b'Achilles Tendon WalkersFracture Bracing FOOT AND ANKLE n Progressive adjustment in seconds Turn any walker into an Achilles Tendon Walkers instantlyAchilles Tendon Walker.immobilize foot and ankle. Tri-Level Insoleis constructed of Evazote on the top layer, 5-cm hindfoot wedge in middle, and NickelPlast base. Adjustable hindfoot wedge initially positions the foot at 30 of plantarflexion (2"H, may vary withTri-Level Insolen Peel-away foot length). As recovery progresses, decreaseprogressive plantarflexion in18 " increments by simply peeling with adjustable 5-cm hindfootadjustmenta layer from base of wedge. Fits left or right.wedge Achilles Boot Wedges fit into most Sizing: M, Wmns up to 11, Mens up to 10; L, Wmns 11+, closed-heel walker boots, turning any Mens 10+.walker boot into an Achilles Tendon WalkerACHILLES TENDON WALKER Boot. Hindfoot wedge has peel-away layers #63175MEA that allow progressive adjustment of #63176LEA plantarflexion. Foot is initially positioned in 30 ACHILLES TENDON WALKERSFRACTURE BRACINGREPL. TRI-LEVEL INSOLE Progressiveof plantarflexion. As recovery progresses, adjustment indecrease plantarflexion in18 " increments by #63282M EA seconds peeling a layer away from the base of wedge. #63283L EA Fits left or right.Sizing: M, Wmns up to 11, Mens up to 10; L, Wmns 11+, Mens 10+.#66377M EA#66378L EA Help protect and support fractured bonesMiami Tibial FractureTibial Fracture Braces control tibialOrthoses are ideal for ITEM # SIZE CIRC. HEIGHT QTYdiaphyseal fractures of tibia segments through soft-tissue compression. Fulland fibulaavailable in two range of knee and ankle#60601S11"-14"11"EA models: Standard (TFO) or motion helps prevent#60602M12"-15"12"EA TFO-PTBboth with Shoe stiffness associated withInsert. Two-part anterior/ immobilization. Includes#60603L13"-16"13"EA posterior shell enables full heel cup and oneSpecify Left or Right.motion of ankle and knee stockinette. joints to help prevent 18 "-thick foam padding stiffness. Complete withTFO-PTBStandard TFO double-axis shoe insert Sizing: Measure circumferenceand medial/lateral support. at largest part of calf. See chartTFO-PTB with Shoe Insert has extended below, right. anterior shell covering patella (Sarmiento PTB FAX800.437.2966 design) for additional medial/lateral support. Miami Tibial Fracture18 "-thick foam paddingComplete with double-axis PATELLA TO ANKLEPTB BracesSarmientoshoe insert and medial/lateral supportIncludes two design. Permits joint mobilitystockinettesITEM # SIZE CIRC. LENGTH QTYand early return to normalSizing: Measure circumference at largest part of calf.activities. Optimal controlSee chart below. 866.936.2987AliMed.com and molding through soft- #60594S11"-13"15"EA #62910TFOEAtissue compression. Brace#60595M14"-16"16"-17"EA #62909TFO-PTBEAsuspension and ankle#60597L16"-18"17"-18"EA Specify size and Left or Right.stability controlled with single-axis footplate. FootSpecify Left or Right. LENGTHcomponent sold separatelySIZECIRCUMFERENCEOF BRACEat right. Includes oneFoot ComponentCombine with PTB brace for STANDARD (TFO) w/SHOE INSERTstockinette. Shown with optional M-L support.1 Foot Component S12"-14"1612 "-1812 "4 "-thick polyethylene foam12 " 1712 "-1912 "lines anterior shell 18 "-thickM14"-16 11 ITEM # SIZE WMNS SHOE MENS SHOEfoam padding L 1612 "-19" 19 2 "-21 2 " (TFO-PTB) w/SHOE INSERTQTYSizing: Measure circumferenceS12"-14"1612 "-1812 "at largest part of calf. See chart1at right. #60604S5-7 2 3-6EA M14"-161 2 " 171 2 "-191 2 "#60605M71 2 -101 2 6-9 EA M, LONG14"-1612 "201 2 "-221 2 "#60606L101 2 -121 2 9-11 EA L 161 2 "-19" 191 2 "-211 2 "Specify Left or Right.L, LONG1612 "-19"22"-24"70 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'