b'CAM Walkers and Cast AlternativesFOOT AND ANKLE PDAC For Chopart and Lisfranc amputationsAPPROVEDn Available with pneumatic air bladder that inflates to stabilize ankleFormfit Walkers provide immobilization for patients suffering from soft tissue injury, gradesPDAC2 and 3 strains and sprains, and stable fractures.APPROVEDShock-absorbing sole reduces impact during heel strike. Rocker bottom promotes a stable, natural gait. Breathable, seamless liner. FormfitWalker Walker Air adds a patented pneumatic systemLow Topdesigned to increase stability while decreasing pain and swelling. The intuitive pump andPneumatic system clearly marked decompression valve make airincreases stability, and pressure adjustments easy. Both modelsdecreases pain Walker Air CAM WALKERS available in High Top or Low Top options. FitsHigh Topleft or right. #64101WALKER HIGH TOPEA Sizing: Walker: XS, Wmns 31 2 -6, Mens 2-41 2 ; S, Wmns#64102WALKER LOW TOPEA6-8, Mens 41 2 -71 2 ; M, Wmns 81 2 -111 2 , Mens 71 2 -101 2 ;#64103WALKER AIR HIGH TOPEAL, Wmns 111 2 -131 2 , Mens 101 2 -121 2 ; XL, Wmns 131 2 +,Wedge-shaped sole system for Mens 121 2 +. Walker Air: XS, Wmns 31 2 -51 2 , Mens 2-4;#65987WALKER AIR LOW TOPEA optional rear weight-bearingS, Wmns 6-8, Mens 41 2 -7; M, Wmns 81 2 -111 2 , MensSpecify size.71 2 -101 2 ; L, Wmns 111 2 -131 2 , Mens 101 2 -121 2 ; XL, WmnsSuggested code: L4387 (Formfit Walker) 131 2 +, Mens 121 2 +. Suggested code: L4361 (Formfit Walker Air) Body Armor Pro Term Orthoses are interim orthoses for conservative follow-up PDAC treatment following Chopart and Lisfranc APPROVED amputations. Orthoses can be worn for n Fully integrated air pump and release valve approximately 10 weeks following an amputation. Allow the foot stump to completely Rebound Air WalkersLinked medialheal until a conventional, custom-made shoe and lateral air bladders with a single inflationis ready to be worn. Wide opening for easy point cradle the Achilles and provide balancedfoot insertion. Wedge-shaped sole system for compression. Fully integrated air pump andoptional rear weight-bearing. Air compression release valve for easy, tool-free inflation andbladder for customizable fitting. Practical and deflation. Ventilated panels and moisture-wickingsecure closure system. Fits left or right. softgoods help to reduce microbial buildup. EVASizing: M is 61 4 " (16 cm) long; L is 71/2" (19 cm) long.material for greater shock absorption in heel.#66904PRO TERM ORTHOSISEAFlex Edge overmolding adapts to anatomy and relieves pressure points. Rocker bottom helpsSpecify size.promote a natural, stable gait. Trimmable toeSuggested code: L4360 or L4361FAX800.437.2966 bumper adds protection. Fits left or right. Low TopSizing: XS, Wmns 31/2-51/2, Mens 2-4; S, Wmns 51/2-81/2, Mens 4-7; M, Wmns 81/2-12, Mens 7-101/2; L, Wmns 12-14, Mens 101/2-121/2; XL, Wmns14-161/2, Mens 121/2-15. EVENup#66471STANDARD HEIGHTEA Orthotic Shoe Lifts#66472LOW TOP EASpecify size. Standardp. 74866.936.2987AliMed.com Suggested code: L4360 HeightTurn any walker into an Achilles Tendon Walker.nPeel-away progressive adjustmentAchilles Boot Wedges fit into most closed-heel walker boots, turning any walker boot into an Achilles Tendon Walker Boot. Hindfoot wedge has peel-away layers that allow progressive adjustment of plantarflexion. Foot is initially positioned in 30 of plantarflexion. As recovery progresses,Sizing: M, Wmns up to 11, Mens up to 10; L, Wmns 11+, decrease plantarflexion in18 " increments byMens 10+.peeling a layer away from the base of wedge.#66377M EAFits left or right. #66378L EA72 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'