b'WRIST AND HANDLimit motion without limiting hand functionFREEDOM Thumb Spicas forde Quervains syndrome, MP and CMC arthritis, and repetitive motion injuries. AliSoft shell is held by wide elastic straps. Strap placement makes it possible for a nonrigid shell to effectively restrict motion and offer support. Flexible enough to compensate for thumb volume changes. Terrycloth liner wicks moisture and doesnt trap heat. Adjust shell with scissors to ensure distal edge of thumb THUMB SPICASpost doesnt interfere with IP joint motion. Black.Sizing: Measure circumference of hand at MP joints.S/M fits up to 734"; M/L fits 734".#5482S/M, RIGHTEA Terrycloth liner wicks moisture #5483S/M, LEFT EA and releases heat#5484M/L, RIGHTEA#5485M/L, LEFTEA n Full thumb and wrist supportFREEDOM Wrist/Thumb Spicas have all the features of the Thumb Spica but also have a long thumb post and full support for the wrist. Use to restrict all wrist and thumb motion. Later, when IP joint motion can be allowed, simply trim with scissors. Use for sports injuries, collateral ligament support, carpal tunnel syndrome, de Quervains syndrome, and acute rheumatoid arthritis.Sizing: Measure circumference of hand at MP joints.S/M fits up to 734"; M/L fits 734".#5832S/M, RIGHT EA#5833S/M, LEFT EAFAX800.437.2966#5834M/L, RIGHT EA#5835M/L, LEFT EA Features long thumb and full wrist support TheFREEDOMPHILOSOPHYAliMed.com 866.936.2987Since 1985, AliMed has brought you orthopedic supports that restrict motion only where it is needed, not anywhere else.support with the FREEDOM to function. We created splints that work for you and the user. Splints that do what they are supposed to do. Splints that dont interfere with any other function. The FREEDOM splint line provides the FREEDOM to function in a free and independent way but with all the support required. FREEDOM splints encourageAdjustable Footdrop BraceKnee OrthosisThumb SpicaCMC ThumbFit daily activities yet restrain and control designatedLess restriction for a Hinges adjust forFor overuse injuriesSupport for themuscles and joints.whether at work, rest, or play. more natural gaitproper alignmentsuch as de Quervainsarthritic thumbp. 57p. 81 p. 113 p. 109LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com 113'