b'Ankle SupportsFOOT AND ANKLEn Embedded kinesiologytape design enhancescompressionSpark Kinetic Ankle Sleeves Short Long Long with Strap combine the benefits of kinesiology tape with compression in one easy-to-use, comfortable n Low-profile neoprene maintains warmth sleeve. Intuitive to put on and leaves no sticky Neoprene Ankle Supports offer gentleSizing: Measure ankle circumference at widest point.residue when removed. Grip-track banding keeps compression to weak or injured ankles withoutS, 6"-8"; M, 8"-10"; L, 10"-12"; XL, 12"-14".the sleeve from sliding while moisture-wicking restricting normal range of motion. Low-profile#66292SHORT $15.75 ea material keeps the skin cool. Fits left or right.Sizing: Measure around smallest part of ankle. supports easily fit into dress shoes or sneakers.#66293LONG $16.25 ea 1 1 1 1ANKLE SUPPORTS Open heel and toe allow a comfortable fit. Short#66294LONG w/STRAP$20.75 ea S, 7 2 "-8 2 "; M, 8 2 "-10"; L, 10"-11 2 ".Ankle is a great solution for minor ankle injuries.Specify size. #67045$26.00 eaLong Ankle helps prevent reinjury. Long AnkleCalifornia residents, see below. Specify size. California residents, see below. with Strap helps stabilize ankle with bilateral elastic ankle strap. Blue.New and improvedn Tension strapsMalleoTrainMalleoTrain S MalleoTrain SMalleoTrainallow customized supportOpen Heel Plus Adjustable Ankle SupportsPatented strappingsystem with criss-cross tensionstraps for customized support.Contoured shape and softneoprene blend provide support andwarmth. One size. Fits left or right.#67124$18.25 ean I ncreased proprioception and joint stabilization California residents, see below.MalleoTrain Ankle SupportsAnatomicallyMalleoTrain and MalleoTrain S available in Titanium or contoured active knit support offers compressionBlackMalleoTrain S Open Heel and MalleoTrain PlusnAdjustable valgus and promotes increased proprioception and jointavailable in Titanium only force strapstabilization. MalleoTrain includes a viscoelasticSizing: Measure circumference at narrowest part of thePalumbo Dynamic Ankle insert that supports lateral and medial stabilization,ankle. Size 1, 634"-71/2"; Size 2, 71/2"-814"; Size 3, 814"-9";controls edema, and reduces pain. Size 4, 9"-9 3 4 "; Size 5, 9 3 4 "-10 3 4 "; Size 6, 10 3 4 "-111 2 ". Stabilizers warm and com-press. Nylon-covered, zippered FAX800.437.2966 MalleoTrain S uses a semi-rigid figure-8 strap to#64923MALLEOTRAIN$84.00 ea 18 "-thick neoprene with stabilize the ankle. Strap is easily adjustable and#66467MALLEOTRAIN S$84.00 ea adjustable valgus force strap. doesnt restrict range of motion. MalleoTrain#67054*MALLEOTRAIN S OPEN HEEL$84.00 eaS Open Heel can be used barefoot for better#66973MALLEOTRAIN PLUS$84.00 ea Sizing: Measure circumference of ankle 2" above medial malleolus. S, less than ground contact and less slippage. MalleoTrainSpecify size, Left or Right, and color.61 4 "; M, 61 2 "-83 4 "; L, 9"-11"; XL, 11"-13".Plus incorporates both the viscoelastic inserts and*Not available in Size 6.figure-8 strap for an active support with increasedCalifornia residents, see below. #5755$42.00 ea800.225.2610AliMed.com ankle stability. Specify size and Left or Right. California residents, see below.n nWicks moisture and manages heatAntimicrobial treatment helps control odorsOmniforce Ankle SupportsFlat knit targetsHg80 Ankle compression areas while still allowing the product toSupportsLightweight stretch and maintain constant compression. Built-in gelsupport with HydraCinn buttress supports the ankle. Lightweight support helpsfabric that wicks moisture to support the joint. Not made with natural rubberand manages heat. Gel latex. Antimicrobial.* pads and sleeve provide compression, while Sizing: S, Wmns 8-10, Mens 7-9; M, Wmns 10-12, Mens 9-11;AEGIS Microbe Shield L, Wmns 12-14, Mens 11-13; XL, Wmns 14-16, Mens 13-15. *The antimicrobial treatment is intended to protect thecontrols odors. Not made #66953$40.75 ea brace against odor, staining, and deterioration causedwith natural rubber latex.Specify size. California residents, see below. by bacteria and microorganisms. This treatment doesSizing: Measure around ankle. XS, 8"-10"; S, 10"-12"; not extend protection to the skin. M, 12"-14"; L, 14"-16"; XL, 16"-18".California Proposition 65 Statement #66735$16.75 eaWARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the 72 State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov. Specify size. California residents, see at left.'