b'Support without restrictionFor four decades,AliMed hasEASILY ADJUST brought you orthopedic supports that restrictFOR PROPER motion only where needed, not anywhereALIGNMENTelsesupport with theFREEDOMto function!Premium Knee OrthosisOurFREEDOMline of splints gives just whatDetails, p. 81the name implies FREEDOMto function in a free and independent way but with all the support required.FREEDOMmeans maintaining independence in daily activities while effectively restraining and controlling designated muscles and jointswhether at work, rest, or play!EASY TO FIT AND ADJUSTSwedish AFODetails, p. 57SUPPORT OF A CUSTOM RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX!ThumbKeeper Details, p. 108SUPPORT FOR OVERUSE INJURIESThumb SpicaDetails, p. 113 FLEXIBLE SHELL FOR EASIER AMBULATIONDorsal PF Night SplintDetails, p. 40FOR PEDIATRIC BRACING,see pp. 168, 169144'