b'Padding for splints, bracing, and castsMATERIALS AND TOOLSAvailable in multiple sizes, adhesive and6"Wnon-adhesive stylesn Next-to-skin comfortOrthopedic-Grade Felt for lining and padding.n Conforms to curvesCotton-wool blend for resilience and next-to-skinSifoam Padding Both sides of this open-cell comfort.foam are cross-hatched, enabling padding to mold White 21"W and adhere to contours and curves. Best for bonyPLAIN, 21"W x 36"L ROLL prominences because it adjusts to contours.* 1 Compresses under tension to avoid excessive #4136 8 " THICKRL pressure caused by hammocking. Allows drainage PADDING #413714" THICKRL away from open wounds.#413812" THICK1 RL 8"W x 9"L x38 " thick ADHESIVE-BACKED, 6"W x 22 -YD ROLLADHESIVE-BACKED, 6"W x 10-YD ROLL#413918 " THICKRL #6712218 " THICKRL #4050SIFOAM PADDING10 SH/BX#414014" THICKRL #6712114" THICKRL *Mooney, V., Harvey, J.P., Jr.: Application of Lower Extremity Orthotics to Weight-bearing Relief. Project RD 2580 MPO 68 C1. Rancho Los Amigos Hospital, Univ. of Southern California, Dept. of Surgery, LA County, CA.Use with ADL equipment or for padding splints and hard edges 4E Self-Stick Sheets are firmer than the 2E rollsn Firmer than QuickStick Closed-cell foam wont absorb25\'L rollc AliPlast 4E Self-Stick Sheetsperspiration, bacteria, or odors most a ut to Firmness level: Shore A durometer of 23 ny shape! and self-adhesive. Thermoplastic closed-cell foam wont absorb perspiration, bacteria, or odors. Adhere to splint blank before heating.FAX800.437.2966 18"W x 24"L x18 " thickWhite#44254E SELF STICK SHEET4 SH/CSn Super sticky and suppleQuickStick Padding (AliPlast 2E) heat-molded. For an extra-strong bond, heat the Softer and 50% thicker than AliPlast 4E foamadhesive with a heat gun before applying. nMolds quickly inNow 866.936.2987AliMed.com padding. Firmness level: Shore A durometer of 15.Washable18"W x 25\'L roll Fingers response to availableGreat for tool and utensil buildups. Smooth, soft,#4178QUICKSTICK PADDINGRL weight-bearing in Whiteand flexible thermoplastic closed-cell foam wontPlastazote Self-Stick absorb perspiration, bacteria, or odors. May beSelf-adhesive padding.Indispensable buildup material for many uses Firmness level: Shore Adurometer of 20. Apply toDoorknobs Cups Toilet seats splint blank before heating orforming. Available in Pink or White.6"W x 36"L Thermoplastic closed-cell foamPlastazote #1 THICKNESSPINK WHITEQTY1 16 " THICK#4430#41288RL1 8 " THICK#4431#41289RL3 16 " THICK#4432#41290RL.and more! 1 4 " THICK#4433#41291RL210 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'