 412"L x 112" diam. Use to gradually increase MP extension anddiameter roll can be used (photos 2 and 3). To enlarge thenar web space. Extension rolls areincrease thumb abduction, extend roll 1" beyond #52496PALM PROTECTOR EA #52502W/CYLINDER ROLL EA Plastazotehigh-density foam cylinders coveredPalm Guard at thenar web. Contains two FREEDOMwith soft, hook-sensitive fabricfirm enough toPalm Guards and two 5"L MP Extension Rolls (one #52497W/CYLINDER ROLL AND support without stimulating grasp reflex. To use,34 ", one 1 18 " diam.). One size.FINGER SEPARATORS EA first apply Palm Guard as directed. Then, without FAX800.437.2966Specify size and Left or Right.applying force, press smaller Extension Roll into#510305LEFT 4/KITcenter of Palm Guard, under fingers (photo 1). Roll#510306RIGHT 4/KITwill adhere to the hook stitched onto palmar areaMay be trimmed with scissors to fit very small hands. Help protect skin from accidental bumps and scrapes AliMed.com 866.936.2987n ForearmForearm Tubes with Knuckle ProtectorAll-in-one protection from knuckles to below elbow. Product not returnable if opened.#52132FOREARM TUBE EA nKnuckle to elbow n Protects MP jointSpecify XS, S, M, L, or XL. See sizing chart below. Patent #8,070,705 Arm Tubes with Knuckle ProtectorKnuckle Protectors cover knuckles and MPARM TUBE SIZING All-in-one protection from knuckles up to elbow.joint to prevent bumping and scraping while leaving Product not returnable if opened. fingers exposed. Product not returnable if opened.XSSMLXL5"-7"7"-10"10"-12"12"-15"15"-18" #52302ARM TUBE EA #52138KNUCKLE PROTECTOR EASizing: Measure around widest part of forearm. ChooseSpecify S, M, L, or XL. See sizing chart at left. #52187KNUCKLE PROTECTOR6/CS smaller size if measurement is between sizes.Patent #8,070,705 Specify S/M or L/XL. LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com 105'