b'Offloading Shoes FOOT AND ANKLEEffective pressure relief for the heel or forefootOpen Heel Orthosis Open Forefoot OrthosisAnkle strap Three center strapsSingle bridge strap Forefoot strapNo forefoot contact (shown without toe guard)No heel Toe guardcontactHeel Liftspp. 18, 19 adjustable toe guardGuides for OFFLOADING SHOESOpen Heel and Forefoot Orthoses are low-cost alternatives to more expensive devices, helping offload and SIZEWOMENS MENSOPEN HEELOPEN FOREFOOTQTYrelieve heel or forefoot pressure after surgery, trauma, or whenSHOE SIZE* SHOE SIZE*ORTHOSISORTHOSISwounds are present. Allows for limited ambulation. LightweightXS512-7124-6#67136#67131EAwith soft, seamless inner lining for patient comfort and reducedS 8-10612-812#67137#67132EAirritation. Hook-and-loop straps. Open Heel features single bridge strap forM 1012-129-1012#67138#67133EA easy application, midsole cushion for added comfort, and nonslip rubberL 1212-1411-1212#67139#67134EAoutsole. Open Forefoot includes three center straps for optimal fit andXL1412+13+#67140#67135EAstability, toe guard for greater toe protection, and nonslip EVA outsole.*Sizing indicated is a starting point. Clinicians discretion based on the needs of the Spot wash with soap and water, air dryBlack individual patient is advised. Sizing based on shoe size. Both models fit left or right. PDACAPPROVEDProtective shieldSurrounds the ankle for prevents contactgreater foot stabilitywith objectsUse with PegAssist p. 30 , FAX800.437.2966n Clinically proven to reduce forefoot pressureOrthoWedge Shoes are clinically proven tonOffloads rearfoot weight-bearingreduce forefoot pressure by up to 57%, promotingGloboPed Heel Relief Orthoses helpfaster healing after surgery, trauma, or when fore-AliMed.com 866.936.2987foot wounds or ulcerations are present. Square toen Eliminates forefoot weight-bearing wounds heal after an operation or injury. Provides acts as bumper to protect toes. Removable forefoot foot relief for diabetic mellitus ulcers, neuropathic closure eliminates buckle pressure. Zoned outsoleGloboPedPost-Op Forefoot Reliefheel ulcers, and injuries to the heel area. Reduced with aggressive tread under midfoot for traction.Orthoses provide targeted relief in forefoot andheel contact surface alleviates pressure in the anterior metatarsal area. Shortened foot tread andarea that requires relief when walking. Surrounds Modifiable EVA insole has twice the padding ofmoderate dorsiflexed foot position relieve forefootthe ankle for greater foot stability. VELCRO-standard insoles. Fits left or right. pressure. Molded heel counter and VELCRO- brand fastenings hold foot in position, preventing Sizing: XS, Wmns 4-7; S, Wmns 71 2-10, Mens 6-8; M, Wmnsit from slipping in the shoe. Comfortable, 101 2 -13, Mens 81 2-10; L, Mens 101 2 -12; XL, Mens 121 2 -14.brand fastenings for stability. Durable, washableseamless, soft inner lining. Fits left or right.upper material with comfortable, seamless, softSIZEITEM #QTYITEM #QTY inner lining. Protective shield prevents contactSizing: S, Wmns 6-81 2 , Mens 3-51 2 ; M, Wmns 9-111 2 ,XS #64570 EA36/CS with objects. Fits left or right. Mens 6-91 2 ; L, Wmns 12-13, Mens 10-121 2 ; XL, Wmns 13+, S #64571 EA#64571-3636/CS Sizing: S, Wmns 6-8, Mens 3-5; M, Wmns 9-11, Mens 13-15.M #64572 EA#64572-3636/CS Mens 6-9; L, Wmns 12-13, Mens 10-12; XL, Wmns 13+,#64251S EAL #64573 EA#64573-3636/CS Mens 13-15. #64252M EAXL#64574 EA#64574-3636/CS #62466POST-OP FOREFOOT RELIEF ORTHOSIS EA #64253L EASuggested code: A9283 Specify size. #64254XL EALOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com 31'