b'AliStrap MATERIALS AND TOOLSThe Right Strap. Right Length. Every Time!1. Unroll 2. Cut-to-length 3. Wrap and press!ALISTRAP4Versatile4Skin-safe4Soft edges4Strong closureCord Organization Armboard Positioning Casting Wheelchair PositioningCord Management Catheter Security Pediatric Positioning Upper ExtremitiesFAX800.437.2966AliStrap and AliStrap Soft are all-purpose positioning straps11/2"W AliStrap with a self-adhering, back-to-back hook-and-loop closure that does3"W 5"W AliStrap Softnot leave behind sticky, bacteria-trapping residuemaking them ideal 11/2"Wfor securing casts and splints and immobilizing or positioning patients,2"Wequipment, and more. Low-profile, medical-grade hooks and non-abrasive soft edges will not cut into or abrade skin, instead yielding and flexingBEST AliMed.com 800.225.2610against soft tissue to reduce subcutaneous shear. AliStrap Soft combines the strength and security of AliStrap with a softer, fully padded surface that is gentler against the most vulnerable and sensitive skin. Economical and disposable, these straps are perfect for single use, preventing cross-contamination and offering easy cleanupSELLER!Simply cut any length from the continuous 30\'L roll, wrap, and press together to form a tight, strong bond even holds when wet.AliStrap, 30\'L RollVersatilefive widths#95-905*"WNARROW$35.25 rl#95-9001"W REGULAR$55.25 rl#95-9023"WWIDE$101.25 rl AliStrap Soft, 30\'L Roll#95-9045"WX-WIDE$149.25 rl Padded for the most fragile skin#95-90810"WMAXX$275.00 rl #9303821"W$56.25 rl*Not shown #9301632"W$69.25 rlCalifornia residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. 203'