b'SHOULDER AND ELBOWPadded comfort and tool-free adjustmentsOrthoPro ELBOW ORTHOSESSet ROM hinge forULTRApadded Elbow controlled therapy OrthosesFoam-covered, bendable spine easily adjusts to the desired ROM without the use of heat or tools to help reduce non-fixed elbow contractures and support or immobilize weakened or painful extremities. Static progressive stretch gradually extends elbows toKnee increase ROM. Removable, washable terryclothp. 95DynaPro cover absorbs moisture to help prevent skin maceration, and is self-padded for a comfortableWrist fit. One size. Fits left or right.p. 137Aluminum spineMachine-washableGreen#52676$129.75 eaCalifornia residents, see left page.nGentle stretch for healing andKeep the gains youve made!contractures Multiple connection points Elbow Orthoses promote gentle stretch forBEST allow for continuous healing and contractures. OrthoPro ROMSELLER! extension or flexionversion features a ROM hinge that can be set to provide controlled ROM therapy. Can be set in FAX800.437.2966any degree of flexion and extension. DynaProTurnbuckle Elbow Flex version helps manage spasticity whileOrthoses help maintain the providing a static dynamic, low-load prolongedgains in ROM achieved through stretch. Elbow hinge can be set to provide 5stretching and brace wear. The steel to 15 of additional stretch beyond point ofrod and turnbuckle mechanism provide a resistance. Hinge settings: 0 to 180 in 10low-load stretch to the joint to gradually increments. Both orthoses offer gel padded cuffsreduce the contracture and increase the rangeAliMed.com 800.225.2610with antibacterial shear-reducing fabric help toof motion incrementally. Turnbuckle with protect skin and eliminate odor. Gel elbow padtriangular-shaped grip can be quickly and easily included. Fits left or right. adjusted with the splint in place for optimal Sizing: Measure 4" above and 31/2" below elbow.positioning. Rigid Kydex splint shell is hinged at #52383ORTHOPRO$162.75 ea the elbow, with the turnbuckle connecting the #52384DYNAPRO$163.75 ea forearm and upper arm portions of the splint.Four padded strapsTriangular-shaped grip Heat-adjustable for a custom fit. Two-piecefor easier adjustmentSpecify size, see chart below. ensure excellent California residents, see left page. T-Foampadded liner conforms for maximumforce distributioncomfort and is removable for hand washing.SIZEUPPER ARM CIRC.LOWER ARM CIRC. Splint adjusts from 110 flexion to full extension. S8"-10"7"-9"Fits left or right.M10"-12"9"-11"Heat-adjustable OVERALL L12"-14"11"-13" Sizing: Measure circumference at belly of forearm and SIZELENGTHFOREARMBICEPSbiceps. See chart at right. A111 4 "8"-10"9"-11"#52396$189.75 ea B141 2 "8"-10"9"-11"Must be used under a physicians supervision. BB141 2 "10"-121 2 "11"-131 2 "Specify size. See chart at right.C161 4 "10"-121 2 "11"-131 2 "California residents, see left page. D163 4 "121 2 "-15"131 2 "-16" 153'