b'Wrist Wraps n Flexible neoprene designWRIST AND HANDNeoprene WrapsWarm, comfortable neoprene provides flexible wrist support. Can be trimmed to adjust fit. Wrist/Thumb model allows full finger motion but restricts the thumb while Wrist/Hand wrap allows full fingerWrist/Thumb modeland thumb motion. Both models fit left or right. allows full finger motion but restricts the thumbSizing: Wrist/Thumb Wraps: S/M fits most Wmn, smaller n Dynamic lift to ulnar and carpal bones Men; M/L fits larger Wmn, most Men. Wrist/Hand Wraps: One size fits all. Carpal LiftSoft foam pad and adjustable straps#5269WRIST/THUMB, S/M EAlift ulnar carpal bones to reduce pain and popping#5368WRIST/THUMB, M/LEAsensation from triangular fibrocartilage complex#5268WRIST/HAND, ONE SIZEEA(TFCC) injuries, ulnar-sided wrist pain, or arthritis. One-handed application with hook-receptiveWrist/Hand wrap material to control compression. Not to be used forallows full finger carpal tunnel syndrome. and thumb motionWRIST WRAPSSizing: Measure around MP joints of hand. S/M, 6"-71 4 "; M/L, 71 4 "-9".#52749CARPAL LIFT EA n Controllable compressionSpecify size and Left or Right. FREEDOM comfort fabrifoam Wrist Wraps offer controllable compression for a comfortable fit. Universal sizing for easier inventory. Ultra-cool fabric wicks away moisture. Excellent support with low profile, allowing unrestricted use of hands and fingers. Trim to fit. One size. #51680RIGHT EA#51681LEFT EABreathablen Additional elastic overwrapNeoprene Wrist Wraps with elastic overwrap strap support wrist and apply compression. Not recommended for all-day ornApplies adjustable compressionextended wear. Fits left or right. and counterpoint pressureSizing: S fits smaller Wmn; M ts most Wmn and smaller Men; L ts most Men. Wrist P.O.P. (Point of Pressure) Splints #510324S EA apply adjustable compression over the distal ulna #510325M EA and a counterpoint of pressure under the distal #510326L EA radius for stability and effective treatment of triangular fibrocartilage complex (TFCC) injuries, ulnar-sided wrist pain, and distal radioulnar joint FAX800.437.2966(DRUJ) instability. Corrective strap and pressure pads allow the user to position force across the distal ulna and radius to restore stability for pain-free supination/pronation and wrist motion. Two 18 "-thick and two14 "-thick pressure pads allow the user to choose the combination of pads needed forSizing: Measure wrist circumference. Fits 5"-9".pain relief. Fits left or right. Not made with natural#52711POINT OF PRESSURE SPLINT EA AliMed.com 866.936.2987rubber latex.nHydraCinn fabric wicks moistureand manages heatHg80 Wrist SupportsComfortablen Breathable cotton materialcompression and support for sore or weak wrists featuring HydraCinn fabric that wicks moisture andIMAK Arthritis Wrist SleevesSoft, cotton manages heat. Lightweight and appropriate for fullmaterial allows skin to breathe and maintains range of activities. AEGIS Microbe Shield protectselasticity. Mild compression provides warmth. May the support against microbial growth, controllingbe used for pain associated with arthritis, carpal odors. Fits left or right. Not made with naturaltunnel, tendonitis, and joint swelling. Fits left or right.rubber latex.Hand-wash, air-drySizing: Measure around wrist: S, 612"-712"; M, 712"-812"; Sizing: Measure width at knuckles. S up to 31 8 "; M up to L, 812"-912"; XL, 912"-1012". 312"; L up to 4".#52550WRIST SUPPORT EA #52737ARTHRITIS WRIST SLEEVE EASpecify size.Specify size. LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com 123'