b'Why are AliMedsElasticFREEDOM Wrist Supports superior?Wrist SupportsAliMeds FREEDOM Wrist Supports immobilize the wristnot the hand, the fingers, or the thumb. FREEDOM supports do not impede grip, leaving the users hand fully functional. Why are they functional? The elasticized, cotton-blend fabric creates compression in the wrist area without feeling tight. The distal palmar portion of the splint fits proximal to the palmar crease. This design will not impede finger functionfingers can easily move and grasp items. Each support has a perfectly placed thumb cutout, which wont interfere with the thenar eminenceallowing the thumb to fully rotate. Wide, adjustable5" Short Elasticstay supports and positions the wrist in 30 of extension. The fabric is comfortable, gives a glove-like fit, wicks moisture away from the skin, and is completely washable (remember to remove the stay first). Simple hook-and-loop closures are easy to attach with just one hand. All of these features are found in our ShortUSA Shortand Long Elastic Wrist Supports. Both help reduce pain caused by carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, or injury. MPs impededFAX800.437.2966Use theFREEDOM Short for:Short Elastic Wrist Supports866.936.2987AliMed.com3Athletic wrist protectionAliMeds shorter version applies greater support Others: MPs covered to the wrist, giving your hand the FREEDOM to and support function. Our unique elastic offers two varying degrees MPs unimpeded! of compression, which is tighter in the wristwhere 3 The active worker you need itand less restrictive on the hand. Perfect for active workers, athletes, or anyone who needs a 3Support of the weak, lower-profile wrist support. The shorter length fits well sprained, or strainedon users with larger forearms.wrist See ordering information on p. 117.FREEDOM:MPs free116 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'