b'Ankle Contracture Splints Lined with removable, FOOT AND ANKLE Dressing changes made easy washable AliFleece high-pile liner Use with external xation Padded strapsFoam liners help air to circulate andhelp avoid any reduce moisture buildup pressure points Heel cutout for pressure relief AdjustableAdjust to desired angle for plantarflexionangleor dorsiexion; full range of motion Easy access to footand dressingANKLE CONTRACTURE SPLINTS n Angle adjusts with removable screwsProgressive Ankle Contracture n Perfect contracture boot for burns or post-surgical Splints adjust from 10 dorsiflexion to 10 plantarflexion. Ventilated to stay cool and Easy Access Foot Splints are largethat stabilizes the foot in an upright position. Thecomfortable. Lined with removable, washable enough to accommodate even the bulkiestfoot can be securely positioned at other anglesAliFleece high-pile liner. Padded straps help avoid dressings. Allows unlimited access to the foot soof plantarflexion or dorsiexion by crossing theany pressure points. Durable plastic shell is tough dressings are easy to change. Perfect forstraps over the foot. Heel cutout protects againstand easy to clean. Heel area is blown out to Harrington rod surgery, healing wounds,ulceration. Angled leg trough lifts the heel off theminimize heel pressure. Angle adjusts with neurological patients, or patients who requirebed. Soft, 1 12 "-thick egg-crate liners attach withremovable screws. Monitor progress with nylon, prolonged bed rest. VELCRO-brand strips and are easily replaced.nine-position adjuster bar. Fits left or right. The stabilized leg rests on a wide, open-sidedSizing: One size fits all adults. Sizing: M, Wmns shoe size 4-10, Mens 6-81 2 ;leg trough that is afxed to a movable foot plate.L, Wmns 101 2 +, Mens 9+.Access to the foot and dressing is unhindered.#6085FOOT SPLINT EAFoot does not rotate medially or laterally. The foot#61045ANKLE CONTRACTURE SPLINTEAtrough and leg plate form a wide, U-shaped baseSpecify size. Traction BootsConverts to heel suspension bootFAX800.437.2966Spreader bar for traction unitn Comfortable open-cell foam866.936.2987AliMed.com Bucks Traction SplintsComfortable, open-cell convoluted foam. Includes spreader bar, For postoperative use, remove theplastic medial and lateral stays, and hook-and-loop traction straps, bar, and rope toclosures. Fits left or right.convert the HEELIFT Traction Boot into an original HEELIFT SuspensionBeigeBoot for heel pressure prevention #6089218"L EA#6089322"L EAHEELIFT Traction Boots apply skin tractionHEELIFT Suspension Boots that help prevent to help stabilize femur fractures prior to surgery.pressure injuries. Includes spare pad with Elevates leg and offers footdrop and rotationaladhesive backing. Bed-mounted traction frame, control, giving up to 10 lbs. of straight skinpulley, and weight not included. One size. Cervical traction for fracture pain relief. Tricot backing#64560HEELIFT TRACTION BOOTEA Pillowsreduces boot-bed friction. Smooth foam interior.#64561HEELIFT TRACTION BOOT6/CS p. 156For postoperative use, remove traction straps, plate, and rope to convert traction boots intoAdditional shipping charges may apply.46 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'