b'FOOT AND ANKLEAdjustable heel liftsyou choose the height!Adjustable Heel Lifts Simply peel one or two layers at a time to adjust height precisely to your patient. Set to38 ",14 ", or18 ". Durable3 heights in 1leather cover with three resilient18 " rubber layers are tapered for comfort. Layers are firmly held38 "together by peel-apart adhesive. Use bilaterally for14 "progressive treatment of plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendonitis. Use with a post-op shoe to eliminate the1 8pelvic obliquity caused from the difference in leg " Peel to adjust length. Not made with natural rubber latex. in secondsSizing: S fits most Wmns shoe sizes; M fits larger Wmns and smaller Mens shoe sizes; L fits most Mens shoe sizes.#64444*KIT, S6/KIT #64444*KIT, M6/KIT #64444*KIT, L6/KIT HEEL LIFTS#60405KIT, 4 EA SIZE12/KIT*Specify size. Buy individuallyOne lift treats:#60404*S EA#60404*M EA#60404*L EA*Specify size. Leg length Pelvic obliquity Plantar fasciitis Achilles tendonitisEffective pressure reliefAdult Achieves1 2 " liftfor the heel or forefoot /Adjustable hook-and-loop straps secure footpedisizesFive color-coded foam lifts for easy FAX800.437.2966identificationofheightn Contoured heel and arch supportLeg-Length Lifts 12 " lift compensates for length discrepancies. Other lifts achieve only 1"58 ""38 "14" 14 " or38 " lift and dont support the arch, puttingAliMed.com 866.936.2987dangerous pressure on metatarsal heads. Lifts support by approximating normal plantar contours Open Heel and Forefootn Color coded to simplify height of hind and midfoot. Use bilaterally for plantar heel Orthosesp. 31 adjustment pain or Achilles tendon problems. Use on opposite leg to improve gait immediately following total hip Adjustable Height Shoe Lifts are used toreplacement. Flexible molded polyurethane. One measure leg-length discrepancies. Use a varietyLeft or Right per package. Black. of thicknesses to obtain correct height. AdjustableSizing: S, Wmns 5-61 2 ; M, Wmns 7-11, Mens 6-10;Trialhook-and-loop straps secure foot to shoe lifts.L, Wmns 12+, Mens 101 2 +.Seven-piece set includes five color-coded foam Elevationlifts (",38 ", ",58 ", 1") for easy identification of SIZELEFTRIGHTQTYSandals height, one black18 " top sole, and one black "S#63354#63355EAAliMed.com bottom sole.M#63356#63357EA#66249ADULT7/SET L#63358#63359EA#66250CHILD7/SETLOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com 19'