b'Shoulder Abduction ImmobilizersSHOULDER AND ELBOWComfortable support at a great valueShoulder ImmobilizersContoured abduction pillow and foam-padded sling for postsurgical shoulder repair, shoulder dislocations, humeral fractures, and other arm/shoulder injuries. Positions shoulder in approximately 30 of abduction. Waist strap and removable, padded neck strap ensure secure immobilization. Exercise ball included for muscle and circulatory stimulation. Fits left or right. Hand-wash, air-dry Sizing: Measure arm from elbow crease to baseof index finger: S/M up to 14"; L/XL up to 151 2 ".n 35 abduction wedge #52482SHOULDER IMMOBILIZER EASHOULDER ABDUCTION IMMOBILIZERSSpecify size.Shoulder ImmobilizersNavy cotton slingwith foam-padded 112"W web shoulder and body straps. Contoured arm wedge and body strap. Quick- release closure buckles. Special sling-flap attaches to 35 covered abduction wedge to helpnVariable abduction, adduction, andprevent migra tion. One size. Fits left or right. forearm rotation; low-profileHand-wash, air-dryTrulife Gunslinger IIHighly adjustable with #510541SHOULDER IMMOBILIZER EA variable abduction, adduction, and forearm rotation to fit a wide range of patients and needs. ROM abduction/adduction: forearm 75, shoulder 45. Extended forearm attachment increases variable abduction. Low-density polyethylene shell with washable pads and liners. Numbered, quick-snap release buckles for ease of donning and doffing. One size.Washable pads/liners, wipe-clean hardware#52687TRULIFE GUNSLINGER IIEA Effective pain managementFAX800.437.2966Double-sealed. Cold PacksDouble-sealed to reduce likelihoodNo leaks! of leaks. Stay cold and pliable for up to 30 minutes. n Variable abduction Durable, blue vinyl.*#32704HALF SIZE, 7"W x 11"L EAEZY WRAP Generation II Shoulder#32705STANDARD, 11"W x 14"L EAAbduction Systems for support and abduction#32706OVERSIZE, 11"W x 21"L EA of shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand. Abduction can#32707NECK CONTOUR, 23"L EAAliMed.com 866.936.2987be set at 55 or 70. Foam arm support attaches to*Not made with natural rubber latex.pillow wedge at 90 angle. Functional hand support can be attached any where along length of arm. Humerus and wrist cuffs are elastic and foam. FitsHot PacksColored tabs allow easy pack left or right.rotation in busy clinics. Offer up to 30 minutes Hand-wash, air-dryof moist heat.Sizing: With upper arm adducted at side and elbow#3673HALF SIZE, 5"W x 12"L EAflexed at 90, measure vertical dis tance from uppermost#3672STANDARD, 10"W x 12"L EApoint on lateral edge of shoulder to bottom of elbow. #3674NECK, 5"W x 24"L EAS, 121 2 "-141 2 "; L, 141 2 "-161 2 ". #3675OVERSIZE, 15"W x 24"L EA#510626SEA One pack offers #510627LEA hundreds of treatmentsLOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com 153'