b'Toe AlignmentFOOT AND ANKLEnImproves function of lesser digitsMetatarsal Protection Jacket Wraps support, protect, and help straighten and improve function of lesser digits to minimize sub-metatarsal pressure and pain. Foot remains nMedical-grade mineral oil gel relievesnNo hard edges or rough straps unrestricted and cool during activities. Non-rubbing and irritation Toe Loopstreat fractures, hammertoes, clawmigratory, breathable, and neoprene-free. Fits in Gel Digit Splints help alleviate pressure fromtoes, overlapping toes, ligament injuries, andmost footwear.calluses and abrasions. Medical-grade mineralmore. Wear with any type of footwear. Washable. Sizing: S, Wmns 5-8, Mens 3-7; M, Wmns 81 2 -101 2 ,oil gel comfortably aligns and cushions toes orSizing: Narrow (7 8 "W x 15 8 "L loop) accommodatesMens 71 2 -91 2 ; L, Wmns 11+, Mens 10+.fingers to reduce pressure and friction. Cushionedsmaller toes. Wide (11 4 "W x 21 8 "L loop) for great toe. #66409$17.75 eaTOE ALIGNMENT foam and gel secures toes or fingers togetherSpecify size and Left or Right. relieving rubbing and irritation. Helps hold toeNARROW California residents, see below.or finger fractures in place. Can be worn under#652635/pk$22.75 pk ($4.55 ea)socks and in shoes. For hammertoes or crooked#6526425/pk$83.00 pk ($3.32 ea)toes or fingers. Sold in pairs. WIDE34 "W x 5 78 "LNylon/spandexHand-wash, air-dry #652655/pk$24.02 pk ($4.80 ea)#66799$8.50 pr #6526625/pk$94.75 pk ($3.79 ea)Specify Black or Beige.California residents, see below. nThin, fabric-lined foamCalifornia residents, see below.Comfort ToeWraps Soft, thin, fabric-lined foam loops help straighten, align, and separate crooked, overlapping, or hammertoes. Effective as a splint for broken or injured toes. Hook-and-loop Siliposfasteners for easy adjustment. One size. 2/pk.Single Toe Hand-wash, air-dry#67037$18.00 pkCalifornia residents, see below.nCotton-covered hook-and-loopToe Trainers Digit Wraps align adjacentVisco-GEL toes for post-op or nonsurgical splinting. Use on crooked, overlapping, or hammertoes that are still flexible. Washable cotton-covered foam splint Siliposwith hook-and-loop strap guides toes into place. Double Toe Trim with scissors. One size. 6/pk. nFlexible toe loop stays in placeFAX800.437.2966#61009$12.90 pk($2.15 ea)Gel Toe Crests help relieve discomfort from Silipos California residents, see below. Triple Toehammer, claw, and mallet toes. Flexible loop fits over toe to stay in place. Polymer gel infused n For post-surgical wear with mineral oil. Silipos Toe Crests feature Toe Splints align crooked, overlapping, or reinforced toe loop. Visco-GEL features a hammertoes. Soft, durable, cotton-covered. proprietary gel material and a flexible, fixed loop.800.225.2610AliMed.com Can be used post-operatively. Silipos Sizing: S, Wmns 4-8, Mens up to 8; L, Wmns andSILIPOS Mens 9+. #67092SINGLE TOE$7.25 ea SILIPOS, 3/PK#67093DOUBLE TOE$7.50 ea #77337S, RIGHT$24.75 pk#67094*TRIPLE TOE$7.50 ea #77334S, LEFT$24.75 pk PEDIFIX BUDIN nCustomize for 1, 2, or 3 toes #77336L, RIGHT$24.75 pk#77335L, LEFT$24.75 pk#6737SINGLE TOE$8.25 ea Visco-GEL 5-ToeBuddy Use in shoes toPEDIFIX VISCO-GEL, 3/PK#6738DOUBLE TOE$9.00 ea divide crooked and overlapping toes or for a #65448*TRIPLE TOE$10.00 ea therapeutic toe stretch. Soft, anatomically#65582UNIVERSAL TOE CREST$18.75 pk*Specify Left or Right.shaped, and customizable to separate up to#65576S, RIGHT$18.75 pkCalifornia residents, see below. three toes, including hammertoes, bunions, or#65577 S, LEFT$18.75 pksore tips. One size. #65578M, RIGHT$18.75 pk#65579 M, LEFT$18.75 pkHand-washScissor trim to customize #65580 L, RIGHT$18.75 pk#67038$10.00 ea #65581 L, LEFT$18.75 pkCalifornia residents, see below. California residents, see below.California Proposition 65 StatementWARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the 26 State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.'