b'Thermal Splint BathsScissorsMATERIALS AND TOOLSBe sure to include thesen Accommodates larger splintsessentials Forma-Splint Thermal Baths in two sizes. Half-Size and Full-Size have a variable Full-Size temperature thermostat that maintains water best for larger at a user-adjustable temperature between custom splints150F and 190F. Thermometer on control panel. Hinged, insulated cover.Stainless steel110V (220V available, call for details)1,440 watts for warmup15-amp, hospital-grade cordFull-Size: 720 watts on maintenance12 amps (warmup), 6 amps (maintenance)Overall dimensions: 2812"W x 21"L x 7"HInterior dimensions: 2412"W x 1812"L x 5"H46 lbs.Half-Size: 600 watts Thermometers for water bath. Completelyon maintenance5 amps warmup/maintenanceimmersible. Encased in stainless steel.Overall: 2312"W x 1414"L x 7"HInterior dimensions: #7016THERMOMETEREA 1912"W x 11 78 "L x 412"H27 lbs.#7204FULL-SIZEEA Half-Size best for insoles #7890HALF-SIZE EA or wrist and THERMAL SPLINT BATHSSCISSORSAdditional shipping charges may apply.hand splintsn Ideal for hand splintingElectric Fry PansBuilt-in thermostat. Teon-Splint Pan Netting helps preventcoated. Two-pronged plug only (not hospital-grade). splinting material from sticking to bottom13"W x 16"L x 5"H1,500 watts120VUL listedof heating pan. Can be trimmed with scissors.1-year manufacturers warranty24"W x 30"L #7070ELECTRIC FRY PAN EA#5546SPLINT PAN NETTINGEA Additional shipping charges may apply. Pointed Tip, A.Light Dutyn Self-openingScissorhandsSelf-opening. Reduces risk of injuries. Bottom handle hasn Safety lock for storageBlunt Tip,B. enough space for all four fingers. Four times more Light Industrial torque than other scissors.FiskarsSoftouchScissors have hardened stainless steel blades for a sharp, long-lasting edge. FAX800.437.29669 12 "LStainless steel bladesWhole-hand use. Safety lock for storage. #73949SCISSORHANDEA Cushioned gripsLifetime warrantyn Lightweight industrial applications #70211SOFTOUCH SCISSORSEAA. Pointed Tip Scissors, Light-Duty for light industrial applications, including fine-wire cutting. 1 12 "L stainless steel blades Nonstick Fluoride Coatingshown in Neon GreenAliMed.com 866.936.2987B. Blunt Tip Scissors, Light Industrial for industrial, office, and household use. 3"L stainless steel bladesA.#8410POINTED TIP, LIGHT-DUTYEA n Available with nonstick coatingB.#70032BLUNT TIP, LIGHT INDUSTRIALEA Miltex Bandage ScissorsSlanted,stainless serrated blades with blunt tips and needle destroyer. Available in Stainless Steel or with Nonstick Fluoride Coating.nAvailable with nonstick coating, Soft SplintPlastic handle plastic handle, and blade guard STAINLESS STEEL Dressing Scissors Available with nonstick Strapping 1 2 coating, plastic handle, and blade guard. #98SCS3-56"L, BLACKEApp. 206, 207 #707871 2 "L, BLACKEA 5 12 "LStainless steel, 2" bladesNONSTICK FLUORIDE COATING, AUTOCLAVABLE #5006STAINLESSEA#733868"L, NEON GREENEA #73385PLASTIC w/GUARD, NONSTICKEALOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com 203'