b'MeasurementEvaluation Tools CLINIC SUPPLIES Measuring Tapes DiscriminatorsBESTSELLER!n Dual measuring scalesMeasuring TapesMeasure inches (60)n Lightweight plastic wheel and centimeters (150). Retractable.#5560MEASURING TAPEEA Baseline Discrim-A-Gon Consists of two separate 2-point discrimination octagons. Each measures a different range of eight labeled fixed MEASUREMENTEVALUATION TOOLS n Spring attachment for constant tension n Stays in place, leaves hands free 2-point intervals ranging from 1 mm to 25 mm. Gulick Anthropometric BaselinePlastic wheel tests static and dynamic 1- and Tapes measureCircumference2-point discrimination.multiple usersGauges measure the#32402DISCRIM-A-GON2/SETaccurately. Springcircumference of a joint or attachment fordigit. Tape stays in place, constant tension.leaving your hands free. 60" of tape 61" (155 cm)#5829ANTHROPOMETRIC TAPEEA #5118CIRCUMFERENCE GAUGEEAGoniometersn Durable and more economicalInternational Standard Goniometers accurately measure range of motion, allowing for objective measurements to accurately trackn Rotating diskspatient progress. Sturdy construction and easy-to- Touch Test Two-Point see markings ensure accuracy. Large GoniometerDiscriminators consist has three rows of measurements: outer rowof two rotating plastic disks measures 0 to 90; middle row 0 to 180, andLarge Goniometer that are joined together to inner row 0 to 360, all in 1 increments. Mediumtest static and moving 2-point Goniometer has two rows of measurements:discrimination of fingers, toes, or sensory flaps. outer row measures 0 to 180 in 1 incrementsRounded tips are spaced at standard testing and inner row measures 0 to 60 in 10intervals from 1 mm to 15 mm apart, as well as at FAX800.437.2966 increments.20 mm and 25 mm. Easy to read and use. Large Goniometer: 121/2"LTransparent vinylMedium Goniometer: 8"LTransparent plastic Instructions includedPatent pending#5054LARGE GONIOMETEREA #32640TWO-POINT DISCRIMINATOREA#5055MEDIUM GONIOMETEREA Medium Goniometer 866.936.2987AliMed.com n For angle and linear measurementPersonal Rulanglemeters have a 360 dial in 5 increments. Overall: 7"LPlastic with linear measurement to 6"n Plastic points help #5047PERSONAL RULANGLEMETEREA with accurate resultsBaseline Aesthesiometers assess cutaneous n Economical, fits in pocket sensitivity. Vinyl tips render accurate measurement of discrimination and avoid pain or temperature Personal Goniometers have two 0 to 180awareness. Third point option permits altering (5 increments) scales that read in oppositebetween single- and double-point stimulation directions.without changing setting. Calibrated in centimeters. 6 34 "LVinyl7"L#5051PERSONAL GONIOMETEREA #50622 ptEA#50633 ptEA216 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'