b'Hip Orthoses PEDIATRIC ORTHOSESCasting and splinting suppliesnSoft start and noise controln Economical optionease patient anxiety Pavlik-Type Harnesses treat congenital DeSoutter CleanCasthip dysplasia in infants up to six months old. CSP-201 PediatricFelt-lined harness with color-coded hook-and-loop Cast Saw Systemsstraps. Foot sock can be worn with toe section open or closed. No metal buckles.include CSP-201 cast saw with display screen and cable, batteryHand-wash in mild detergentAir-drypack PRO, Inter Connector, power supply, carrySizing: Measure chest circumference (at nipple line). case, wrench, and 2 saw blades (25 mm and 29XS (premature), 12"-14"; S (0-3 months), 14"-161 2 "; M (3-6 months), 161"-181"; L (6-9 months), 181"-211"; mm). Microprocessor-controlled voltage booster2 1 2 1 2 2ensures constant cutting performance with zeroXL: (8-11 months), 21 2 "-24 2 ".deterioration. #51968PAVLIK-TYPE HARNESSEA#713005CAST SAW SYSTEMEA Specify size.HIP ORTHOSESSee p. 191 for specifications. nMolding is simpleAliPlast 2E AliP(Quick Stick)lastStick), Off-White2E, (Quick Soft, adhesive-backedpadding. Use for splintand strap padding, as wellas tool and utensil buildups.#713005ALIPLASTEASee pp. 196, 197 for more AliPlast. nAllows movement in a controlled mannerWheaton HarnessesTreat congenital hip dysplasia. Color-coded straps, hook-and-loop fasteners, soft, comfort able inner lining, and anti-slip foot pieces. Strap adjustments can be made while child lies supine. Anti-slip foot pieces hold feet securely in harness. n Cut to any lengthHand-wash in mild detergentAir-dryBeta Pile II LoopA five-layered, standard,Sizing: Measure chest circumference: XS (premature),12"-14"; S (1-3 months), 14"-16"; M (3-6 months), 16"-18";hook-sensitive, low-profile strap with fabric on1 1both sides and a stretch-controlling internalL (6-9 months), 18"-20"; XL (8-11 months), 21 2 "-24 2 ".scrim. Moderate closure life.#5178WHEATON HARNESSEAHand-wash only Specify size. FAX800.437.2966#44781"W x 30\'L2 RL/PK#4469112"W x 30\'LRL#44612"W x 30\'LRL#44606"W x 10\'LRLSee pp. 206, 207 for more Beta Pile Loop Straps. AliMed.com 866.936.2987nSlightly thicker Color-coded lifts simplify height adjustment.than MoleskinMolestickAn Adjustableimproved version of hook-and-loop Moleskin. Molecloth straps secure footAdjustable Height Shoe Lifts are used to surface is bonded to measure leg-length discrepancies. Use a variety wafer-thin, open-cell foam of thicknesses to obtain correct height. Adjustable with an adhesive backing. Easier to positionhook-and-loop straps secure foot to shoe lifts.than Moleskin because of its modest, built-inFive color-coded foam lifts (",38 ", ",58 ", 1") for stretchability. Molestick is also slightly thickereasy identification of height. Black18 " top andthan Moleskin for better cushioning." bottom sole.Beige #66250SHOE LIFT7 PC/SET#47006"W x 6 yds LEA Five color-coded foam lifts for #47019"W x 4 yds LEA easy identification of heightLOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com 175'