b'Cervical Orthoses PEDIATRIC ORTHOSESn Bend for custom fitHeadmaster Collars offer excellent support and control. Cool and un obtrusive. Bend manually for custom fit. Soft rear strap with hook-and-loop closure. Neck pad attaches to inside of neck strapMeasure for extension support. Not made with naturalcenter of chin Level ofrubber latex.to corner of support can beSizing: Measure from center of chin to corner of jaw. jawset to wearersIf measurements fall between sizes, choose smaller size. needs Infant: 212"; Child: 3"; Junior: 31 2 ".#52368*HEADMASTER COLLAREA#52170**EXTENSION NECK PADEA*Specify Infant, Child, or Junior size. **Specify Child or Junior size. Child fits Infant or Child.Extension Neck PadCERVICAL ORTHOSESn Minimizes pressure points in key areasMiami Jr Cervical CollarsDesigned Adjust spacers based on wearers needs specifically for children 12 and under. Accurate n Low-profile, pre-assembled, easy to fit pediatric sizes ensure optimal airways and upper cervical spine immobilization. Bioengineered TOT Collars give noxious stimulus to lateralto minimize pressure points at chin, occiput, aspect of skull for those with congenital musculartrapezius, and clavicle. Antibacterial Sorbatex torticollis. Patient then moves away from stimuluspads protect skin during extended wear.to normal, central-corrected position. Adoption ofSizing is according to Broselow-Luten Color-Coding normal position offers ability to reset perceptionSystem, and is determined by age. P0, 0-6 months;Antibacterial of horizontal and maintain corrected head position.P1, 6 months-2 years; P2, 2-6 years; P3, 6-12 years. Sorbatex padsEasy to put on and remove. Low-profile. Level ofprotect skin during support can be easily set to patient needs.#52537MIAMI JR CERVICAL COLLAREA extended wearSpecify size. NontoxicWashablePre-assembled, ready to fitSizing: Fits 4 months to 10 years old. #77895TOT COLLAREA n Motion restriction without pressure pointsAspen Cervical Collars adjust to user, wick moisture, dissipate heat, and evenly distribute and transfer head weight to shoulders and upper thorax. For upright or supine patients. Large front and backAdjustable airflow openings. Adjustable Occipital Support Strapstrap for allows customized fit. Two pieces with breathable padcustom fitset (front and back). Includes extra set of pads.FAX800.437.2966Sizing: Select appropriate age and measure neck Chin cradlecircumference (see chart below). Age guideline based on reducesnormal growth and development.rotation COLLAR SETSIZENECK CIRC.AGEQTY #62406TOT, 2" 81 2 "-13"1-3 yrsEA#62404SHORT, 2"11"-161 2 "3-5 yrsEA#62405REG., 21 2 "11"-161 2 "5+ yrsEA AliMed.com 866.936.2987#62409REPL. PAD SET (FITS ALL MODELS)SETnHeat-moldable Kydex shell with height-adjustable sectionsMalibu Cervical Collars have a lightweight, heat- PDACn Two-piece molded foam shell moldable Kydex shell with soft, closed-cell foam liner,APPROVEDPhiladelphia Tracheotomy CollarsAnteriorand include trachea opening. Rigid support helps and posterior rigid plastic reinforcement supportscontrol flexion, extension, and rotation. Adjust height of limit movement. Total cervical arch supportanterior and posterior sections independently. Includes maintains neutral alignment. Easily customized.two chin pads. Made of non-ferrous materials.Not made with natural rubber latex. Plastazote2"H-3"Hfoam reduces skin irritation. Water-resistant. Sizing: Measure neck circumference. 8"-11".Sizing: Collar: 13 4 "H (chin to sternum) fits 8"-11" neck#66790MALIBU CERVICAL COLLAREAcircumference.#5014TRACHEOTOMY COLLAREA Suggested code: L0200LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com 187'