b'Bunion comfort and correctionFOOT AND ANKLE Thin Dress model shown inside outnAdjustable Uncovered positioning gel pad with Hallux Valgusmineral oil softens skinNightSplintAdjustable, varus-valgus positioning for nonambulatory use. nSpecial toe strap gently guides toe intoImmobilizes halluxn Soft-stretch cover with gel padproper alignment conservatively or post-operatively. Visco-GELBunion CareRelief Sleeves Toe Alignment Splints Post-surgical alignmentSizing: S, Wmns up to 7;3-mm or 5-mm pad absorbs shock and shear for hallux valgus, hammertoes, and Tailors bunion.M, Wmns 8-10, Mens 6-8;forces. Soft N Stretch fabric cover comfortably Soft, elasticized cotton cloth with cushionedL, Wmns 11+, Mens 9+. positions gel pad. Secures over big toe and around foam interior. Includes one large toe strap and#65951S, RIGHTEA foot to prevent sliding. Uncovered version allows four smaller individual straps with hook-and-loop#65952S, LEFTEA mineral oil gel to soften skin. Fits left or right.BUNION SPLINTS fasteners. Fits left or right. One size. #65953M, RIGHTEA Stretch fabricGel padExterior: Elasticized cottonHook-and-loop fastener #65954M, LEFTEACOVERED Interior: Cushioned foam #65955L, RIGHTEA #65535THIN DRESS 3 MM, S/M EA#6078TOE ALIGNMENT SPLINT EA #65956L, LEFTEA #65536THIN DRESS 3 MM, L/XL EA#65539EXTRA PROTECTION 5 MM, S/M EA#65540EXTRA PROTECTION 5 MM, L/XL EA UNCOVERED#65537THIN DRESS 3 MM, S/M EAn Fabric sleeve keeps#65538THIN DRESS 3 mm, L/XL EAgel positionedVisco-GEL Bunion and Met Protection SleevesEase metatarsal, halluxHallux Bunion bunion, and Tailors bunionGuard shownpain. Feature a gel pad thatn Soft felt and foamextends from medial aspect of first MP/bunion joint across ballFELTastic Bunion ShieldsSoft felt and foam of foot, up around the fifthabsorb pressure and friction on bony prominences metatarsal head to absorb pressure, friction, andassociated with hallux abductor valgus. Elastic toen Protect hallux or Tailors bunionimpact shock. The Soft N Stretch fabric sleeveloop holds apertured shield over medial aspect ofVisco-GEL Bunion Guards help protect assures proper positioning while applying mildmetatarsophalangeal joint. Fits left or right. One size. Hallux or Tailors bunion. Flexible viscoelastic compression. Fits left or right. #60762SHIELD EA gel cushions sensitive skin. Toe loop holds guard Sizing: S/M, L/XL. #60767SHIELD PACK3/PK in place. Thin, fits in most footwear. Fits left or #66769BUNION & MET PROTECTION SLEEVEEA right. One size.FAX800.437.2966 Specify size.#65543HALLUX GUARDEA#65544TAILORS GUARDEA866.936.2987AliMed.comn Aligns first and second toes andn Incorporated protects bunion joint toe spacernAligns and cushions toes affected byVisco-GEL ToeBuddy Bunion Guard Visco-GEL Dual-Action Bunion Guard bunions Dual-action device aligns first and second toes andToe Spacer ComboGel toe spacer helps protects bunion joint. Contoured gel cup cushionsseparate and align first and second toes that rub Bunion Guards with Buddy Spacerthe first metatarsophalangeal head from shoetogether, while gel bunion guard cushions and Everyday, all-gel product helps reduce discomfortpressure and friction while dual toe loops helpprotects big toe joint. Visco-GEL releases mineral associated with bunion or hammertoe pain. Fits leftseparate and align first and second toes. Fits leftoil and vitamin E to soothe, soften, and moisturize or right. One size. or right. One size. feet. Fits left or right. One size.#67060BUNION GUARD W/BUDDY SPACER EA #66994BUNION GUARD EA Hand-washAir-dry completely before reuse#66634BUNION GUARD/TOE SPACER EA26 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'